Chapter 4

Danny pushed Abby back and her chair fell again as he launched himself at Tim and they both fell out of the door into the other room.

"Abby…..Abby!" Mac said trying to get her to look up. "Admiral Can you get free?" She asked whilst pulling at her own bonds.

The Admiral pulled at his bonds and finally they snapped, he went to Abby and put his jacket under her head, "She's unconscious but she'll be ok." He removed the knife he had in his back pocket and quickly undid Sarah's bonds as Gibbs and Ziva walked into the room.

"Clear," Ziva said as Gibbs rushed over to help, Commander Rabb was right behind him.

"Abby!" Gibbs said quickly kneeling by her side.

Abby opened her eyes, "Gibbs…Timmy…he…he..." She closed her eyes again.

He held her, "It's ok Abbs, it wasn't him."

"Sarah!" Rabb said wrapping his arms around his wife, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine, Danny was mouthy but didn't cause us any real harm I think his plan was to hurt Tim…Where is Tim?" She asked realizing he was not there.

Tony looked in the room and Ziva joined up with him sweeping the rest of the house.

Room by room the call went out "Clear!"

They got to the top of the house and McGee's voice called out, "Over here."

The sight that greeted Ziva and Tony was surreal Tim was out cold on the floor with his hands held behind his back with zip ties and Tim was standing over him.

"It's ok Tony, I've got him." Tim said. "I found a syringe on the floor I think it's some kind of tranquilizer he was going to use it on me but I got him instead."

Tim sat with Danny as he waited for the paramedics to arrive.

"I'll tell Gibbs." Ziva said

"Tony can you see if my dad and Sarah are ok?" Tim asked.

"Sure McGee," Tony said and headed off.

The man on the ground groaned, "Danny?" he said and Tim kicked him in the head, "Not yet little brother, it's my turn to be Tim." Danny snarled as he stood over his brothers' prone body.

Danny heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs and assumed a half-protective crouch over Tim's body.

"McGee, how is he?" Gibbs asked.

"He's still out cold, looks like he took a few knocks while we were fighting, Gibbs I need to go with him to the hospital. He's my brother and my responsibility." 'Tim' said,

Gibbs nodded and stood aside to let the paramedics prep Danny for transport.

Tim walked down behind them, "I'll drive my car and follow them," he told Gibbs.

"Sure McGee, I'll meet you at the hospital after we've secured the crime scene." Gibbs said, he did not know why but his gut was still churning, Tim was a little off but he put it down to what had just happened.

Tim jumped in his Porsche and sped off after the ambulance.

Tony smiled at Gibbs, "Finally, Mcspeedster is driving his car like it should be driven."

"Balboa's team should be here to secure the crime scene soon, how's the Admiral and the others?" Gibbs asked,

"Not in as much pain as Walden." Tony grinned as they turned to check on the others.

Danny walked into the room, as Tim lay asleep on the bed.

"Agent McGee?" The nurse said opening the door, "Do you need security to watch the door?" She asked.

"No thank you." Danny replied, "I can keep an eye on this prisoner."

The nurse nodded and left as Danny pulled another syringe out of his pocket.

Using the I.V port, he injected Tim with a hallucinogenic knowing Tim would be waking up soon.

Danny sat in the chair and waited as Tim started stirring.

The monitors changed from a low pitched rhythmic beeping to a high-pitched wail as Tim woke up.

The Doctors and Nurses ran in holding Tim down as he started to thrash in his bed.

Danny looked up as Gibbs and his team turned up, He could not believe it the timing was perfect.

"G' off me…..gonna kill him…gonna….not me….you're not me!" Tim screamed incoherently.

Danny backed off looking tearful, barely suppressing a grin as Gibbs lay a comforting arm on his shoulder.

"Not Dannnnnny…..I'm…NOT…..Lemme go!" 'Danny' screamed from the bed.

"I have to…..Gibbs….I can't watch this." The real Danny backed out and ran down the hall.

Tony turned to follow him, "Give him a minute." Gibbs said.

Danny just made it to the stairwell when he finally burst into laughter.

He just had himself under control and wiped a stray tear from his eye as Tony opened the door, "Tim, you ok?" he asked concerned.

Tim nodded, "Has the doctor been yet how is Ti…Danny?" He asked.

"The doc wants to take him up to the Psych ward and keep him sedated for tonight." Tony told him, "Just need you to sign the paperwork."

Tim nodded and they both walked down the corridor towards Danny's room.

"Hey Gibbs," Tim said.

"You have to sign some paperwork for your brother; we can't question him until he's had a full psych eval."

"How long will it be till he can have that done?" He asked the doctor in the room.

"At least 48 hours, your brother is delusional right now." The doctor said,

Tim turned and gave his brother a slight sneering glance, "Well you know what's best Doc, Let me sign the paperwork, I want to go see how Abby is." Tim grabbed the clipboard, signed it, and walked out leaving his team stunned in his wake.

"That was strange yes?" Ziva asked.

"I think it's just shock." Tony said, "He'll be back to himself when he sees Abby."

Danny walked down the hall towards where he had been told Abby was recovering.

Ducky came out, "I'm sorry Timothy she doesn't want to see you right now."

Danny looked sad, "I understand Doctor Mallard. With me looking so much like Danny she'll need to recover, I'm going to head back to NCIS."

"Very well my boy." Ducky said looking at Danny's retreating back.

Something seemed off to him, then it hit him and he picked up the phone.

"Jethro, where are you. Stay there I need to check something." He said and walked up to where Gibbs was still standing outside Danny's room.

Ducky nearly ran to where Gibbs and Tony were standing. Ziva had left catching a lift with Tim to headquarters.

"Jethro, where is the paperwork for Danny Walden?" He asked.

Gibbs grabbed a clipboard from the folder attached to the holder outside the door. Ducky opened the folder, dropped it, and ran into the room as the doctor was preparing to give his patient another sedative.

"STOP!" Ducky yelled.

"What's going on Duck?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes what's the meaning of this?" The doctor asked.

Ducky picked the folder back up. "Look at the signature." He said.

Gibbs looked at it.

Where it should have said Timothy McGee, it said Danny Walden.

"That's not Danny in the bed….That's Timothy!" Ducky said.

"I have an antidote to the sedative; we should be able to bring him around quite quickly." The doctor said and went to get the medication.

"How did you know Duck?" Gibbs asked.

"I heard him call you Gibbs and he called me Doctor Mallard, Timothy never does that." Ducky said.

Within Ten minutes, Tim was coming around.

He could not stop a tear coming out, "I'm not Danny….'you believe me Boss?….find him" Tim groaned and finally focused on Gibbs and Ducky standing by his bed.

"Boss…Ducky…where's Danny? Is everyone ok?" he asked, "Where's Abby…He didn't hurt her did he?"

Ducky placed a hand on Tim's chest to reassure the young man.

"Abigail is fine. She will recover soon. You just rest and we will have you out of here in no time." Ducky said as Tim fell back to sleep exhaustion finally claiming him.

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