Chapter 2

Amy McGee stood staring at Tim as mad as hell.

"Daniel, you've been here a week and you're in trouble already!" she yelled.

"Mom, it's me….Tim." He said.

She looked carefully and her eyes widened "Tim? But you're….No!"

The others watched this exchange amazed.

"Erm, Mrs. McGee Ma'am…Can you confirm that Tim really does have an Identical twin brother." Ron asked.

"Of course you idiot, even I can't tell them apart and I've been Tim's mother since he was three." She snapped, "Now why is he wearing handcuffs."

"He's being charged with the murders of Sidney Walden and Admiral Chegwidden Two nights ago."

"Oh for goodness sake he was with Sarah two nights ago fixing her laptop. I was visiting her and we all had dinner together." She informed them.

Fornell took Tim's cuffs off.

"But…We don't know it wasn't him!" Sacks protested.

"At this point I'm willing to risk it." Fornell shot him a look and then looked at Gibbs. "So we need to find this Walden guy, you want in on this?" he asked.

"Yes, it's our case anyway if he's taken Admiral McGee." Gibbs said.

Amy's eyes went wide and her hands flew to her face, "John's missing?" she stood shaking. Tim put his arm around her and helped her to a chair glaring at both Fornell and Gibbs.

"Mom if you didn't know about The Admiral, how did you know to come here?" Tim asked.

"You called me, you said you were having dinner with your father and Sarah and that Danny had been arrested for murder…."Her voice trailed off in horror. "It was him wasn't it?"

Tim nodded, "He shot Sid and A.J. I think he's lost it."

She started shaking, "And now he has my husband and my baby."

"Baby?" Ziva asked.

"Sarah is mom's biological kid. My half sister." Tim explained.

"It doesn't matter how old you get your children always remain your babies." Amy told her.

"Ok, so McGee…..We need information on Walden what's he like, where would he go?" Gibbs ordered.

"Well boss he's exactly like me….except he has a shorter and meaner Temper. I only saw him a few times a year when our parents got together." Tim was stumped it suddenly hit him he did not know his brother as much as he thought he did.

Tim walked to the plasma as Tony picked up the remote.

Tim's face in a navy uniform filled the screen.

"Seaman Daniel Walden, DOB 13th September 1978, at Bethesda in Maryland. He has Been in the service for ten years some mark ups for fighting nothing more than citations, there is a note from the ship's psychologist that he has 'Narcissistic tendencies and a very 'quote' Dark 'unquote' personality. Mentions an evil twin brother although nothing is on file.'"

"Evil twin?" Ziva said.

Tim looked surprised "He did used to get in trouble a lot as a kid; it was a judge and A.J who got him to join the navy instead of going to prison when he stole A.J's car and was doing drugs."

"It says here he was a suspect in the murder of Seaman Carl Symons."

"Did they find out who did it?" Tim asked.

"No it was unsolved." Tony replied.

"Excuse me?" Amy said but no one answered her.

"So we think he may have been responsible for that." Ziva said.

Tim looked sadly at the ground.

There was a lull and Amy McGee spoke again, "Excuse me."

Gibbs looked over at her, "Mrs, McGee?"

"Now we've all established that Timothy's brother is guilty do you think we could focus on finding my husband and daughter now?" she said with a hint of sarcasm

"Yes Ma'am." Gibbs said with a slight grinning glance at Tim.

"Mom, why don't you go back to my place, I'm gonna be a while here and Jethro could use a walk." He said handing her his keys.

Amy took them and left.

"You know, it's strange that your mother was here all this time and Abby never once came up, do they not get along?" Ziva asked.

"No, they get on really well." Tim said confused, "Maybe Abby is busy," He picked up his phone and called down to her lab.

"No answer, maybe her music is on loud." Tony said.

Gibbs looked up his gut suddenly churning.

"When did anyone see Abby last?" He asked picking up his own phone and dialling her cell phone.

"Just before lunch, she was heading off to meet Carol." Tony said.

"Dammit Abby." Gibbs said slamming his cell phone on the desk.

Tim's cell phone rang, "Its Abby," he said and picked it up.

"Abbs?" He said, "Where are you…?"

He heard her sobbing on the other end of the phone, "Gibbs…..Gibbs…..Timmy's hurting me….Help me Gibbs!" She screamed.

"Sorry 'Gibbs' Abby's gotta pay for what she did wrong." Tim's 'voice' sounded down the speaker.

"Danny! Let them go!" Tim said his voice calm but his body shaking.

He heard laughter down the phone, "Really squirt? You get the fast cars, the 'very' cute girl and the great job and I have to serve in the Navy…..and the fame…..Did you think I wouldn't find out, I got jumped and beaten on board ship by people thinking I was Thom E Gemcity. You think its easy having your face!" He screamed.

"You think its easy having yours!" Tim shot back, the age-old argument making his blood boil. "Give me Sarah and Abby back!" he snarled at his brother.

"What you don't want dad back?" Danny said with a hint of surprise.

"Na, you can keep him." Tim said; he had forgotten the others were there who all looked surprised.

"Maybe I don't want him….maybe I'll kill him….or maybe I'll let him go and kill them."

"Sarah's your sister!" Tim pleaded.

"She's your sister, I don't know her…" Danny said.

"Dan…you've got a problem with me …tell me where you are so we can meet and talk it out."

"Not yet little brother, you're a Fed. You figure out where I would be….Come on Timmy you're me, where would you be. Oh by the way, Dad says he's proud of me," Danny put the phone down as Tim threw his cell phone across the room, wincing as it shattered and Tim remembered where he was.

Tim stood and looked at the shocked faces around him… he blinked a few times and a look of comprehension crossed his face.

"Shit!" He said and ran for the elevator.

"McGee….STOP!" Gibbs called. He nodded to Tony who caught up with Tim at the elevator and waited as Tim got on.

"Sorry," Tim said to Tony who looked confused until Tim's fist smashed into his face and he fell backwards out of the elevator as the doors closed.

"MCGEE!" Gibbs yelled running after them.

But the doors were closed and Tim was gone.

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