Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 2

They rode back to OSP in silence, although the two junior agents were bristling with questions, every time one of them tried to ask, Callen would glare at them then readjust his focus outside the window.

Granger was waiting for them in OPS as they walked into the building.

"I'll take that." He said and grabbed the disc from Callen's hand.

"We need to trade that for Hetty." Callen snapped.

"Agent Callen, we don't negotiate with Terrorists," Vance's image covered the big screen, "However this information will be useful in taking down The Deliverers of Peace." He told them.

"You used us to get this information." Callen snarled mad.

"Ms Lange knew what she was letting herself in for, doing this job. She can take care of herself." Granger said.

"She wouldn't leave one of us behind," Callen said.

"We have to help her!" Deeks said.

"You can't do this!" Sam exclaimed.

"But it's Hetty!" Kensi said.

Vance was shocked at the outpouring of sentiment this team had for its leader, He doubted any team, save for Agent Gibbs' team in Washington, had that kind of loyalty for its leader.

Although he did remember when the whole team quit last time to save her.

"We have a disc delivered earlier…I think maybe you all need to see it."

Vance motioned beside him as one of his techs cued up the disc.

Hetty sat tied to a chair. Looking disheveled and a large bruise forming on her face.

The team instinctively moved closer to Callen to support him as his hands balled into fists but he kept his face a mask.

"I am to tell you that I am well," Hetty said to the camera, "The group that has me wish me no further harm. I am to tell you to find the documents they are looking for and deliver them to the time and location on the reverse of the disc."

Hetty stopped and looked at the man behind the camera. "I will NOT say that." She said.

A man whose face was covered stepped out from behind the camera and backhanded her again.

"Say it!" A heavily accented voice came from the man.

Hetty looked at them defiantly then spoke quickly in Romanian, "Fiul meu stiu cine sunteti si se uita la casa, incredere in nimeni. Mai ales Granger. Te iubesc nu uita ca unde ma aflu." she said.

Callen tensed as the others, not understanding, looked at him for a translation.

"She doesn't know where she is," He supplied.

They turned back to the image of Hetty on the screen, she raised her head and licked at the drop of blood snaking from the corner of her mouth.

"Stop speaking Gibberish and tell them!" He insisted.

"My son needs to deliver the disc or they will kill me," she said.

The disc cut off.

"We can't help her yet," Vance's voice cut through the screen, "We are looking for the son but can't find him, and the delivery is at the place where the son was found. It is a clue but we don't know where it is and we have 24 hours."

Callen pushed through his friends and grabbed the disc from Granger.

"Callen, just what do you hope to accomplish."

"I'm going to bring her back, before they hurt her even more." He said not able to keep the crack out of his voice as he thought of anyone hurting her.

"You don't know where to go, and if you hand over those files you'll be a traitor." Granger squared up to Callen, "And a few knocks may take the old bird down a peg or two."

Callen grabbed Granger and pointed his gun in the mans face… "Say that again." He snarled.

"Callen!" Vance yelled surprised at his outburst.

Sam and Deeks each grabbed an arm to pull him off.

"Calm down G." Sam said to his partner,

"Back off Sam," Callen snarled.

"Assistant Director Granger, That outburst was unwarranted and is unproductive apologize right now," Vance said.

"Sorry," Granger said sullenly.

"Go to hell!" Callen replied he had well and truly lost his temper now and was madder than Vance or anyone else on the team had ever seen him.

"Are you ok?" Nell asked him

Callen laughed derisively "Am I ok? Of course I'm not ok." He snapped.

"Is there something going on here I don't know about?" Vance asked.

Callen laughed, "Director Vance there's a lot you don't know about, if you did Granger would have been fired years ago."

"Agent Callen, I know you and Assistant Director Granger have your differences but there's no need to draw a gun on him, it is a suspensionable offence,"

"So suspend me already I have places to be," Callen snapped.

"Suspending you will not help get Ms Lange back." Vance said.

"Oh for crying out loud, I know where she is." Callen snapped. "Let's just get the disc to them and get her back. We can fake the files so they don't get anything important."

"Very well, I take it Hetty confided this in place with you I know you are both close, Agent Deeks, you will go in as the son, Agents Callen, Sam and Blye will be your back up."

Callen moved back as the others crowded the table.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had to keep Hetty's secret and running the play the Directors way would leave them both exposed.

The others went over the plan as Callen slipped the disc off the table and slipped out the door leaving his badge and cell phone on his desk and grabbing Sam's keys from his desk he slipped out of the building.

"Agent Callen if you can give us details of where this place is that the terrorists want the meet to happen?" Director Vance started.

They looked around to realize that he was not in the room.

"Find him." Granger ordered as he realized the files were missing too.

Callen threw the disc on the passenger side of the challenger and started the car's engine peeling out of the parking lot.

He knew exactly where he was going, the last children's home he was in, on Valeria Street, in Fresno.

He was angry that Granger had been able to say the things he had about the woman he thought of as his mother and that to keep their secret he wasn't able to defend her honor more than a subordinate, there was no way he was going to let Granger hang her out to dry.

He knew eventually the others would find him, Eric was good but he hoped the head start meant that he could get his mother away from there with the minimal of casualties if something happened to her he would never forgive himself. She was, after all, the only family he had.

He had know as soon as they offered Deeks the role of the son, that he would have to go rogue, Hetty had told him that they knew who he was and if Deeks appeared they may kill him and her, and he needed no more death's on his conscience.

No one else would die for him again… not if he could help it.

Sam came back up to OPS with Callen's cell phone in his hands and his badge.

"Director he left his badge and his cell phone and my car is gone."

"Eric, can you trace Agent Hanna's car all agency cars had a LO-JACK upgrade last month." The director said.

Eric started typing in numbers "I have it." He said, "He's heading to Fresno."

Granger turned to Sam, "I don't know what is going on in your partners head but when you find him I want him back here."

"Sure, as soon as we have Hetty we'll be back." Sam said.

"Bring Agent Callen back either way," Vance ordered. "I won't have insubordination in my Agents."

"Yeah like you wouldn't save your mother," Deeks said and slapped his hand over his mouth as he realized just what he had said.

"Agent Deeks?" Vance started and a woman appearing behind him on the screen stopped him. "Hold on I have the full translation of what Hetty said."

He took the sheet of paper and read it aloud. "My son, they know who you are and are watching the house, trust no one. Especially Granger. I love you do not forget that, I don't know where I am"

"Dammit!" Granger snapped deriving a conclusion. "Callen is the son!"

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