Chapter 3

The elevator doors opened and there were two security guards with guns drawn standing there.

"Agent McGee, we've been ordered to escort you back to your desk." The larger of the two men said.

Tim nodded, he had hoped he would get away, He knew where Dan was…or at least he had a good Idea.

Just before the doors closed, Captain Harmon Rabb, in full uniform stepped in.

"Sorry sir, this car is occupied." The other guard said.

"He's my client." Rabb said and the guard stepped back to let him in. "Hey Tim, Sarah sent me a text to tell me about your mom and A.J. She was having Dinner with your dad when I last talked to her; I hope he's not too mad at her for having to leave." Rabb said.

"Mac was with my dad and Sarah?" Tim said confused.

"No your sister couldn't make it something to do with an English lit exam." Rabb said.

The elevator door opened and a furious Gibbs stood the other side. McGee paled. "Boss I can explain?" He said hopefully.

"You had better have a great explanation McGee." Gibbs growled. Then he saw the other man in the elevator.

"Captain Rabb…" He said surprised.

"Jethro, Is Sarah here yet, I heard about Tim getting arrested Sarah was down the street having dinner with Tim's father, he was a friend of the Admiral's she sent me a text to get down here." He said to his friend.

The elevator doors opened again and an extremely distraught Sarah McGee came running into Tim's arms. "Tim…I didn't know…I thought it was you, Sarah knew…she sent me away…I mean he kinda looked just like you" She threw her arms around her brothers neck and sobbed.

"Sarah, it was Danny, not me, wait, if he doesn't have you…?" Tim trailed off shocked, "Harm, He's got your Sarah, not mine… He probably heard her name, they never met, Mom never liked Danny…I mean Amy, she wouldn't let Sarah near him."

"My Sarah is older Tim, surely he knew…I mean…" Harm started.

"He's not rational, he killed our mother, he probably just heard dad call her Sarah and assumed and took her."

Tim guided his sister to a chair, "Boss I think I know where he is." Tim said looking at Gibbs.

Gibbs nodded towards the plasma, they walked into the bullpen, Tony, and Ziva stood up and followed their Boss, teammate and visitor to the plasma screen.

"Update." Gibbs said

"Erm, we don't have one." Tony admitted.

"No we do, Sarah McGee wasn't kidnapped. Lt Col. Sarah Mackenzie-Rabb was taken." Tim said.

"Ok McGee, where do you think this twin of yours is?" Gibbs said.

"He grew up in Annapolis. We used to play in Cheverly Park; there was a rundown house off Hawthorne Street. Danny convinced me it was haunted and we used to go ghost hunting there when I came to visit." Tim took a breath; "Mom used to work in Prince George's hospital it's just the other side of the park," he told them.

"It scared the life out of me…That's where he's got them," He said with conviction.

"Gear up!" Gibbs said.

Rabb walked up to Gibbs' desk, "Jethro, I want to go. He has Sarah, I know Danny, he trusted me, maybe I can help." He argued.

Gibbs nodded and Rabb turned to leave with them.

"Hey, Boss?" Tony asked.

"How could I have got the message that Sarah McGee and Probies' father had been kidnapped so quickly if he had just talked to Lt. Col. Mackenzie-Rabb?" He asked.

"Because it wasn't dispatch that called you, it was Danny." Tim said grabbing his bag and heading, this time with his team, to the elevator. "Think about it Tony, how often does Dispatch call you?"

"Yeah, it kinda sounded like you as well." Tony admitted.

Sarah stood in Tim's way as they arrived at the elevator.

"Tim, I thought he was you…he's just as smart as you are, but he's arrogant and he's crazy, be careful please." She pleaded.

Tim hugged his little sister, "I'll be back Sarah, just wait at my desk." He said and got in the elevator with the Team and the Captain.

Danny walked around the room looking at the three people he had tied up.

"Daniel, I am proud of you, you joined the navy and upheld the family tradition. Let me go and I'll help you," The Admiral reasoned with his eldest son.

Abby looked at him shocked.

"Why did you call him Daniel?" She shied away as Daniel ran his hand down her face.

"You're so pretty Abby; I can see why he likes you. He's going to miss you and it'll hurt like hell." He grinned.

"Timmy please don't?" Abby said tears falling freely down her face.

Danny's face contorted and he leaned right into her face, "I'M NOT TIM!" he yelled and pushed her over, Abby groaned as her head ricocheted off the concrete floor.

"Danny, you need to let us go." Sarah said.

"Yes Ma'am Lieutenant Colonel Ma'am!" he sneered. He looked her up and down, "You may not be the Sarah I wanted, I must admit having cold cocked you from the back you did look like her especially as you weren't in uniform, but you'll do."

"Daniel, why are you doing this to Tim?" The Admiral asked.

"I hate him." Daniel snapped. "I spent ten years at sea because of A.J. and Mom betraying me. Tim had connections and could have gotten me out of this, but he didn't he had everything…Do you know how it is living in his shadow, he went to MIT I went to boot camp, he has a home and job, I live in motels when we are in port. He has a Porsche and writes books and he has HER! Do you know what I have….NOTHING! I have bruises where I was beaten up because I have his face. Mom wouldn't talk to me, you wouldn't talk to me, Tim….well he did, but never told me anything you said to him. I wanted a family, A.J and Mom and you took me away from all that and gave it to Tim….I can be Tim…after a while you'll forget about him and think I'm him."

The Admiral looked at Sarah, It was clear his eldest son was obviously on a psychotic break. He was unstable, but he was still his son.

"Daniel, I haven't talked to Tim in over seven years." He admitted; Sarah and Abby looked at him in shock. Sarah because The Admiral and her talked weekly and she never knew and Abby because the way Tim talked she hadn't realized Tim had the same father issues as the rest of the team.

Danny stopped pacing and turned to look at his father. "Why not?"

The Admiral actually looked annoyed even thought he was desperately trying to keep his cool, as he knew the safety of the two women with him was at stake.

"Why not?" Danny asked again.

"Because he was a disappointment to me, he didn't join the navy like you did, he is a nerd and spends more time with his computer than he does outdoors. I know if he had gone onto the water he could have gotten over his seasickness and toughened up like a man," he admitted.

Danny smiled, but Abby couldn't keep herself quiet.

"You didn't talk to him for years because of that! Tim is a great agent and wonderful man. He's kind and gentle and tough when he needs to be and I'm proud to be his friend."

"Yeah and the rest." Danny sneered.

"What do you mean?" Abby asked.

"He never told you, Tim's been in love with you for years, you keep putting him down….'I love him like a puppy'," Danny mocked. "Poor old Timmy pining after a girl who'll never love him back. But you did sleep with him and you gave him hope….didn't you." Danny's eyes glossed over, "I wonder….I wonder if you'd think we were the same?" he said to himself.

Abby eyes grew wider as she got fearful of what he was thinking.

"No! Please!" Abby started pulling at her binders as Danny walked up to her,

"Daniel Don't!" The Admiral barked.

"Danny!" Sarah said

Danny looked over to them, "Quiet, we are twins, we share DNA, a face why not the girl."

"Because Abby is not property, she's my friend and Danny. We don't ever share." Tim spat from behind him.

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