Chapter 13

The car sped up to the gates at the end of the driveway. The sign on the front still said Delalio Casino's from its previous owners; the new owners had not gotten around to putting up the new signs yet.

Gibbs pulled up to the gate, "Tim." He said knowing that they didn't have time to call the security guard down.

Tim got out of the car and walked to a machine, took a key card out of his wallet and entered it and keyed in the security codes he walked through the gates as they opened and climbed back in the car.

Tony and Ziva both shot him a look as he did so.

"Come here a lot?" Tony asked with a slight sneer.

"I live here." Tim answered, to hell with keeping it a secret; if the choice was between keeping his secret and his dignity or saving his brother there really wasn't a choice.

A white clad orderly ran out of the front door, "Tim…thank God….!" He exclaimed

"Sam, is he still in my apartment?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, we knew you kept your back up gun there and when we realized he'd got out and he was in there we figured we should call you."

"Where's Doctor Simons?" Tim asked.

Sam looked at the others, "Doctor Simons is off rotation today, I've called him in, he had Dr. Field, he wasn't happy with the meds Danny was prescribed and changed his dosage."

Tim looked the spitting image of Danny in a rage.

Doctor Field walked over to the group. "I take it your here about my patient, I read his notes, he's pretending to be psychotic and he killed a doctor, I'm not wasting meds on him…"He snapped.

"What can you tell us about your patient is he a marine?" Tony asked.

"Hardly, he's a murdering low life scum."

Tim walked past Tony and hit the doctor.

For a second Tony stood open mouthed.

Sam walked up to Tim, "Good on you, I've been wanting to do that to him all day."

"McGee!" Ziva said shocked.

"Get him away from me!" Tim snarled and pushed past him and walked into the building.

Shirley came running down the stairs tears streaming from her eyes, Tim instantly stopped causing Gibbs, Ziva and Tony to back into each other, "I'm so sorry Tim, I tried to stop him, he started screaming looking for you. He went to your apartment and found your gun and made me leave, he's in there with Jethro now." She sobbed.

Tim put his arms around her, "He'll be fine, it's not your fault." He told the nurse.

"I tried telling Dr. Fields that it wasn't an act and that he had a real brain injury,"

Tim nodded and made his way to the back of the complex there were three orderlies and Dr. Simons standing outside Tim's door.

"Dr. Simons….How is he?" Tim asked.

"He keeps crying, the change in medication that Dr. Field suggested led to Danny remembering your mother's death, he's convinced also that he hurt you and that you're dead."

They walked into the doctor's lounge/Tim's living room and Tim heard Jethro bark in his bedroom. "Jethro….Down!" Tim ordered not wanting him to upset Danny.

"This isn't a casino?" Tony said. Tim shot him a No duh! Look and moved to the door.

"Danny, it's Timmy, can you come out please." He said quietly.

There was movement from behind the door, Danny held the gun loosely at his side, "Timmy, I'm scared….The new man said I killed momma and I …I hurt you…He said….he said you wouldn't want to see me. I was a bad boy." Danny said distraught.

Tim took the gun and passed it to Gibbs who ushered everyone else out of the room as Tim enveloped his brother in a hug, "It's ok Danny, Dr. Simons is here, he's going to give you a shot and make you feel better then we'll get you back to bed….you want Jethro in with you?" Tim asked.

Danny nodded, "Dr. Simons said I'm lucky coz Jethro loves me and looks after me when you're not here"

Tim smiled, "He's right, come on let's go see the doctor."

Tony and Ziva stood to the side as Tim and Danny walked out.

Danny turned a big grin at Gibbs, "HI GIBBS!" He yelled enthusiastically going to hug him.

"Hey Danny, you feeling better now?" he asked.

Danny nodded and looked at him expectantly.

Gibbs smiled and pulled a grape sucker out of his pocket. "Here ya go, Now you go and see Dr. Simons with Tim and I'll pop by later to read your story…but only if you're good."

