Chapter 6

Tony and Danny made it to the garage, "Which one's your car?" Danny asked.

Tony pointed to one of the sedans in the garage, "That one. I don't have a car I'm using this one right now." He told Danny. "Come on we've gotta get out of here."

Danny grabbed the envelope holding his ID and leveled his gun at Tony.

"I have a car and a new I.D, why the hell do I need you?" He asked with a sneer.

"Because I know somewhere where we can hide, I have a place you can hole up in and get your next plan of action sorted," Tony said "Besides you're not planning on leaving me here with Tim are you….I can't stand him" Tony said sounding completely honest.

Tim, Ziva and Gibbs exited the elevator and ran towards the two men; Tony whirled and grabbed his gun aiming wide and firing at Gibbs, "Danny run!" He yelled.

Danny did a quick double take and got in the car, "Tony! Hurry!" He said and opened the passenger door for him.

Tim let of a volley of shots one of which hit Tony as he fell into the car.

Tony slammed the door as Danny drove out of the garage at speed.

Gibbs whirled on Tim.


Tim looked ashen, "I was aiming for Danny, Tony got in the way, and I didn't mean to shoot him boss."

They drove until Washington was far behind them, Tony held his side trying to stem the bleeding, "That don't look good man," Danny said glancing over at Tony's wound.

Tony closed his eyes he had given Danny the address and right now he needed to think. He was sure he had left enough clues for Gibbs to get the gist of what he was doing.

Why then did Tim shoot him?

He had used the name Macaluso when talking to Jimmy, to let them know he was planning to infiltrate his position with Danny and would then take him out where the risk of casualties would be minimal.

He had mentioned Jeffery White, the op where he had pretended to befriend the on the run con, to get information out of him. As a back up plan he had given Danny the identity of Gus Bricker so if Danny dumped him and ran, police would pick him up, Gus Bricker's BOLO had them contact NCIS in case of pick up.

He thought that if anything, his years of working with Tim would mean that he would have gotten through to his Probie However, it seemed that maybe he was too good and Tim really didn't trust him anymore…..he couldn't think as the pain shooting through his side was making him nauseous.

He leant back in his seat as Danny drove to the place, a small Cabin on the edge of Fleets Bay.

He pulled up and shook Tony, "Hey wake up, is this it?" He asked.

Tony opened and eye, "Yeah…" He pulled himself out of the car, not disguising the grunt of pain as he did so.

"You ok Tony?" Danny said as he helped support the older man to the door.

"Thanks Probie." Tony said forgetting he was with Danny and not Tim.

"Sit down, is this your place….do the others know about this place?" Danny asked.

"Nope, this is mine; I use it when I need to hide."

"I never thought you'd be an out of the way woodsy type." Danny said.

"I came here with my dad, when I was a kid we caught fish, fun times." Tony said his words slurring.

"Sit down; I'll get the first aid kit." He said maneuvering him onto the couch in the large living room and starting a fire.

Danny threw a blanket over Tony who had started to shiver, "I know some first aid, and the navy taught me that much, lay down I'll get that bullet out."

Tony lay back as Danny started checking out his wound, it didn't seem so bad but he was worried as Tony was running a fever and seemed delirious.

Danny found a couple of bottles of scotch in the kitchen he poured some over Tony's wound as he hissed in pain and made Tony drink half a bottle even though Tony fought it all the way.

"Not drinking…..NO…..Not like him." Tony slurred

"Not like who Tony." Danny said as he routed around inside Tony's abdomen with a pair of tweezers.

"Not like Senior….." Tony slurred, "Why'd ya shoot me Tim?" Tony asked. "...Trying to save you from Danny."

Danny stopped.

"Are you only helping me to set me up?" Danny asked.

"Nooooooooo; I always help you Probie." Tony said. His fever was starting to spike.

Danny realized what was going on and decided Tony wasn't going to get away with it.

"Danny's gone now Tony, It's just me Tim, I'm glad you're hurting." He said with a sneer.

"Why'd you should me Tim?" Tony asked.

"It's simple Tony, you die I get your job, you knew I wanted your job, and Gibbs likes me better, you're too old Tony, you aren't good enough to be on the team anymore, Even Director Vance can't wait for you to be gone. So he got Gibbs to order me to shoot you. I'm the better son for Gibbs; you're not needed anymore. You're just not good enough…..They want you to die." Danny mocked him.

He sat Tony up the sloppy stitch job on his wound still bleeding and handed him his gun, "I'm gonna go and take your place with Gibbs, if you see me again I will shoot you." Danny said.

"Tim! No! I'm sorry," Tony, pleaded, Danny poured the rest of the bottle of scotch down Tony's throat and slipped out of the back door as Tony started to slip into unconsciousness.

As Danny got to the boat at the end of the jetty, he heard the others pull up in their car.

Tim and Gibbs took up defensive positions at the front of the house and Gibbs motioned for Ziva to go around the back.

Gibbs knocked on the door, "NCIS open up."

There was no answer and Gibbs motioned to Tim who bent down to pick the lock.

There was a crash from inside and Gibbs kicked the door in opting to go for the fast approach, they entered sweeping the room until they saw Tony covered in blood on the couch.

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs said.

"Sorry boss….didn't mean to….You still want me to die boss? If ya really want me too?" Tony shakily lifted the gun up and Gibbs took it from his hand.

"No, DiNozzo….not today." Gibbs said softly, he turned to Tim, "You called an ambulance?" He asked.

"It's on it's way boss, the house is clear, no sign of Danny."

Tony looked at Tim and tried to get his gun from Gibbs but he was so mixed up he fell on the floor.

"Is he drunk boss?" Tim asked.

"It looks like ya got him Tim, and Danny tried to fix him."

"Yeah…Danny likes me….Tim's nasty…wants me dead…..gonna get him first." Tony slurred.

"Ok Slugger, you can get him later." Gibbs reassured his agent.

"You gonna replace me Boss?" Tony asked, tears he couldn't hold inside were running unchecked now, "You gonna disown me too?" he sobbed.

Gibbs looked angry "Dammit McGee, your brother has done a number on him."

"I got the last laugh Boss, Didn't tag me….I tagged him using Overwatch." Tony sniggered.

Gibbs thought Tony was mad.


Then it hit him, he remembered reading a file on operation Overwatch where US persons of interest were tagged with a radio active marker that made them visible to satellite tracking.

"Clever Boy?" Gibbs said rubbing his SFA's head and turned to wait for the paramedics to stabilize him.

"So you gonna keep me Boss?" Tony asked rubbing his eyes like a child.

Secretly Gibbs liked Tony when he was like this; he was like a small child looking for the safety of a parent. It always helped Gibbs having the feeling of being a parent again.

"McGee. Call Keating, we need a fix on the Overwatch signal." Gibbs ordered and stood with his fists balled, as Tony was stretchered into the back of the waiting ambulance.

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