Chapter 7

Ziva headed back to NCIS with Tim to get started on the Overwatch trace.

Gibbs rode in the ambulance with Tony giving his medical history to the paramedics.

Tony was drifting in and out of consciousness convinced that Danny was a hallucination and that Tim had tried to kill him, he saw Gibbs sitting with him in the ambulance.

"We can't let him live, if we give him this now he should be dead by the time we arrive at the hospital" The paramedic said.

"That's good he'll be off my team and his father will be pleased, he's dead weight we don't need him anyway." Gibbs replied.

What actually happened was this….

"If he's going to live we have to give him this, it'll help stabilize him until we can get to the hospital." The paramedic said.

"That's good he's essential to my team. We're like family and we need him." Gibbs admitted.

The paramedic moved towards him with the needle and Tony thrashed trying to get away.

"Noooo, Sorry. Boss I'll quit, don't kill me…I promise I'll leave."

"It'll be ok Tony I need you to let them do this."

Tony laid back compliant a tear trickled down his face.

"OK Boss, 'love you guys, I'm sorry."

Gibbs patted Tony's head, as the sedative took effect Tony turned to him.

"I'm sorry I wasn't good enough. I'll say hello to Cait for you." He said and passed out.

"Dammit!" Gibbs growled.

"What was that about?" the paramedic asked concerned at the change in his patients demeanor.

"He thought I was ordering him to die." He said absentmindedly.


Tim ran out of the elevator not thinking and stopped as three Agents held their guns at him and stood protectively between him and Vance.

"Sir, it's me Tim! The Boss sent me I have to get online now." Tim pleaded

"Why?" Vance said suspiciously, there was no way he was falling for it twice.

"Overwatch." Tim said.

"Guns' down, its Agent McGee," Vance confirmed.

Overwatch was so top secret there were only a few people who knew about it, Tim had known because he helped develop it in cybercrimes and Tony knew as Tim had asked him to test it when he was Agent afloat.

Ziva exited the elevator and her pulling her gun to defend her teammate proved to the rest of them that Tim was who he said he was.

They both followed the Director to MTAC.

"Give us the room," The Director ordered and the others quickly left. Tim walked down the front to the computer screens and opened the Overwatch protocols.

Instantly small dots appeared all over the globe.

"I just have to narrow down the parameters," Tim said concentrating.

"What is he looking for?" Director Vance asked Ziva.

"Before Tony passed out he tagged Danny Walden with an Overwatch patch, he's on his way to the hospital with Agent Gibbs now." She informed him.

"What's his condition?" Vance asked.

"GSW to the abdomen, also possible Alcohol poisoning." Tim said not looking up from the computer.

"DiNozzo drank while on the run?" Vance said getting mad. He had been convinced this was a fool's idea from the start as soon as he had been convinced DiNozzo had not gone off the deep end.

"I think Danny gave him it while trying to stitch him up, he saved Tony's life." Tim said.

Despite everything, he did owe his mentally deranged brother that one.

Tim typed the keyboard chewing his bottom lip as he concentrated on his task, "I've got him!" He said as he finally narrowed down the co-ordinates… "Crap!" Tim stood up and headed for the door.

"Agent McGee!" Vance said turning to the younger man.

"He's headed back to Washington, He's at my apartment, The Admiral and Amy are there….I'm going to need back up." Tim told him.

Vance nodded and picked up his cell phone and sent a team to await them at Tim's address.

Time was off the essence so Tim threw the keys to Ziva, "You drive." He said to the Israeli who nodded as the elevator doors closed.

They pulled up outside Tim's apartment complex, Balboa's team waiting around the corner, Balboa walked up to Tim and Ziva.

"Has your team been briefed?" Tim asked taking the badge off his belt and securing it around his neck.

"Yep," The perp looks like you and you are the one with the visible badge.

"That's the idea, this time the right brother gets arrested. But Danny is unstable, there is a paramedic on standby just in case and he has hostages…..I want no deaths…you understand."

