Chapter 8

Tony slowly opened his eyes and winced at the sunlight streaming into his room. He was not sure what hurt more the wound in his abdomen or his head.

"Tony?" Tim said sitting up as he noticed him wake.

"No!" Tony groaned trying to move away.

"It's me Tim…Come on wake up." Tim coaxed him gently.

"No…..I'm sorry Tim, don't hurt me not again….Just leave me alone." Tony groaned as he tried to move.

"That was Danny…not me….I didn't hurt you." Tim said.

"You shot me not Danny, Danny is my friend, Danny saved my life…you tried to kill me." Tony reiterated as Gibbs entered the room.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs started.

"No Boss, make him leave…I don't wanna see him, he tried to kill me." Tony said as forcefully as he could.

Tim got up, "Maybe right now isn't the right time to do this. However, Tony, I did shoot you, it was an accident, I never meant to hurt you; and you are my friend!" he told him.

Tony turned away from him "DiNozzo you can't take what you thought happened seriously Tim would never hurt you on purpose, none of us would."

"Yeah." The disbelieving tone in his voice did not go unnoticed.

Gibbs walked outside to see how Tim was doing and get an update on the case.

"McGee, so what happened?" he asked.

"Danny's upstairs in psychiatric isolation, he's on lockdown so he can't escape. They have found him a great team and he is going on antipsychotic medications. He will not be ok to be freed for a while, but he is alive. I talked to Vance, JAG thinks he's too unstable to be tried right now, but he will continue to be assessed, Mac and Harm are going to assess him every six months just to be sure and keep up with his doctor's reports." Tim sighed, "He did love mom, when he realizes what he's done it's going to hurt him. I know I should hate him for what he did to Mom, A.J and Abby… but he's my brother…more than that boss; He's my twin, part of me…it could have been me if mom had taken me instead of the Admiral."

"No it could not have Tim, you are nothing like him, he had all your mothers love and that's how he turned out. You had the Admiral." Gibbs said

"Exactly, if he had had the discipline I had…maybe he'd have been more adjusted." Tim said.

Gibbs was gob smacked; Tim was actually defending that man's upbringing of him.

"Do you love The Admiral?" Gibbs asked

"NO?" Tim said quickly. "I mean, yes…he's my father….of course I do…Look Boss, I hate the man alright. I'll admit it my father is so bad; he makes Tony's look like father of the year."

"Would you murder him?" Gibbs asked flatly.

"NO!" Tim answered shocked.

"That, Tim; is the difference between you and Walden." Gibbs told him.

Tim nodded realizing although there were similarities there were also fundamental differences between them too.

"But he is my brother boss and I will always be there for him…if JAG prosecute, I'm gonna stand by him."

Gibbs nodded; Tim had always been the sort to protect the weaker person. Danny, for all his faults even though he looked the stronger twin was actually the weaker of the two boys and not for one moment did Gibbs doubt that had The Admiral been the one to bring up Danny the body count would have been a lot higher.

"Boss….Tony…will he forgive me for shooting him, I know IA will want to do an investigation and I know that I didn't shoot him on purpose and I will take whatever punishment IA decides but I need him to forgive me." Tim looked distraught.

"Tony will be coming back to mine for a week until he is cleared for desk duty. I will talk to him. You need to go home and rest, but swing past the navy yard first, ya dog is driving Balboa nuts he's growling at everyone who goes near him and he's camped out under your desk." Gibbs told him.

Tim smiled a little at that, "I think I'd better pick Jethro up then boss, I know Danny burned a lot of bridges for me, but to be honest I am hoping that Tony and Abby will forgive me, I think I'm gonna take Jethro round to see her, he may help her heal. She hasn't been able to talk to me since Danny took her, Mac and the Admiral."

Gibbs watched as Tim his shoulders hunched walked slowly towards his car.

"It's not only Tony and Abby that need to heal Tim." Gibbs said to himself.

Tony slowly sat up and grabbed his clothes.

He got dressed and quietly opened the door he looked down the hall and saw Gibbs and Tim in conversation.

"… but he's my brother…more than that boss; He's my twin, part of me…" Tim said to Gibbs as Gibbs nodded in agreement.

Tony understood then. They both agreed with Danny, what he had heard in the ambulance was true, he knew if he was going to make it he needed to leave now. With that, he slipped off down the hall and got in a cab to his apartment.

Abby sat in the bullpen in McGee's chair and she was hugging Jethro tightly when Tim came in.

"Timmy?" She asked warily as she saw him clinging to Jethro tighter.

"Hey Abbs." Tim said keeping his distance; Jethro stood up wagging his tail and ran to his master. Tim laughed as he licked his face and hugged him, "I see you're feeling better boy. Has Abby been giving you treats again?" he asked.

Jethro cocked his head to one side and barked.

Abby stood up now convinced it was Tim and not Danny, "I'm sorry Tim, I just….he just…looked so much like you, you know…I thought it was and then you…I mean he tried…" Abby just hugged him.

"You're safe Abbs, Danny's in a secure facility and will be getting the help he needs." He told her.

"Are you ok?" Abby asked concerned for her friend.

"I will be, losing my mom hurt….the Admiral….well he always hurts me so that's no different and Sarah and Penny will always be there for me. I just wish Tony would talk to me. I do not want him to blame me for what Danny did; I have enough to take on for what I did. I shot him Abbs and I will have to pay for that. I deserve to pay for that. I just hope that this has not ruined everything. I look up to him." He admitted.

Abby hugged him again, "Tony will be ok, he never holds a grudge, you'll see we will go and see him tomorrow and everything will be fine." She said hopefully.

Storming out of Tony's room Gibbs went straight to the nurses' desk.

"Where's DiNozzo?" he growled.

"He left, signed himself out AMA and called a cab." A nurse told him.

"I'm his medical proxy you should have informed me!" Gibbs told the woman. She looked up Tony's notes. "Nope, sorry Leroy Jethro Gibbs? You were his medical proxy but he took you off the list before he left. His medical proxy has been left blank. If you do find Mr. DiNozzo, ask him to come back and refill out his paperwork please. Oh and we need confirmation of his other change. If he is injured, again he has signed a DNR form, with his line of work that is not recommended, If you could get someone to talk to him. Of course we will respect his wishes, but we need a confirmation DNR form signed." She told the shocked man.

Gibbs nodded and walked away from the nurses' station. He picked his phone up and placed a call. "Ducky….Gibbs….I need you and Palmer to meet me at my house, we may have a problem." He said and closed the phone up.

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