Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 10

Hetty looked at Granger daring him to stop her. He just looked and shrugged, "Very well." He sighed knowing that nothing was going to stop her.

She opened the door to see Jackson Gray looking older and better dressed than she remembered him.

"I know you." He stated.

"Yes Mr. Grey, My name is Henrietta Lange, I stopped your abuse and child trafficking business at Valencia Street Orphanage in 1985." She said she placed a file on the table and sat in the chair.

"I remember, you took the boy…you put me back by months." He snarled. "Although I made some new supply lines in prison, so I suppose I have you to thank for that….Though I was so close to retiring…you know for a small woman you are incredibly annoying!" He snapped. "He was my biggest score, he had no family and when his name was put on the list it was immediately taken off and put on a special order. He was worth a million dollars. YOU ruined that."

She sat back quietly and smiled, with his ranting he had already hung himself she knew he was never again going to see the outside of a prison again. With what he had admitted to; that and his attacking of a federal agent if he was lucky he might get an outside cell, otherwise sky was going to be a foreign concept. She hoped she just needed a bit more.

"Yoska Comescu." She said.

Her heart clenched as he smiled.

"You know I lost track of my boy for a while, then you showed up on my radar with people telling me you had a list of my supply line…Yoska was still willing to pay for any information as to his boy's whereabouts. I finally got my million, and a great lawyer, whom I'm assuming you will be calling now."

Hetty her insides like ice stood up showing no emotion and walked to the door.

"And thank you for bringing him to us." He said as she shut the door.

She for a second lost her composure and walked into the main room.

"Mr. Hanna…?" She asked, Sam knowing what she needed nodded and was already halfway up the stairs as she asked.

He opened the door.

"Hetty He's not here, the window is open and there's a ladder outside!" He yelled running down the stairs pulling his gun and running outside.

There was no sign of him.

Hetty took a deep breath and turned to the screen, "Mr. Beale I need footage from outside the boatshed from the moment we arrived." She ordered.

Eric pulled up the surveillance tapes.

Not two minutes after Sam, Hetty and Callen had pulled up and Sam had carried the unconscious Callen into the boat-shed a dark SUV pulled up. Two large men got out and quietly pulled a ladder from the side of the boat-shed and climbed up the side of the building.

Carefully they pulled Callen out the window and he hit his head as they turned him around but never woke up.

The two men talked to each other and one picked up his phone and made a call. Smiling they loaded him into the back of the SUV and drove off.

"Eric, find them….please." Hetty begged.

Callen woke up his head was killing him.

"Crap!" he said as he opened his eyes and the world swam. He tried to sit up but realized he was already sitting in a room on a mattress and he was chained to a radiator. He leant as far as possible from where he was and threw up.

A man on a chair watched him in disgust.

"G." He said and Callen whipped his head around, and then closed his eyes as he thought that would be a bad idea.

"Where am I, who are you?" He asked a quiver of fear in his voice.

Yoska Comescu smiled, this was not the brave G. Callen he had heard about the one who had saved his foster mother by ruthlessly killing his mother Alexa Comescu, no, the rumors were true, had reverted to a 15 year old boy….And Yoska knew just what to do with a 15 year old boy.

"My name is Yoska Comescu, where you are is of not importance, you will from now on be where I tell you to be, you are my property and you will follow my rules. You will at all times, do exactly as I tell you. You will listen to no one else. You will not look me in the eye unless I tell you and you will call me Sir." He said with a smug smile.

"Like hell!" Callen growled out, "My mom will get you and then you'll be sorry."

"Who do you think told me where to get you?" Yoska said simply.

Callen's eyes widened in horror, His mother was the last thing he remembered, she had said he was too important…he remembered that. Maybe she had had enough; he had stolen that car and credit card and gotten drunk….but she promised….

He remembered his rule never trust blindly and never think you're safe.

He had trusted her, he should have known. Every adult he'd ever know had let him down.

But, SHE had promised!

He couldn't blame her, she had loved him, she had tried, he had messed up, he had stolen the credit card out of his bag, he had taken those car keys. It wasn't her fault…It was his.

