Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 7

Hetty walked in and the doctor turned to her.

"And you are?" He asked.

"Hetty Lange, operations manager, NCIS." She told him. "And more importantly…..His Mother."

The doctor changed his stance straight away, "I'm sorry, I was told he had no family which is why I was talking to his partner here," he explained.

Hetty nodded "We are all his family….Now what is wrong with my son?"

"We don't know since he woke up he has responded physically but not verbally. He won't engage or talk with any of us, I have done cat scans on him as I understand he was hit around the head, I think he may have a problem, but I haven't had all the results back yet. Until he talks to us I can't get an accurate diagnosis." The doctor admitted.

Sam glared at the man; he had not told him that.

Hetty walked up to Callen and put her hand on his arm.

"Callen?" she said softly.

Callen turned and looked at her; his eyes brimmed with tears as he finally saw the one person he trusted. "Momma?"

Hetty watched as recognition crossed his face and he hugged her, "He said you were dead….I thought I dreamed you." Callen said as he sobbed in her shoulder.

"We arrested him and Alex, they are at the boat-shed." She told him.

He sniffed and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, an act she had not seen in years, "Alex? Boat-shed Do we have a boat then and why don't the police have them? Are they gonna get away?"

"G?" Sam said.

Callen moved away from the large man, he eyed him suspiciously and moved closer to Hetty for safety.

"'s he gonna make me move again…?" Callen looked frantically at Hetty, "You….you promised, I'd stay with you and they wouldn't move me again…." He moved away from her, "Did I do something wrong? Don't you want me anymore?"

Hetty gathered her boy in her arms, "Callen, I have never and will never ever break a promise to you." He relaxed a bit.

The doctor came over and looked at Callen's chart again, "Mr. Callen, can you follow this light?"

"DUH!" Callen said he sat up and followed the pen light.

"Ok, Can you tell us the date?"

"November 15th 1985." Callen laughed, "I'm fine, honest Mr.…you lost your calendar or summat?"

"Momma, Can I go home?" He asked looking at Hetty.

"Soon Mr. Callen." Hetty said.

"So Mr. Callen, if you're fine why wouldn't you talk to us?" The doctor asked.

"Dunno you, do I!" Callen snarked his reply.

He started swinging his legs he was sore and bruised, but he knew Jackson Grey was to blame for that.

"A moment please." Hetty said to the others ushering them outside. "Wait here Callen." She told him.

Sam grinned as she shut the door and they heard him call "Aww MA!"

"Well," The doctor said.

"It looks like my son has reverted to a fifteen year old, the thing I want to know is….well is it going to be permanent he is a good agent and I would hate to have to go through puberty with him again." Even she couldn't hold back a grin at that even though she was worried for him.

"I can't promise you anything right now; he is ok to be discharged however I want him back in a week for more tests, and hopefully his memory will be back by then." The doctor said.

Sam and Hetty walked back into the room to find Callen fully dressed sitting cross-legged on the bed. He had his sig in his hand. "Cool! Ma look I got a gun!"

Hetty walked up and took it from him, "Not until you are better," She told him.

"Aww, but I am better!" Callen said with a pout.

"Callen." Hetty warned.

Callen hopped carefully off the bed and stood with his bag hung between his feet looking ashamed of himself.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

Sam smirked looking at his partner. He was worried because of the head injury, but another part of him loved the chance at getting to know the fifteen-year-old Callen, the boy who was Hetty's son, which he had only glimpsed briefly during his illness.

Callen looked up seeing Sam, the suspicion was back and he moved closer to Hetty.

"Callen, this is Mr. Hanna, a colleague, He's ok, I trust him." Hetty said.

"Hi," Callen mumbled.

"Hey G." Sam said.

"Ok, so we can't leave you alone so you'll have to come with us, but don't touch anything." Hetty warned. Callen nodded and followed meekly behind his mom.

They pulled the Challenger up at the mission and Hetty and Sam got out first.

"Is this where you work?" Callen asked Hetty.

"Yes, now stay close to me and don't touch there is a lot of expensive equipment here."

"Aww mom I didn't mean it…It was only one vase!" Callen said.

Hetty smiled as she remembered the day he was copying Steve McQueen from the great escape while waiting for his social worker's assessment visit and smashed an antique Chinese vase.

"It was one vase, but nevertheless there will be no baseballs in my mission Mr. Callen. Now stick with myself or Mr. Hanna."

Callen followed quietly along.

Sam and Hetty walked into OPS to talk to Kensi and Deeks and fill them in on the situation. Callen excused himself to use the bathroom and Hetty told him where she would be.

As he, left Sam turned to her, "anything we need to know about the teenage Callen?" he asked.

Hetty sighed her eyes following her son, "He's tricky, but basically a good kid. He doesn't trust easily like the adult version, but young Mr. Callen has none of the emotional restraints that our version of him has."

They walked into OPS. Eric and Nell turned and smiled, pleased Hetty was safe with them again.

"Good to have you back." Nell said.

Hetty nodded as Kensi and Deeks came up on the plasma.

"Ms. Blye, Mr. Deeks how are our guests?" She asked.

"Still complaining, Mikheeva not so much, I think he's ready to talk, Grey is still calling for his lawyer, Granger just arrived and is in with Alex right now." Deeks said. "How's Callen."

"He's awake and out of hospital." Hetty said.

"Cool is he on his way?" Deeks asked.

"No, there is a small complication, it seems when he was hit on the head he lost some of his memory…about the last 27 years."

"What? Does that mean he thinks he's….." Kensi stopped as she saw Callen enter the room behind Hetty.

"SWEET!" Callen said his eyes lit up "Does this play games…..Mom? Can I?" He asked excitedly.

Eric grinned and Nell sniggered.

"Callen." Hetty admonished.

Callen apologized and Hetty turned to look at the grinning faces of her two agents. Whose faces lost their grin with a look.

"Have Granger interrogate Mikheeva and then we will see about Grey." Hetty said

"He's here?" Callen asked, his voice instantly afraid.

The others looked at the untamed emotions flying across his face and instantly felt for him.

"No, he's a few miles away at the boat-shed, you're safe." Hetty said.

"Callen do you want to play a game we have a spare laptop you can use." Nell said trying to placate him.

"Can I mom?" Callen asked.

Hetty smiled at her son, "Yes. Miss Jones if you can set him up at my desk, something age appropriate I think." She added.

Callen grinned as he followed Nell out of OPS, "She's cute." He whispered to Sam as he past him.

Sam grinned until Callen retrieved his memory; it was going to be an interesting time.

"Seal the door," Hetty said to Eric, "I don't want Mr. Callen walking in here right now and get me Director Vance."

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