"We'll try." Balboa promised.

"No! They are my family…I don't want them dead, you guys will follow my lead I'm going in first." Tim ordered.

The others nodded and moved to allow Tim the lead.

He unlocked the door and headed up to his apartment.

His apartment was down a long corridor at the end of the hall, his doorway around the corner was obscured from the point of view of anyone looking out and as Tim rounded the corner his breath caught, Jethro was lying in the doorway.

"No!" Tim breathed and dropped to his knees his hands feeling his beloved pet for signs of life.

He ran his hand through Jethro's fur and breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the dog breathe, "He's drugged him."

Tim reached into his wallet and took out a card and motioned two junior agents from the back of the group to come forward. "Take him here, it's his vets, get them to check him out and stay with him at all times understand." He said quietly.

"Yes sir," The two junior agents said, carefully and quietly moving the sleeping dog out of harms way.

Tim put his key in the lock and slowly opened it.

He stepped inside and saw the Admiral and Amy McGee tied up on chairs, a huge bruise forming across the Admiral's face where Danny had hit him.

"Well, well little brother, you really are smart you found me quick."

"I had help." Tim replied deadpan.

Danny looked at him confused, "Oh DiNozzo…helpful for a drunk…Ok so you're a writer, does he is helpful or he was helpful apply here?" Danny asked sarcastically.

Tim gripped his gun tighter fighting the urge to shoot him.

"Danny come on I can get you help," Tim tried to reason with him.

"I did this for you Tim!" Danny said his eyes darting to the Admiral, "Mom had to pay, she abandoned us, you when she left you to be raised by this son of a bitch and me when she blindly believed A.J and sent me into the navy."

"Danny, a judge did that remember. It was that or prison."

"What about the Admiral, he hates us both he doesn't deserve to live." Danny said.

"He's family Danny." Tim stated.

"AND WHAT ARE WE!" Danny screamed at him. "We are family, YOU AND ME!"

"Please Danny, give me the gun. We are family we shouldn't be fighting." Tim reasoned.

"Then you kill him!" Danny pointed his gun at the Admiral. "Or do you love him more than me?….are you going to take his side?"

"I hate him," Tim said the venom evident in his voice, "And he hates us, you know that Danny…..but you know what, we are better than him."

Ziva stood up straighter shock at hearing Tim's words and for a second she was not sure who was who.

"Timothy, Daniel!" The Admiral looked at his boys.

Both of them leveled their guns at the older man and at the same time said, "SHUT UP!"

The others watching stood back as ordered but all were feeling uncomfortable.

Danny looked at Tim and laughed. "Finally, come here little brother." He said and opened his arms.

Tim smiled and put down the gun and hugged Danny.

"I'm sorry." Tim said to Danny whose eyes widened as he realized Tim had drugged him.

"Well done." Danny replied and sank into a heap on the floor.

Tim pulled out the syringe as Ziva and the rest of the team secured the room and untied The Admiral and Mrs. McGee.

Amy walked over to the boys. "Tim….Thank you." She said.

Tim looked up and Ziva saw he was crying.

The Admiral looked at his sons in disgust. "You should have shot him, you can't do anything right."

Tim looked up at the man he hated. "Get out of my house and go home." He snarled and moved away from Danny as the paramedics took him and strapped him to a gurney.

Ziva put her hand on Tim's shoulder as he watched his father and stepmother walk away.

"I know Danny will finally get the help he needs, I just hope he forgives me." Tim said sadly.

"Come McGee, we should go to the hospital and fill in Gibbs and check on Tony." Ziva said.

Tim threw his keys to Balboa, "Finish off for me lock up and drop the keys on my desk will you?" he asked.

Balboa smiled, "Sure I'll pick up ya dog too, go check on DiNozzo, and send him our best."

Tim nodded and he was steered away by Ziva.

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