Chapter 5

Danny jumped into Tim's Porsche and drove to NCIS; He knew that by the way the medical examiner had looked at him that he had said something wrong. Although he did not know, what it was. As far as he knew, his simpering version of his brother had been spot on.

He walked into NCIS and headed to Tim's desk, his brother had talked about his work so often that Danny knew exactly where to go.

He dropped his bag and sat down.

"Hey Tim!" Tony said as he sat down.

'Tim' glanced up at his and started typing at the computer. Danny was feeling frustrated, how hard it was, to figure out his brothers password.

The computer kept beeping and Tony looked over at him.

"You having problem's McHacker?" He grinned.

"Nope I'm fine DiNozzo." Danny said.

Tony did a double take. "DiNozzo?" he said stunned, Tim never called him by his last name.

"Aw, Shit!" 'Tim' said, and then he drew his gun on Tony.

"Danny!" Tony said stunned as the realization hit him,

"Over here DiNozzo, what's his password?" Danny asked.

"I don't know?" Tony replied. "He said it's some fractal equation?"

Danny looked angry, "Geek!" he snapped. He waved the gun, "Move you're getting me out of here."

"AGENT McGEE!" Vance's voice echoed across the bullpen, "WHY ARE YOU HOLDING A GUN ON YOUR TEAMMATE!"

Danny never took his eyes off Tony, "Sorry Mister he ain't my teammate, one false move and he's a dead guy." Danny snarled.

Vance hurried down the stairs and stood in front of the pair as the other teams watched hushed from the sidelines. "Tim, son, you don't need to do this."

Tony grinned, "I feel I should introduce you two," He said "Director Vance, head of NCIS meet my would-be killer Danny Walden twin brother of Tim McGee."

Vance looked shocked, of course, he had heard the rumors that Tim had a twin, scuttlebutt had seen to that one racing around the building at top speed, but he had never thought it was true.

"Mr. Walden. Why are you holding a gun to my agent?" He asked keeping his voice calm.

"He's going to let me get out of here and you're not going to stop me." Danny snarled, "I just need one thing before we leave."

He moved Tony towards his desk, "You will get me into your computer and hack my file. I want my service record deleted, I want out of the Navy and I want a clean new identity."

Vance clenched his teeth, from what he knew of Tony; there was no way that he was going to be able to pull that one off.

Tony looked at Vance, "Sir, I need your permission?" he said calmly.

"Do you actually think you can do it?" Vance asked skeptically.

"That's not a problem, if I do make it out of this I just want to make sure you won't have my badge." Tony sighed.

"Very well," Vance said, the last thing he needed was an agent shot in the bullpen.

Tony started to reach into his desk, "No false moves DiNozzo."

"I need this flash drive," Tony said carefully pulling it out of the drawer.

"What is that?" Danny asked.

"It's a hacking protocol Tool." Tony said.

Vance looked at his quizzically and Tony looked up at him, "We didn't always have Tim on our team, I had to do this before he got here." He explained as he hacked into the naval database and pulled up Danny's service record.

"Ok, I'll delete this and I have a file here for an undercover Identity who do you wanna be?" He asked.

Tony pulled up a list of aliases for Danny to look at, "I have the perfect one…..Gus Bricker…"

Tony tapped the keys a few times and his picture came up on the monitor. "No prior convictions, good college results and a great employment history. You could get a job anywhere." Tony said looking smug. "I'll even open you a bank account and transfer all of Tim's money into it." Tony offered.

Vance nearly broke the toothpick that was hanging out of his mouth. He could not believe Tony was helping him, neither could Danny.

"Why? Why are you helping me?" he asked suspiciously.

"Because it's obvious that you're better than him, he used to pick on me all the time anyway and he's been after my job for years. The director there is even grooming him to be team leader over me….with you on the loose that'll never happen if they put a BOLO out on you every cop in the city will be arresting him every five minutes so he'll have to quit." Tony said bluntly.

There was grumbling over the floor from the few agents who had stayed those who did not have immediate families and had stayed to protect the director.

"So you're gonna help me?" Danny said skeptically.

"Sure," Tony replied shrugging his shoulders, "What the hell have I got to lose."

"DiNozzo you do this and you're finished," Vance said.

Tony waited as he sent the request for the documents off by email. "They'll have someone bring up your documents soon," Tony said to Danny ignoring the director while moving himself around in front of him effectively cutting off Danny's line of fire to the Director.

Tony reached the printer and stood in front of Danny as he showed him Tim's cleaned out accounts and the paperwork for the money in Gus Bricker's. "There you go, one account in the name of Gus Bricker account balance $1.5 million; Wow Tim did well off of those books didn't he!" Tony exclaimed, Danny smiled, and it was like Tim's except it chilled Tony to the bone whereas Tim's was warm and gentle.

"Well he'll just have to write some more now won't he." Danny said.

Vance watched the interchange between the two men shocked, he was stunned that two….no sorry one of his Agents had gone rouge joining up with what to all intents and purposes looked like the evil twin of another agent.

"Do you have documents for yourself?" Danny asked, "You can come with me. I've never had a friend before."

Tony suppressed a shudder remembering the Jeffrey White Case. "Sure, I am…." Tony grinned, "I was an Agent we all have them," he said.

Danny relaxed, "You know I think taking you hostage was the best thing I ever did."

Tony nodded, not wanting to tip his hand or alert Danny to Gibbs who had stuck his head around the corner where only Tony could see and nodded once.

A bell sounded as the elevator opened behind him, Danny went to turn around, but Tony placed a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry it's just the ID gremlin." He said grinning, "Jimmy do you have what I need?" Tony asked.

Jimmy came in with a box in his hand, "Hey Tony, Tim sure I have Tim's new ID. Going undercover?" he asked brightly.

"We sure are, the Macaluso case," Tony said desperately pulling ideas off the top of his head.

"OK Tony, you wanna sign for the ID please and I can get back downstairs." Jimmy said.

Tony wrote on a piece of paper and handed it back to Jimmy.

"Thanks Tony," He said and left.

As he got around the corner he handed the note to Tim it said, 'NOT J.W. Me Mike.'

"What does that mean?" Tim whispered to Gibbs, who read the note and smiled.

"It means Tim that Danny trusts him and he's getting on his good side to help take him down. We have to let them out of here till Tony thinks it's safe to take your brother down."

Gibbs nodded once around the corner again.

Tony picked up his gun and pointed it at the Director. "Sorry Sir, I think it's time we leave." Tony said as the two of them walked towards the elevator. They entered, the doors closed, and all hell broke loose.

"Call down to the lobby have them stopped!" Vance ordered.

Gibbs stood on a table and whistled, the whole floor came to a halt.

"No one move. Tony has a tracking chip on him, he is not I repeat NOT working with Danny Walden and is just moving him somewhere we can take him down with the minimal of casualties." He said.

"Do you really believe that Gibbs?" Vance asked skeptically.

"Yes I do, He gave you enough clues to see what he was doing, and he even put himself between you and Danny's gun." Gibbs snapped.

"McGee, see what Tony was working on, on the computer."

"He's already activated the tracking chip, and he's given us the location of a safe house he's going to try to get Danny too." Tim said, "We are gonna get him Boss, when Danny finds out Tony's betrayed him….Danny'll kill him."

Gibbs looked at Vance daring him to say one word to stop them.

"Bring them back….bring him back safe." Vance said

Gibbs nodded and Tim, Ziva and Gibbs headed to the elevator.

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