Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 6

Granger could not believe that he had made it there first out of everyone, the team had been sent ahead but then as word came through that they had gotten caught up in an accident on highway 1, he felt a need to act, if Hetty couldn't get there then he needed to.

This was how he had come to find himself outside the room Callen was in, as Jackson told him that Hetty was dead. In addition, that it was Callen's fault that he had destroyed this end of his human trafficking business.

Granger heard the first blow as Jackson hit Callen and saw the defeated look in Callen's eyes as the second blow hit him on the back of the head and he went down, without thinking, he fired his weapon at Jackson Grey.

The second shot fired came from Alec Mikheeva, who shot at Granger who staggered back but fell so his body protected Callen's. Alex pulled the injured Jackson Grey and they headed for the door.

The team just pulling up saw the two men leaving and took cover as more shots rang out as the two men tried to escape.

Although the team shot back, they managed to subdue the two men with only minor injuries, apart from the bullet wound Jackson Grey had. Deeks secured them in the back of Kensi's car and called for the paramedics as Kensi and Sam went into the building.

Sweeping the corridor, Sam called for G.

"In here!" Granger's tired voice rang out, "Get the paramedics."

Eric heard Sam over the earwig and called them in.

"They're on their way Sam how is he?" he asked.

Sam looked at Granger. "How is he? Why are you here?"

"You got caught in traffic; I had a faster way and a promise to keep." He said, "What's the ETA on the paramedics?" he asked. "Callen's been out cold for about ten minutes," he informed them.

"About 30 minutes they're caught in the same jam we were." Sam told him.

Sat, leaning with his back against the wall, Granger pulled out his phone. "Its A.D. Granger, I need a pick up. Valeria street orphanage to Cedar Sinai we have a severe trauma case," Granger listened while the other guy argued, "Its Hetty's boy, I'm cashing in all my debts with you…..because I owe her….and him," Granger slammed the phone shut.

"They'll be here in five." He said and closed his eyes his hand closing over his own wound.

Less than five minutes later a chopper landed in the big field at the back of the orphanage and a group of Marines came out.

"The Governor say this makes you even," A marine said and motioned as two other marines helped Callen onto a stretcher. "Sir, you're injured too." He said and Granger swatted his hand away, "I'll meet you there, no delays get him to hospital. Sam, go with him." Granger ordered and a confused Sam went with G onto the helicopter.

Just as the helicopter took off Kort and Hetty pulled up.

"Owen. Where is he?" Hetty asked looking around seeing them all except Sam and Callen.

Granger gestured towards the helicopter receding in the distance, "They are taking him to Cedar Sinai. It's pretty bad, you should go Henrietta,"

"You look hurt Owen, come with me." Hetty insisted making sure, he got into the car. "Don't worry Kort will drive, thank you for sending him." She said.

Kensi and Deeks looked amazed at the exchange but wisely said nothing.

Hetty turned to the pair of them, "Get Mr. Grey the exact amount of medical attention he needs to survive and take them both to the boat shed, I will be along as soon as I know Mr. Callen is safe." She said.

The younger two agents nodded and rushed to obey.

Callen came to once or twice, but nothing made sense. He heard loud rhythmic thudding and it sounded like he was on the outside of an airplane. Then there were lights, flashing white lights and frantic voices, bright lights and people calling his name. He did not like it, he was not sure where he was but he knew….oh God! MOM! He felt bereft and heard the sob escape his lips even though he wasn't fully conscious.

Sam watched Callen fighting against his unconscious state and saw his face as the sob left him, "It's going to be ok G. Fight it come back to us." Sam said

Callen could hear him, but he couldn't answer and he didn't want to, Hetty had saved his life and she was gone. There was no need for him to fight anymore.

The doctors patched him up and moved him to a bed.

Sam sat by his side as the doctor walked in.

"We've patched him up he had two broken ribs and a skull fracture, what concerns us more is the fact that his pupils are responsive, we know he can hear us, but he's shut down,"

"Shut down?" Sam asked moving himself to stand protectively by G's bed.

"It's like he doesn't want to fight, he's just allowing himself to drift away."

Sam sat heavily in the chair, "He was ill recently could that have any bearing on this?" He asked clutching at straws.

"With?" The doctor asked.

"Chicken pox." Sam told him.

"It would explain his low white cell count, but nothing else." The doctor replied.

Hetty and Granger arrived at the hospital, "Owen you go to ER and I'll find Callen."

"I do know Hetty and its ok go be with your son, I'm sorry I owed you and called in a huge favor to get him here as quick as possible."

"You owed me?" Hetty sounded confused.

"When Callen was hurt….the first time I called you, I waited I wanted to impress you as you were my superior so I wanted to check my facts, I didn't realize he was a kid or that he was being hurt…so I owe you both."

"Consider the debt repaid, now Owen, I'm going to find my son." Hetty said and with a nod from Granger, she walked through the doors.

Hetty walked to Callen's room and stood outside collecting herself.

On the way to the hospital Granger had filled her in on the fact that Callen had been told she was dead and he had shown her the photo-shopped picture of her dead body.

She had looked at it with shaky hands and it had filled her with dread. That coupled with learning that Jackson Grey was behind everything hiding behind the Name of Alec Mikheeva who was a front man for Jackson's human trafficking organization and then realizing how close Callen had come to being part of that as a child. It had taken all the self-control she possessed not to shoot him in the head. Nevertheless, her mother side had taken over. Her boy needed her and she was damn well sure she wasn't going to be anywhere but by his side.

She opened the door and listened to the doctor's conversation with Sam.

As the doctor finished his conversation, she just couldn't help but make herself known.

"Oh Bugger!" she exclaimed.

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