Chapter 9

Tony paid the cab driver and shuffled into his apartment. By the time he'd climbed the stairs and made his way to his room he was exhausted and he dropped his coat and kicked off his shoes, stubbornly refusing to give in to his exhaustion and wanting to put as much space between the people he had been stupid enough to trust and himself he started packing.

He grabbed his suitcase and started packing his clothes, after five or six minutes exhaustion claimed him and he collapsed on the floor of his bedroom.

Gibbs arrived at his house as Palmer and Ducky pulled up, "I need DiNozzo's new address." He snapped.

Palmer looked confused, "He never told you?" he asked confused.

"I know he moved after what happened at his old apartment with his father, he hasn't filed the new paperwork with HR yet, and he just signed himself out of the hospital AMA…" Gibbs told the two men what the nurse in the hospital had told him.

Ducky told Gibbs Tony's address but insisted that they both accompany him as this was Tony's sanctuary and if nothing was wrong they were not about to let Gibbs invade it uninvited.

As they arrived, Jimmy pulled out his key earning a confused look from Gibbs.

"I'm his friend."

Is all Jimmy would say as he unlocked the door.

"Tony!" He called out. He walked past the goldfish, "Morning Kate." He said with a slight smile.

"Kate?" Gibbs commented with a smirk.

Jimmy saw Tony's coat on the floor, "Something's wrong." He said and moved faster to Tony's room.

"Maybe he's got a girl in there?" Gibbs said.

Jimmy shot him a glare worthy of one Gibbs himself would have produced.

"Do you know what happened with Tony's father to make him move?" Jimmy snapped, "He slept with one of his neighbors in Tony's bed, Tony does NOT and never will bring a woman here. He is an intensely private person, this is his…Basement!" he said for want of a better way to explain it.

They reached Tony's bedroom door and Jimmy opened it a crack.

"TONY!" Jimmy exclaimed "Dr. Mallard!" he called as the elderly physician came in with his bag.

"What's…?" Tony stirred as he woke up. "Is 'Kay Jimmy, just sleepin'."

Jimmy went and got Tony a glass of water and helped him sit up.

"What are you both doing here?" Tony asked a bit more coherent as Jimmy sat him up.

"I got em to bring me DiNozzo." Gibbs said and Tony woke up fully.

"Who let you in…..GET OUT!" He snapped.

"NO!" Gibbs said and crouched down next to his SFA. "What the Hell is going on with you?"

Tony maneuvered himself up and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Ain't it obvious, I'm leaving, I've outstayed my welcome….really I should have known, you know boss, there was a reason I used to move after two years in each job…To avoid precisely this outcome." He had gone from sad to angry all in one sentence.

Gibbs looked at his SFA, "What?" he was confused.

Everyone wanted to help Tony and Tim wanted to make things right with him, he could not understand what he was on about.

"But Tim needs…." Gibbs started.

However the painkillers Tony was still on were making him say exactly what he thought.

Jimmy and Ducky just went into the living room knowing that Tony needed to do this with Gibbs without an audience.

"I don't care what he needs…..Look he shot me, I get it, I'm gone….Look I'll write him a letter for IA and clear him so your perfect little team isn't broken up."

"I don't want you to go; IA will do what it needs to. Tim wants to make amends with you." Gibbs said.

"Why? I heard you both talking you wanted to take Danny's side…hey I get it. He's McGee's twin despite the fact that he's freaking nuts he's a good guy!" Tony was rapidly tiring as he was waving his arms around and at this point was yelling in Gibbs' face.

"Tony." Gibbs said quietly.

Tony stopped and whirled around at him, unfortunately, with the medication, the recent blood loss and the fact that Tony was not 100% he fell onto the bed.

Gibbs helped him lay down.

"Danny has been locked up, Tim wants the chance to make amends and we all want you back at work when you're healed." He said calmly.

Tony lay back on his pillows and groaned.

"I messed up again didn't I boss?" he said.

"Nope…I did, shouldn't have left ya alone in that situation Tony. You need to heal; properly…will you let me help?"

If Tony had not been sitting down then he swore he would have fallen on his butt at that comment! "I….you….but in the ambulance….I heard you?"

"So you heard how important you are to the team." Gibbs said.

"No, you wanted me dead, I was dead weight!" Tony said, "I swear boss, you were trying to make them go slower, you said I was like my father, useless."

"I swear Tony, I never said that," Gibbs told him. "Now will you believe me and come to mine you need someone to keep an eye on you."

Jimmy walked back in, "You guys ok?" he asked warily.

"I…Jimmy?" Tony looked at his friend and Jimmy instantly knew what he wanted and turned to Gibbs.

"You out!" Jimmy said.

Gibbs stood his ground for a second, "You're not in charge here, this is Tony's apartment and here He's the boss." Jimmy insisted. Gibbs nodded and went to find Ducky.

Tony sank back onto the bed.

"Have I completely messed up Jimmy?" He asked the one person whose opinion he trusted.

"No….been a bit thick maybe, but nothing more than usual, hey, you know you have an excuse…painkillers." Jimmy told his best friend.

"I can't think clearly, not 100% anyway, but maybe, I need to let Tim talk to me at least." Tony said; Jimmy visibly relaxed.

"You should stay with Gibbs for a few days; Breena will kill me if I stay here again." He said.

"Was it so bad last time?" Tony smiled.

"Tony….We ate junk food and watched movies for three days….YES it was that bad!" Jimmy exclaimed laughing.

Jimmy stood up, swapped Tony's cases for a couple of weekend bags, and packed Tony's essentials. He helped him up and went into the living room. He put the bags down by Gibbs.

Gibbs arched an eyebrow, "When did you and Tony become so friendly?" he asked.

Jimmy looked him straight in the eye, "When I became the only friend he had there…You should watch the security tapes with Walden again…Not everything Tony said there was a lie." He told him and he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a feeder block for Kate.

"Kate's fed!" He called to Tony who emerged from his room.

"Thanks Jimmy." Tony said tiredly. Then he turned to Gibbs, "Ok, I'm coming." Was all he said he picked up his bags and walked to Gibbs' car in silence.

Tim went home and dropped Jethro off at his apartment after feeding, watering and walking him. He left and headed back to the hospital.

He had not meant to. He had planned on sleeping, then going to Gibbs' tomorrow, and finally talking to Tony.

He walked towards the hospital, rode the elevator to the psyche ward, and let himself into Danny's room. He let the nurse know he was there and she nodded and left. Finally, with his other half near, Tim got the chance to process all that had happened in the past few days. The loss of his mother, the attack by his brother on his friends and family and his own accidental shooting of his partner. He sat with his head on the bed near his brother and finally wept mourning their loss.

An hour later as the nurse came in to top up Danny's med she saw both of the twins asleep. Danny holding Tim's hand in his sleep and both looking more rested than she had seen either of them since Danny had been admitted.

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