Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 8

Callen sat back admiring Nell as she walked up the stairs; the second he realized he was alone, he went through his bag.

'JACKPOT!' he thought smugly to himself as he brought out a credit card with his name on it and a set of car keys with the license number on the tag.

For a second he twirled the credit card around in his fingers….

He knew he may get in trouble, but he reasoned it was his credit card (It had his name on it after all,) and the keys were in his bag. He went back to ops but the door was shut so in his mind he figured he could not ask permission.

Besides what was the worst she could do.

No one else was paying attention to what he was up to, so grabbing his bag and checking out the contents of his wallet and looking at his driver's license he grinned, it must be a fake it says I'm 42 but it's a good fake so he grabbed his wallet and the keys and left Hetty a note.

'Just going out, back soon. Callen'

He walked out the door looking back once expecting his mom or that Hanna guy to come after him, but there was nothing.

Grinning like an idiot, he looked at the tag on the license plate and stopped beside a Jag.

"YES!" he grinned and fist pumped the air.

He sat in the car and put the keys in, he started the car and still no one stopped him.

Therefore, he drove off.

The first place he went to was a movie theatre, he got a ticket for an MA rated movie and sat in the back with a huge soda and the biggest tub of buttered popcorn they had. Halfway through the movie, he was beginning to think it was a bad idea, the movie was the scariest thing he had ever seen and he spent more time studying the popcorn tub than the film. At one point, he wished he hadn't left as he screamed like a girl as the ghost attacked the hero on the screen. He was so pleased that there were not many people in there with him and that they had screamed too.

Leaving as soon as the movie ended he decided he needed a drink like his mom said, 'to steady the nerves' so headed to an off-license he knew downtown.

He pulled up outside an off license, he did not want to risk the ID in a club but he knew here they were more lax. Swaggering a bit, he walked in and looked at the rack of alcohol. He walked around the aisle looking nonchalant; he had no idea what to try first, then he remembered the cabinet Hetty had in her study.

"Hey, Can I have two bottles of McClellan?" he asked, checking the door hoping no one else would come in.

"Sure," The cashier rang up the bottles and handed it to him and he handed over his credit card.

Callen managed to keep the smirk off his face until he rounded the corner.

"Wow she didn't even card me!" he took the lid off the scotch and gave it a swig, the taste burned his throat and he jumped at it and then he drank a bit more.

He put the lid back on the bottle, as he was not going to be pulled up for drinking and driving.

He decided to drive to his favorite spot on the top of the cliffs, stopping at a drive through for a double, double and fries. He finally pulled up on the bluffs overlooking the sea.

Eating the burger, he started drinking the scotch to wash it down with when his phone beeped.

For a second he thought it was Hetty.

Then he opened the text message and vomited.

Someone had sent him a file on Jackson Grey it included everything that Jackson had done to him along with photographs. 'Who would do that?' he grabbed the bottle of scotch wishing he had brought more and drank the whole thing. Feeling more than a little sick he climbed off the bonnet with the second bottle, opened the foil, and lay back. He couldn't think about him anymore. Getting antsy, he walked away from the car and closer to the cliff edge.

Hetty finished her call with Vance filling him in on the situation and then put a call into the boat-shed.

"Owen, I have my hands full here right now; I will need you, Miss Blye and Mr. Deeks to question Jackson Grey. The Director has informed me that it might be a conflict of interest if I interview him given our past history."

Owen nodded. "I need the full details of the case with Jackson." He said.

"It's being sent to your phones," Nell said absentmindedly.

Hetty turned to her, "You did take Mr. Callen's phone out of that loop?" She asked, concerned for her boy.

Nell blanched, "No they automatically update to all phones." She said horrified by what she had just done.

Hetty and Sam walked downstairs to her office only to find it empty, "Mr. Hanna could you check the male restrooms for me please I will check the break room and gym."

They split up to look for him. However, both met at the bottom of the stairs empty-handed.

They headed back to ops.

"Miss Jones could you run a trace on Mr. Callens phone it seems he has absconded." Hetty said.

Nell typed in a set of parameters and looked up as a dot representing Callen appeared on the screen, "he's at Portuguese Point; it is part of Palos Verdes' Portuguese Bend area."

"I know it," Sam said, not telling Hetty that he had had to stop Callen attempting suicide there once or twice. Telling Hetty his boss, that would have been one thing, Hetty, the mother….He was so not going there. "We need to hurry."

She nodded and got in the car with him.

"Hetty I can get him alone?" Sam said.

"Mr. Hanna, I didn't want to bring this up, but Mr. Callen at fifteen attempted suicide twice, the first time was when my ability to parent him was brought into question and he thought he would have to go back to the children's home, the second time was during Jackson Grey's first trial. Both times at Portuguese point. Not to mention, the two times you had to stop him; so yes, time is of the essence, so Mr. Hanna I suggest you floor it!" she said.

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