Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 13

Nate walked into the large drawing room where Hetty and the team were sat.

"Well." He said leaning against the same door-frame Callen had not three hours ago, "He's hurting, I'm not sure entirely what's happened to him, from his point of view, but he has lost trust in everyone, more importantly he's lost trust in himself. He knows something happened during the last month but there are large gaps in his memory." He sat next to Hetty and steeled himself for what he had to tell her.

"Hetty, Callen has an issue with trusting you. He does not know yet what it is, but he knows for him that it is the most painful thing that he has ever faced. I want to do regression therapy with him, I will also need permission to access the files for this current mission and if he needs it any one to one therapy."

"I doubt G will go for all that." Sam said.

"He asked for it." Nate said flatly.

The others all looked at him shocked.

"He asked for it?" Sam replied waiting for Nate to laugh and say it was a joke.

"He's scared, he has none of his normal barriers, and someone needs to tell me how they were lost so quickly and what happened to him in the last month." Nate said sternly.

Hetty let Kensi and Deeks leave, they were given a week off as she stood the whole team down. "Mr. Hanna, I need to inform Director Vance of the change in the teams' status, Will you fill Mr. Getz in?" She asked feeling the need to get some perspective on the situation.

"Sure Hetty." Sam smiled.

Nate and Sam talked for an hour on Callen's regression to childhood and the incidents with Jackson Grey and Yoska Comescu. Nate listened and took notes. "I will need to see the video files, I think seeing Yoska's encounter with you over the internet will be important." He said still writing.

Callen walked into the living room, well to say he walked was an understatement, Sam had his back to the door, and Callen had slipped up quietly, stuck his head around to see if it was safe. Eyed Sam up as a potential threat and then dismissing the thought, sauntered into the room as though nothing was wrong.

"Hey Sam." Callen said and slouched on the sofa.

"Hey G." Sam noticed an undercurrent of readiness in his partner, after years of working with him he could tell that although he looked relaxed he was anything but. He had picked up a book but every few seconds he checked the windows and doors for threats and jumped slightly when Sam deliberately scraped his feet across the flooring.

"OK well you're both here, so Callen, Can you tell me what issues you have with Sam." Nate said.

Callen looked at Nate as though he had just asked him to run through the streets of LA naked. "NO!" he gasped.

"It's ok G, if you have anything you need to work out…just say it. It'll be fine," Sam said

"I…I trust you. I know that, but I feel like you are the only one I do trust…Why? Why do I trust you and Nate, but no one else and not…?" he couldn't finish and tell Sam he didn't trust Hetty, "What happened to me Sam?" Callen asked him, flat out honestly.

Sam looked at Nate for permission and Nate gave a small nod.

"You lost your memory, you thought you were 15." Sam told him.

"Is that how you all found out about Mo…her?" He asked. Nate noticed that he was having trouble calling Hetty mom.

Sam nodded, "All except me remember, I found out when you had chicken pox. But the fifteen year old you wasn't so restrained about calling Hetty Mom at work."

"How did I lose my memory, was it a car accident?" Callen asked.

"No, Hetty was kidnapped on her way to a meeting by a man named Alec Mikheeva, who worked for a guy called Jackson Grey." Sam said carefully watching his friends face.

Callen flinched at the mention of Jackson Grey. "He…He beat….I know him from when I was younger." He said.

"This Mikheeva guy held Hetty and wanted to trade her for some discs, we had to come here to look for them, Vance made Kensi and Deeks come, that's how they found out." Callen sighed as Sam told him this.

"Did they tell?" He asked.

"Nope they kept your secret; I still don't think they've told anyone." Sam affirmed.

Callen sat and took this in… "Okay, so what happened next?"

"Hetty was made to talk to you online, she gave you a message in Romani and you followed it."

"And no one thought it strange?" Callen asked surprised.

"Granger did, you translated just enough to get her point across without giving yourself away, Vance and Granger decided Deeks should go in as you, but you wouldn't wait so you took the discs and went all 'lone wolf' on us again….Which by the way G, never works out for you!" Sam added with a small grin.

Callen shrugged and leant back. He gave a small no-committal noise and Sam rolled his eyes Nevertheless he continued.

"Granger figured out who you were and we all went after you. He saved your life." Sam added, Callen sat up with interest at that.


"Yeah apparently he owed you?" Sam looked at Callen who shrugged back; he did not have a clue what on earth Granger could owe him for.

Sam shook his head. "Anyway Apparently…."

"Jackson was there…Mikheeva worked for him….He hit me again." Callen finished.

"Yeah, Granger had you airlifted to hospital, when you woke up you thought it was '85 and you were fifteen." He said

"Oh God!" Callen groaned and ran a hand over his face.

Sam raised an eyebrow and allowed himself a small smirk, "Oh yeah, you stole your car…and got plastered at Portuguese point."

Callen had a flashback of him throwing a bottle over a cliff. "Yeah…I think I remember that…..I DO, That's when she said it. She must have called him then!" He yelled at Nate jumping off the chair and pacing around, "I need to get out of here!" He said and ran to his room.

Sam and Nate ran after him.

"G!" Sam called. "Stop!"

Callen slid on the waxed floor and turned to them, "You knew!" he said accusingly, "I was a liability she told him and you knew….Where is she now?" His eyes grew wider as he fitted the pieces together, "You're both keeping me here….she's gone to get him! Hasn't she!" he was all but screaming by now. "She wants' me dead I heard her tell the Mast…Yoska…He said she gave me to him…." He slid down the wall and pulled himself into a ball, "OH MY GOD! He was right!"

Sam leant down to put a hand on Callen's shoulder, but Callen's fight or flight response kicked in, He kicked out at Sam and ran to his room, beating the two men and locking the door.

"Callen, that's not true!" Nate called through the door.

"G, listen to Nate, Hetty loves you, she's your mom!" Sam begged him to see reason.

"NO! She was my foster mom, and like the rest, she was only out to use me. I was stupid enough to think she actually cared," He laughed derisively "She's just like the rest of them, out to hurt me. I've had enough, No more." Callen called back. While he was talking, he grabbed his bag, stuffed a change of clothes inside and his wallet and climbed out of the window.

"Callen please let us in!" Nate begged to what was now an empty room.

"Nate. I can't let him do this to himself, I'm gonna kick the door in." Sam told him, hoping if Nate agreed Hetty would not rip him a new one for breaking her door.

Nate nodded and stepped back as Sam kicked in the door… an empty room.

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