Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 15

Callen was carried to ops and he was put on a cot, he was still out cold and Hetty had Dr. Lee come in and strapped up his ankle.

"It's not broken, just sprained. He shouldn't walk on it for a day or two." She said. She handed Hetty a bottle of painkillers and left.

Hetty nodded her thanks and turned to Nate.

"Mr. Getz I need you to stay with me, Eric I want access to the footage from here during the conversation with Yoska Comescu and then I want the room cleared and locked down." She ordered.

Sam opened his mouth to protest but one look from Hetty cut him off. He left the room followed by Nell and Eric and walked downstairs to where Kensi and Deeks were sitting.

Halfway down the stairs they heard the security locks engage and Ops was locked down.

Sam sank into his chair and glared up at ops.

"You know... we could... hack into the cameras and watch what happens." Nell said.

The others looked at her, "Hetty'll kill us!" Eric said shocked.

"Are you going to tell?" Nell asked.

All of them looked at her and cringed at how much like Hetty she was. "No." They all answered. She turned to her tablet and pulled the feed up from the ops center.

They sat back and watched as Hetty and Nate sat waiting for Callen to wake up.

Callen started to stir. Hetty sat upright and leant forward, "Mr. Getz?" she said quietly.

Callen groaned and opened his eyes. "NO! Not safe…" He slurred, shaking the fog from his mind he try getting away wincing as he tried to put weight on his foot.

Nate came up went to steady Callen.

At his touch Callen whirled and hit Nate in the face "Get off me! Let me go!" he pulled himself out of Nate's grip and limped over to the doors.

"NO, please don't hurt me." Callen said afraid all he'd been told was true.

"G." Hetty said.

Callen stopped and turned.

"Mo…Hetty?" he was stunned she had never, well hardly ever called him by his initial, even as a child she had only called him Callen.

"I need you to watch something, then I want to talk to you…I have always been honest with you, if you still want to leave after this I will not stop you." She said.

Callen sat on a chair she had positioned in front of him.

As he sat, his arms crossed and posture guarded both Hetty and Nate could see the distrust rolling off him in waves, for Hetty it was a reminder of the young man she had brought into her home all those years ago. Although then, because she had saved him he trusted her, but the vibes he was giving off now were the same that he had used with Child services and the Judge that had finally placed them together.

Nate stood up, "Callen, I know you have lost your trust in us, you have been through some major trauma and you do need some counseling. But first you need to trust me and Hetty."

"Why?" Callen asked sullenly, "I know all I need to I heard her….she said she wanted me dead."

"I was talking about Yoska." Hetty tried to explain.

"I heard you!" Callen snapped. "Mast…Yoska told me he would protect me, he…." Callen leant forward for a moment and out his head in his hands.

"Callen have I ever hurt you or beat you like Yoska?" Hetty said


"Have I ever given you any reason for you not to trust me?" Hetty said looking him right in the eye, "Watch."

She cued up the footage and stood with her hand on Callen's shoulder as he saw the team and Hetty watch Yoska's conversation with Hetty.

Callen saw himself standing with Yoska and answering his question, this time his mouth moved with the answers even though no actual words came out.

He felt himself flinch the moment Yoska pressed the button. Nate watching carefully stopped the playback. "Callen, can you tell me what happened there?" he asked.

"Mast…Yoska punished me…" Callen said not looking Nate in the eye.

"Why?" Nate asked.

"Boy was…I was bad…I wanted to stop him, I wanted…" Callen trailed off and he would not answer.

"Tell me, right then, what did you want?" Nate asked pushing again.

For the first time defiance shining in his eyes he looked at them both and then focused on Hetty, "I wanted you I wanted to go home." He said.

Hetty was about to speak when Callen carried on, "Then I heard you, you said I want him dead and I knew, Yoska knew, you meant me. He beat me for hours after that…I... know better. When I came back I wanted to trust you. God, how I wanted that! But I know better now I shouldn't have ever broken my own rule." Callen stood up and tried the door again, turning his back to them, as he did not want them to see how much they had gotten through his defenses.

"LET ME OUT!" He yelled.

"No you need to see this." Nate stood his ground and resumed the playback as Callen saw Hetty as mad as hell say she wanted him dead.

Callen's eye teared up, why were they putting him through this?

He watched as Hetty in OPS cried. He saw her walked to the image of Callen on the screen touch his cheek tenderly and whisper, "I will save you my son, with my last breath I'll save you."

Callen looked stunned.

Yoska had lied; he had twisted it and turned it until it became something ugly in Callen's mind. Yoska had tried to destroy the faith he had in his mother the woman who had saved him.

"Callen, I wanted Yoska dead, he hurt you." Hetty said simply.

"But?" Callen stopped, "You…did?"

"Callen, do you remember what I told you the first time I found you?" Hetty asked quietly. As Callen allowed the pain in his ankle to overtake him and he slid down the doors to sit on the floor.

"That you would never reject me or hurt me and that you wan…wanted to be my momma." Callen whispered

"Have I ever done anything to make you not trust me?" Hetty said

"I….Oh God…Nate what's wrong with me?" Callen put his head in his hands as Hetty moved to comfort her boy.

"G, do you trust Hetty?" Nate asked. To be able to move forward Callen needed to be able to finally answer this question.

Callen looked at her, "Yes…I….Yes I do!" He said resolutely. "I'm sorry momma?" he said.

For a few moments, mother and son held onto each other each, drawing strength from the presence of the other.

"Mr. Callen, Nate is going to come back with us and spend a few days with you, Hopefully he can get you fit enough to come back to work." Hetty said.

Callen nodded, "Thanks Nate." He said both for the help he was going to give and the fact that Nate was currently helping him up off the floor and onto a chair. He then handed the other man a set of crutches.

"These might help too!" Nate told him.

Callen gave a slight smile, "I suppose you better let the wonder twins back in their lair now."

"I will go and inform Miss Jones and Mr. Beale." Hetty said.

"No need," Callen smirked looking up at the Cameras "If I were them I'd have routed the live security feed from this room downstairs." He hated the fact that everyone had seen his meltdown but he knew that was exactly what they had done, as there was the noise of his team scrambling away from the monitors to look like they had been doing something else.

He slowly got onto the crutches and hobbled to the door as it finally opened.

"Mr. Callen." Hetty said going into what Callen had secretly dubbed work mode.

"Hetty?" Callen said.

"You are signed off on sick leave for a week's intensive therapy with Mr. Getz; after he presents me with your psych eval then you can return to work. I will give Director Vance an update on your condition."

Callen paled, "Mom…Hetty, Can I still work here?"

Hetty looked at him "I 'talked' to Director Vance, our working relationship did not suffer before this and he see's no reason to break up a perfectly good team now, and Nor do I," She said.

Only because he knew her so well could he detect the sparkle in her eye that told him not to push it and he nodded and caught up to where Nate was waiting.

"Nate I…I can't face them, not yet. I know they saw, but I need some time, Can you…?" He asked.

Nate nodded and handed him his car keys.

"Go sit in my car and wait for me. I will see the others." He replied.

Gratefully Callen hobbled to Nate's car, Climbed in the passenger seat and finally again allowed exhaustion to claim him.

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