Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 11

Hetty looked over at the team and wiped her eyes. "I want him dead," She said with more venom than they had ever heard.

"Miss Jones, Do you have a location on him?" She asked.

She gave Hetty some co-ordinates and Hetty turned and walked out of the room.

The others quickly looked at each other and then followed her.

"Hetty!" Sam said, "We need to know where he is if we are going to get him."

Hetty stopped halfway down the stairs, turned, and looked at him.

"I will give you the address when we are in the car, Mr. Hanna and not before, I WILL be coming to get my boy. There will be an end to this."

She said with more force than they had ever heard from her.

Sam fought the urge to step back and nodded, He got everything he needed and they were all in their respective cars when Hetty gave them the address.

"That's a mansion in Malibu?" Sam said, "This guy must be loaded."

"He is a Comescu." Hetty said sadly.

"You will let us go in first won't you?" He asked.

Hetty nodded as the cars pulled up to the house Yoska Comescu was renting.

Sam, Deeks and Kensi walked up to the front of the house.

Surprisingly, Callen opened the door.

He looked at them blankly.

"My master wants you to come in," he said and stepped back.

"Come with us now G…" Sam begged holding his hand out.

Callen turned and walked back into the house, he turned to a large room on the right and knelt down beside Yoska.

The others followed him.

"Hetty Lange, I take it you brought me my disc." Yoska said exuding the same confidence his mother had shown Hetty in Romania.

Hetty looked with sorrow at Callen and then turned to him.

"I have the disc," She told him reaching into her purse.

Instinctively Yoska motioned to Callen to put himself between Hetty and himself. Hetty held the disc.

"I want my son back." She said.

Sam saw something flare in Callen's eyes.

"We all want him back. We need him, he's family." Sam said.

Yoska moved his hand in his pocket.

"Do you want to go back with them, boy?" He asked with the tone of a kindly parent.

"N…NO…No Sir, I belong with you…" Callen said shooting his eyes at the pocket containing the cattle prod.

At that, Sam smiled.

"Hetty, this is what G wants, Give Yoska the disc." Sam said.

The others looked at him in horror as Sam took the disc off him and ushered them out of the room.

Callen walked them to the door.

"My master thanks you for coming and asks that you do not try to double cross him." He said.

Sam turned and hugged him, "Thank you G, and pass on my wishes to your master."

"Thank you Sir," Callen said and walked away closing the door.

Hetty lingered at the door wanting to go back in.

The others turned on Sam.

"What the Hell!" Deeks said.

Sam smiled, "It's for the best." He told them.

Kensi balled up her fist ready to strike her friend.

"Mr. Hanna…?" Hetty said.

"Wait." Was all Sam said…

Seconds later the sound of two gunshots were heard and Deeks and Kensi followed by Hetty and Sam ran back into the house.

Yoska was lying dead on the floor and Callen was curled in a ball.

"G?" Sam said

"Left pocket!" Callen said through gritted teeth.

Sam bent down and undid Yoska's clenched hand and Callen relaxed.

"Sam, get this damn thing off me." He growled.

Hetty stood smiling, this was no longer the fifteen-year-old scared boy she had seen last night, and this was her son, the man he had become.

"You were faking?" Kensi asked as Sam got the electro-shock collar off him.

Callen sat heavily on the sofa, his eyes straying to Yoska's dead body. "I can't….I can't do this here…not now, Hetty?" he asked.

She walked across the carpet and hugged him, "Its ok son, and Momma's here now." She said holding him tight.

Callen tensed.

He looked around at his team, he knew that Sam knew, but for Hetty to do this in front of Kensi and Deeks.

Sam picked up his phone and called Eric, "We have Callen, he's ok but we need the coroner and the paramedics Hetty wants him checked out."

"OK Sam," Eric replied happily, "Tell Hetty we'll look after her boy."

Callen looked even more confused.

"Is there anyone who doesn't know?" he asked.

"Vance." The three special agents chorused.

"Even Granger knows?" he said astounded. "How much have I missed?" he said almost to himself.

