Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 3

Hetty woke up her head was aching, no doubt from the drugs they had given her when she had been taken, she had fought the drug for as long as she could listening to the men who had taken her. She had heard the name Granger, was not sure whether she could trust him, and was pleased that she had been able to give that information to her son.

Having only seen men in masks she was still confidant that she would be able to get out of this in one piece until she looked up and the door opened.

She looked up not willing to say the man's name unless he was undercover; she looked at him warily as Trent Kort walked around her checking her bonds.

"Granger sent me to protect you." He whispered in her ear. Her only reaction was an eyebrow raised in surprise.

He stood up and looked her in the eye, "My name is Hakim Malik I am your guard, you will not try and escape me I am to take you for your ablutions and I will have food for you. You are a valuable commodity." He said.

He walked her past the others to the bathroom and entered with her. There was a sink in one room and the toilet cubicle next to it so at least she was afforded that courtesy, As soon as she had finished and was washing her hands Kort sidled up to her. "It is safe to talk here." He said.

"What does Granger have to do with this?" She asked leaving the tap running to cover their voices.

"Granger heard whispers in the CIA that someone was a mole and they were after some secrets associated with The Deliverers of Peace… I infiltrated the group on his orders to protect you; I managed to keep you as safe as I could. There was rumors of you having a son who had more of a price on his head…I know you don't have a son, the CIA checked you out years ago, so when he doesn't appear they'll let you go and the only one you'll be hunting is me." He told her.

"Why do they want my son?" Hetty asked.

"You mean there is one?" Kort countered.

"Answer the question Mr. Kort." She glared.

"A Serbian business man has been looking for him; he doesn't have a name but found a picture he says of him with you which says school trip 1986. He doesn't know his name but he had dealings with him in the late 90's"

Hetty leant against the sink, "What have I done?" she said to herself.

Kort looked at her.

"Hetty….Do…you have a son?" Kort asked gently.

Hetty looked up looking older that Kort had ever pictured her. "I have a foster son, I love him like my son…He knows where the meet is and he will go alone if Granger is in charge of the operation I told him not to trust Owen." She told him.

"I can get a message to Granger to protect him." Kort said.

Hetty laughed.

"He doesn't need protecting; he'll probably kill all your men and do something incredibly stupid without his team to back him up."

Kort took a step back trying to figure it out…."Deeks or Callen?" he asked. Then he thought some more and smirked. "Callen…Callen is your son! Hetty…how did you manage to keep this out of the CIA files?" Kort said the awe in his voice palpable.

"I have my sources, now I need to get out of here and find him, who is this business man?" she asked.

"Alec Mikheeva. He has been trading with this group for weapons. So you know where the meet is then?"

"Yes it's the old Valeria Street Orphanage in Fresno." Hetty told him.

Kort handed her his phone, "We don't have much time, and the sedative I put in their drinks should be taking effect now, call your team and let them know what's happening"

Kort looked out of the door the other three men were asleep and he beckoned to her to follow him.

Dialing the phone as she walked and she reluctantly followed him.

Granger looked at Vance mad as hell, "Did you know?" He barked annoyed that this was the reason that Callen had been able to remain on the team even after the Janvier debacle.

"Of course I didn't, he'll have to leave the team," Vance said. "But Owen, you need to get your team to find him first."

Granger opened his mouth to reply and was cut off by his cell phone ringing.

"Eric, track this call." He said as he saw it was an unknown number and he answered it. "Granger." He snapped.

He stood stock still as he realized it was Hetty on the phone and listened to what she had to say. "Stay safe," Was all he said as he hung up.

"Eric I need you to find out all information you have on an Alec Mikheeva a Serbian businessman who had dealings with Agent Callen in the late 90's. Sam take your team to the old Valeria Street Orphanage in Fresno" he said, "That's where Callen is headed, Hetty is safe and on her way there."

The others piled into Kensi's car and headed to the Orphanage in the hopes of heading Callen off.

Vance looked at Granger, "I take it you just heard from Ms Lange."

Granger nodded and filled his superior in as much as he dared. "This was all a ploy to get their hands on Callen." He finished.

"Damn, with what he knows we could lose this entire unit." Vance cursed.

"It won't happen. I heard rumors about this group going after Hetty a while ago and had my man on the inside." Granger admitted.

"Who?" Vance asked.

"Trent Kort, he owed me a favor and could work under the radar." Granger admitted.

Vance groaned, his dislike of Kort after the many run-ins he and Agent Gibbs' team had had with him was legendary.

"He may not be the perfect Agent Director Vance, but I trust him with this, I owe Hetty and I intend to do everything to keep her safe. And Director…" He said waiting to get Vance's attention again, "Keeping Callen in this team with her is important, he may be annoying but he's the best you have and their relationship hasn't affected anything so far. If he makes it back in one piece I'm recommending he stays on the team."

"I thought you didn't like him." Vance said surprised.

"I don't….but he's effective at his job." Granger said and cut the contact.

He turned back round to see the technical team all looking at him.

"Eric, Nell…Do you have the information I need." He asked trying to keep the smile from his voice.

"Er….No…." Eric admitted.

"Then get back to work." Granger snapped and walked off to Hetty's office. After this, he deserved some of her scotch.

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