Danny followed Tim meekly and Gibbs turned to see both Ziva and Tony with their mouths open.

Tim walked back into the room leaving Danny with his doctor to get settled.

"So what is this place?" Tony asked.

Tim walked over to the coffee machine and grabbed himself and Gibbs a cup, "This is my living room Tony, this place is a secure psychiatric facility. I live here as does Danny." Gibbs sat down as a doctor walked in and helped himself to a coffee and made himself a sandwich. "Morning Tim." The doctor said and sat down to read a magazine.

Tim smiled weakly "It's also the doctor's lounge the only privacy I have is my bedroom and bathroom."

"So how come you are allowed to live here Tim?" Ziva asked.

"I work here as well as doing extra shifts with the janitorial staff at NCIS and writing the computer manual for Director Vance. This place is private, but it's the best facility I could afford for Danny. I had him in a state institution, they released him to a general population and he was attacked, he now has the mind of a five year old and I don't care if you or anyone else thinks I'm stupid for putting up with idiots like Askey at work or for selling my car and apartment to pay for this place or if you all think I'm nuts for working four jobs to pay for this place….Danny's safe and he's getting the best care he can get. He doesn't remember killing mom or anything else that happened and he is my brother and I'm standing by him."

Tim stood staring at the pair of them threatening them to say anything while Gibbs looked amused from behind his coffee mug.

"We shouldn't have listened to gossip Tim; we were just worried about you." Ziva said.

"Can we help?" Tony asked. He was loathed to help Danny, but Tim was his friend and any problems he had with Danny he knew he would work out in his own time.

"You can cut me some slack, now you know stop asking me to go out with you guys after work, I can't I'm too busy, and Tony you can tell Abby I'm not addicted to gambling. Vance knows about this as does Gibbs, and neither of them have a problem, Gibbs even sits with Danny sometimes so I can have a break."

"Well, I think you're very brave doing this for your brother after all that's happened. I'm sure your father is very proud of you."

Tim laughed, "The reason I've had to sell my home and work four jobs is because my father refuses to have anything to do with either of us." He said sourly.

"Tim, you're a good person, don't let this put you back; I'll pop by afterwards and finish securing your safe so Danny can't do that again, until then you'll need to bring your back up weapon with you." Gibbs said.

"Yes Boss." Tim replied. "Boss, before we go back….Can I?"

"Ten minutes McGee." Gibbs said.

Tim nodded and headed off.

Tony looked at Gibbs, "So It's true, Danny's gone off the deep end?" He asked.

Gibbs head slapped him, "I don't want to hear you say that again. Tim already told you Danny suffered a brain injury he was beaten by another patient in the county facility and Tim has done everything he can to help his brother even putting up with teasing from people like Askey. You need to decide if you're going to support him or not. Either way I don't want it interfering with his work." Gibbs growled.

"Yes Boss." Tony replied.

They walked down the corridor and Gibbs stopped outside a room. The others looked through the window and saw Tim playing cars with Danny.

Danny was smiling and laughing at his brother. "Again!" He said happily.

Gibbs knocked on the window. "I have to go Danny, I'll be back after work, you'll stay with Jethro for me and I'll be back later before bed ok?"

Danny wrapped his arms around the dog's neck and tears welled up in his eyes, "Timmy leave me?"

Gibbs walked in. "Hey Danny. Tim has to come with me now, Dr. Simons is going to give you some medication," Doctor Simons walked in behind him and Danny sat down. "Bye Timmy." He said.

Tim smiled, "Bye Danny." He walked out with his team behind him.

They walked to the car.

"You're doing a great thing Tim, I'm sorry I've been such an ass over this, I should have just asked you." Tony said.

Tim nodded, "You know what Danny did was wrong, but he doesn't remember doing any of it, I know my mom wouldn't want me to abandon him and I owe it to her as well to be there for him now."

Tim climbed into the back of the car, settling back as they headed for the office and he headed for his inevitable showdown with Abby.

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