Chapter 14

Abby sat in her lab, she had been talking to a few of the other agents after Tim had turned up this morning with his black eye and had refused to tell her what was going on.

The silence in her lab was deafening!

Gibbs stood at the door watching her work away whilst chewing her lip trying to understand what had happened. Tim was her friend, she had forgiven him for being Danny's brother so why hadn't he come and seen her and talked to her like he used to.

"Abbs?" Gibbs said quietly.

Abby spun around, "Do you have any evidence for me Gibbs?" she snapped.

"No case, all wrapped up….You wanna tell me why your giving Tim so much grief?" Gibbs asked.

Abby looked up hurt, she had expected him to go to Tim and read him the riot act for upsetting her, not come here and ask her why she was mad with him.

"I…He….He's my friend and I think he's in trouble He needs us to help him." She said.

"No I don't Abbs, I'm not in trouble, and maybe you should have just asked me before assuming I would become your next pet project." Tim snapped walking into the room.

"Timmy!" She exclaimed.

"My name is Tim, now I'm wasting valuable working time, time I'm paid for, to come and deal with your temper tantrums," Tim snapped. Gibbs stood on the sidelines and watched as his youngest agent showed his forensic scientist just how much he had grown up in the last few months.

"My private life is my own and I tried to keep it that way, seeing as Tony and Ziva now know I figure I'd better tell you or we'll never get any work done. Danny lives with me in an institution, I live there because it is expensive and to afford it I work there as well as here, I also am working three jobs here, I sold my car and my apartment to pay for my rooms and Danny's upkeep at the center. Danny was attacked he now has the mental age of a five year old and he's my brother and he needs me." Tim said flatly.

"But….how can you after what he did to me?" Abby stammered.

Gibbs glowered but stayed silent.

"What exactly did my twin brother do to you….he kidnapped you, yes? He hit you…ok and he scared you….HE SHOT AND KILLED MY MOTHER!" Tim shouted at her. Gibbs moved and put a hand on Tim's arm,

"If I can forgive him for that," Tim said calming down, "Then I can forgive him for hurting you…if you can't that's up to you but if you thought I was going to leave him, uncared for in a county facility while I swanned around with my life then you don't know me very well and you weren't the person I thought you were…..and we are done Ms. Sciuto, from now on all our conversations will be about work and nothing else." Tim turned and walked out leaving a stunned Abby and an impressed Gibbs in his wake.

Abby turned to Gibbs her eyes sparkling with tears.

"If you're going to fix this Abbs, I suggest you think about what he said, you knew Tim better than anyone you listened to…has he ever gambled…has he ever conducted himself with less than 100% integrity. Yet you as well as Tony and Ziva jumped on the bandwagon Tony and Ziva got a firsthand look at what he's doing now. He's working four jobs he gets to bed about midnight to one am if he isn't up all night with Danny and he's in here by four am to start working again, and he gives all of it 100% all he asked for was some understanding from those whom he thought were his friends. This is your problem to fix now." Gibbs said he walked over to Abby gave the stunned Goth a hug and kissed her on the cheek and walked out.

By the time Tim had made it back to the bullpen he had made a decision, and he didn't like it.

He was mad at Tony and Ziva as well as Abby, but he was the one who had made the mistake, he had expected his friends to have his back and support him. Tony and Ziva had apologized for what they had said but they had still made the assumption as well. He couldn't quit his jobs, three of them were with NCIS, but he would just do his jobs, obviously allowing his team into his life had been a mistake, there was no way he was making it again, not with Danny's safety riding on things. Ignoring Tony and Ziva's questioning looks he sat and his desk and started work on his reports.

"Tim, everything ok with Abby?" Tony asked.

Tim looked at him, "Everything is fine." He said as he continued to type.

Gibbs walked in an nodded towards the elevator.

"Conference room now!" he said

"No." Tim said and continued typing, "I meant all I said Boss, now I have a job to do and I'd like to just do it."

Gibbs sighed, Tim could be so stubborn.

"OK, but if this doesn't work…" Gibbs said.

Tim nodded and got back to it.

Two hours later Tony Ziva and Abby met in the bullpen for lunch, "Tim wanna join us? Our treat?" he offered hoping Tim would take a break and they could get past some of this.

"No I'm working." Tim said and carried on working.

Leaving together the others stood in the elevator as the doors closed.

"What happened downstairs Abbs?" Tony asked.

"Tim yelled at me he said I should let go of what Danny did to me and that I was being selfish and I should forgive him!" Abby said as she started to cry. It was the truth, as Abby saw it but she couldn't believe she was being treated this way.

Tony and Ziva as Abby hoped spent the next hour telling her about all that had happened at the institution and commiserated with her over Tim's treatment of her saying he must not have meant it and maybe it was due to stress.

As they came back Tony and Ziva popped into the break room for snacks and stopped as they saw Tim in overalls buffing the floor.

"What are you doing?" Ziva asked.

"Boss needs me to work late tonight so I'm working in my lunch hour for Harry." Tim said, picking up a Styrofoam cup and tossing it in the trash.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other and thought better of saying anything, and walked back to the bullpen.

A few minutes later Tim joined them to find a coffee and a sandwich on his desk, "Thanks Boss." He said sitting down and taking a bite as he opened up his computer.

"You get everything done so you have a spare hour or two tonight?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah Boss, thanks," Tim smiled.

Gibbs nodded and got down to work.

An hour later they were working on some cold cases when Tim saw a discrepancy in the evidence logs. "Err. Boss. I think I've got something on this one." He said,

Gibbs looked it over and nodded at Tim, "Yep looks like it, Did Abby do the processing on the evidence?"

"Nope it's an old one, Abby was in court that day, and Chip processed the evidence."

Tony looked up at that, "It's a wonder I wasn't charged then?" He quipped.

"Funny DiNozzo," Gibbs replied, "Help Tim take the evidence to Abby's lab and get her to re-run the samples."

Tim and Tony went down to the evidence garage and looked for the box to go with the case.

The box was large and it took the two of them to carry it to Abby's lab. She looked up as Tim backed through the door holding one end of the box as Tony carried the other.

They put the box down. "Hey Abbs." Tony said confused as Abby looked at Tim stricken remembering his last visit.

"Abby, this is the evidence in the Maldonado case; Chip processed it as you were in court that day, if you could process it and send the results up to Gibbs as soon as possible please." Tim said and turned on his heel and walked out.

Looking apologetic at Abby Tony ran after Tim and caught up with him at the elevator.

"What the hell was that?" Tony asked.

"That Tony was me doing my job."

"You never even stopped to chat with her." He said surprised.

"I'm not paid to chat, converse or even 'play nicely' with you all I am here to do a job and that is what I'm going to do." Tim said stubbornly.

Tony stood at the elevator as Tim got in and the doors closed never moving as the doors shut Tony picked up the phone.

"Boss, I think we have a problem with Tim?" He said.

He smiled at Gibbs' answer he should have know he knew what was going on but it was confirmed as Gibbs replied, "Ya think; All of you my house 6pm." He snapped the phone shut and Tony breathed a sigh of relief.

It was going to be ok, as Gibbs was on the job.

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