He looked at the floor and realized he was crying.

Yoska sat and watched as Callen, as grown up as he was, figured this out with his broken teenage brain. He smiled at the complex emotions that roamed freely across the mans face. He let out a small chuckle as he watched Callen break himself without even having to break a sweat, maybe he should recommend finding kids like Callen in the future, already broken. It would save him so much time.

"BOY!" He yelled and Callen jumped.

"When I call your name, you come and present yourself to me." Yoska said.

Callen looked confused.

"This is your one session, you get this wrong from now on and this will be your punishment," He took out a small hand held cattle prod and touched it to Callens neck."

Callen jumped and screamed as the pain from the device coursed through him, "SHIT!" he screamed.

Yoska looked at him.

Callen knelt at his feet on the floor, "Sorry Sir, Yes Sir." The small amount of training that Jackson Grey had drummed into him came into play. He was keeping as still as he could but his whole body was still shaking.

"This will be on me at all times. Now Boy, you will be required to follow me two steps behind at all times and to sit at my feet, you will eat when I tell you drink when I tell you, relieve yourself when I tell you, sleep when I tell you….everything you do will be at my instruction."

"Yes S…Sir," Callen said with a small sob.

Uncomfortable as he was Yoska kept him in that position for two days.

Callen was tired, hungry and cold and he really needed to go to the bathroom, just as he was about to pass out Yoska walked back in the room.

"You may use the bathroom," He said flatly.

Callen shakily walked towards the room Yoska had indicated and used it.

Yoska smiled. Callen, being watched by camera the entire time had not once had he misbehaved. He remembered telling Jackson he had thought taking Callen as a man was a bad idea; however, when Jackson's lawyer had heard about Callen being injured and not having his memories, the chance of Yoska getting revenge for the death of his mother had increased.

Callen walked out of the bathroom and knelt at Yoska's feet not saying a word.

"Boy, come with me." Yoska said.

Swaying with fatigue Callen followed Yoska two steps behind.

Yoska entered a room with a camera.

"You are not allowed to speak." Yoska said.

Callen kept his eyes on the floor and knelt in the position he'd been ordered to, not realizing there was a camera on him at all times.

"My name is Yoska." He said

There was a collective gasp in the background and Sam's voice was heard "Get Hetty."

Callen wanted to look up he raised his eyes a little and saw the mini cattle prod in Yoska's hands. He immediately lowered his eyes.

Hetty walked onto Yoska's screen and he allowed himself a smug smile.

"I don't know if you remember me, you knew my mother. I am Yoska Comescu. I want the disc that Jackson Grey tried to get from you."

"Will you give us back Mr. Callen?" Hetty asked he voice quivered slightly.

Callen shot a scared glance at Yoska. Who smiled kindly at him holding out his palm behind his back so Callen could see the cattle prod.

"Boy here." Yoska said.

"Sir." Callen stood hand in front of him and his head bowed.

The others gasped as they realized that he wasn't in restraints.

"Do you want to go back to them?" He asked. As he did so he, for less than a second pressed the button.

"No, Master….please…don't make me!" He pleaded dropping to his knees.

Yoska had to bite his lip to hold back the laugh. This was so easy.

He placed a hand on Callen's head.

"Apparently he does not want to be with you. So you will have to ask for something else."

"G!" Sam said stepping towards the screen.

Behind his back Yoska's hands flexed around the cattle prod.

"There is no G only boy." Callen said flatly looking at the floor, "Boy doesn't make mistakes or get in trouble, Sir wants boy…boy is good." He said by rote.

"NO!" Kensi said.

The three of them stared at the screen in horror, it had only been two days what on earth, had happened to their team leader.

Yoska's voice came over the loudspeaker, "I will contact you in 24 hours." He said.

Just before the camera cut off Callen in a quiet voice said, "Sorry momma."

As Yoska turned around to hit him the camera cut out.

For the first time ever, the Los Angeles team turned to see their operations manager standing behind them….Crying.

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