The paramedics turned up first, unusually for Callen, he insisted that they examine him in the ambulance and he willingly climbed inside. Sam went to follow him but Callen turned around, "Get Hetty and meet us at the hospital, I don't want her on her own…I don't know why, but please Sam?" he asked.

Sam agreed and Callen climbed into the ambulance.

Sam and Hetty arrived at the hospital ten minutes after the ambulance and they walked up to the desk.

"Gary Lange?" She said, knowing that this was the name he used, in this hospital.

Sam raised an eyebrow, "We've been here a few times before Mr. Hanna." Hetty explained.

They were directed to a waiting room, half an hour later an elderly doctor walked out.

"Gary Lange?" He called.

Hetty and Sam stood and walked towards the doctor.

"You are his family?" the doctor asked somewhat skeptically.

"I'm his mother and this is his partner, he's in law enforcement." Hetty said.

The doctor nodded and motioned for them to go into a side room.

"I take it the nature of Mr. Lange's work means he can't tell us about everything that happened to him?" The doctor asked. "I will tell you what I do know, He arrived here, there are multiple burns over his body, there are, well what quite frankly look like whip marks all over his back, he won't tell us what made them, he has three fractured ribs and a large contusion on the back of his head, plus what looks like older bruising. I do not know what his bosses have had him doing, but I suggest for a while he stops. I am signing him as unfit to work for a month; I also suggest you look into some form of counseling for him." The doctor looked at them concerned. "He wants to talk to you both, he is on some strong pain medication and I would appreciate it if you did not upset him." He said with a pointed look at Sam.

They followed the directions the doctor gave and found Callen sitting on the bed putting his sneakers on.

"I'll be ready in a minute," He said not looking at either of them, "Debrief?" He asked.

"No, you're coming home with me." Hetty said

"Hetty! I know there are some things I don't remember, but whatever happened I got your disc back, you're safe…I think…so it's back to work." He said.

"Your doctor has signed you off for a month, I will be informing Director Vance, that you are…yourself again, and that you are on sick leave."

"Oh Hetty, come on! I can get better and be on desk duty."

"They are recommending you see a psychiatrist." Hetty told him bluntly remembering when it came to bad news Callen liked the band-aid approach,

Callen nearly jumped off the bed, "Why!" he exclaimed.

Hetty went to put her hand on his arm and he flinched, it was almost imperceptible but she caught it, "That's why, Son. You have been through a lot and you need time to heal."

"G, what's the last thing you remember?" Sam asked.

"I went to give the disc to the guy who had Hetty….it was Jackson Grey, then something hit me and I woke up being beaten by My….Yoska Comescu, I'm assuming Jackson took me, I don't think I was there long. How did you get back?" Callen asked looking at Hetty.

"Mr. Kort and Owen Granger rescued me; I've been free for a month." She told him, watching every facet of his face.

"I've been with m…Yoska a month?" He asked confused.

"No Yoska had you for three days," Hetty said. "You have some issues you need to work out; I am going to call Nate." She told him.

Callen jumped to his feet.

"I don't have issues, and I certainly don't need to talk to Nate!" He said getting scared.

"BOY!" Sam yelled at him.

Instinctively Callen dropped to his knees and then glared up at Sam, "I'm sorry G, but Hetty is right."

Callen stood up and wiped at his eyes with his sleeve angrily, "That's not fair Sam." He turned and walked out.

Hetty and Sam followed him down the hall.

"Callen, don't run." Hetty said quietly "Come home son."

Callen gave a curt nod, walked, and stood by Sam's car.

On the ride home Callen stayed silent looking out of the window.

Sam watching him thought for a second he had reverted back to the teenager, but the truth was that Callen was processing all he felt and what he knew…And what he knew was that there were gaps, big one's and he didn't like it.

Not one bit.

When they arrived, back at Hetty's place Callen stormed up to his room and slammed the door.

Sam walked into the kitchen with Hetty, "I'm going to call Mr. Getz, perhaps Mr. Hanna you'd be so kind as to put on the kettle." She said calmly.

Sam looked the way she had gone and shook his head.

He hoped this would help, as a cup of tea sure was not going to make things better.

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