Callen's bigger problem

Chapter 9

Callen walked to the edge of the cliff and looked over.

Grabbing the empty scotch bottle in his hand, he swung his arm in a large arc and threw it. Counting in his head as the bottle fell until it smashed.

Three seconds….he paused as he imagined what the fall would feel like and what would go through his mind on the three seconds it took to fall from the top of the cliff to the rocks below.

He had only known Sam for a little while but had liked the man, now he knew what Jackson Grey had done to him and why, would he like him anymore? For a moment, Callen had thought that maybe he could have trusted Sam; something in him desperately needed to trust Sam and that was not something that happened to Callen every day.

Now that was over, Sam would see him as trash the same everyone else did….except….except for his momma. However, she worked with them and they trusted her. Would they see her as defective for taking him in and giving him a chance?

He did not want to kill himself; he did not want to leave her.

She had been the one shining light in his life and he felt it would be an insult to leave her like that. Nevertheless, he was torn, he knew that everyone knew, he did not know how, but he had had a message on his phone someone knew and they had seen fit to post his life and that of Grey's all over the internet.

He sat on the edge of the cliff and hung his legs over the edge feeling the wind whip at them as they hung in mid air.

Just one small lean too far and he would not have to see Jackson Grey again and they would not have to look at him.

He heard a car pull up behind him, but as he sat there all his pain and misery pouring down his face he did not even have the heart to turn, it was someone else who had seen the information and probably him.

Maybe they would just push him over the edge and the decision would not have to be his after all.

Sam stood by the car as Hetty walked and stood behind her son.

"Please…..just push me." He sobbed.

Standing behind him Hetty put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him. "Never, Callen, you are my life and you are too important to me."

Callen looked up, "Momma….they….I got ….did they all see it? The people you work with….do they hate me?" He asked.

Sam walked over and offered an arm to help G off the cliff edge.

"I don't hate you, neither do they, but they hate Grey and we will make him pay."

"Why does he hate me so much, what did I do…?" Callen stopped as he thought back. "Momma…Now that the police have Mr. Grey, does that mean I don't have to go with that Comescu man?" He asked her.

Hetty and Sam stopped dead.

"Who was that son?" Hetty asked with a veiled terror seeping into her bones; this was not a current thing, this was something he was remembering; something that she had not known about.

"Mr. Grey said no one wanted me, so I was going to have to go to a man called Yoska Comescu, I didn't like him he looked at me nasty and kept saying I'd earn a lot for him. He said something about me being a special order, I don't wanna go to work, and I wanna go to school."

"Come back with me and I'll make sure that you never go with him." Sam said

"Cool he's creepy." Callen turned around and as he stood up, he stumbled and fell forwards into Sam's arms and passed out.

Sam sniffed him, "He's ok Hetty, and he's just drunk."

Sam carried Callen and put him in the back seat of the car; Hetty locked up the other car and called for a tow truck to bring it back to the mission.

"We will take him to the boat-shed and sober him up. It's nearer and it'll not do G's rep any good if I carry him passed out into the mission." Sam said.

Hetty agreed. "Thank you Sam,"

Sam shrugged it off, "He's my partner." He said as he started the car.

"No Sam, for being there the other times and not letting him down by telling me, thank you." She said.

"As your boss I should be mad, as his mother, I'm glad he has someone like you in his life, you're good for him." She continued.

"When we get there I want him put upstairs to sober up, under no circumstances is he to get near Grey, I don't want him hurt again. Hopefully Granger will be able to get something out of both of them." Hetty said, "Although I think I may take some time to have a word with Mr. Grey myself." She said darkly and Sam shivered.

They pulled up, Sam got Deeks to help him with Callen, and the two carefully carried him up the stairs and put him in the cot in the small room at the top of the stairs.

"I never knew there was a room here?" Deeks said,

"Yes Mr. Deeks, Mr. Callen has been known to stay here once or twice, either when he was between apartments or mad at me." Hetty revealed.

"So grand theft auto, underage drinking, I'd say Callen's in for a world of trouble." Deeks grinned, thinking of Callen's face if he knew what Deeks knew.

"Technically Mr. Deeks, Mr. Callen stole his own car and didn't do anything illegal. Unless you have a problem with anything he has done." Hetty admonished him, "Right now we need to find out what Mr. Grey knows and make sure him and Mr. Callen do not cross paths,"

Hetty watched Jackson being interrogated by Granger and turned to Kensi, "Miss Blye would you ask Mr. Granger to join us here please." She asked.

Confused Kensi got up and did as she was asked.

Granger stormed out into the main room.

"What the hell Hetty?" he snapped.

"I wish to interview Jackson Grey myself." She said.

"Conflict of interest Henrietta." Granger stated.

"Conflict of interest, be damned, I have some new information that may put a clearer light on this case and I fully intend to be looking into that bastards face as I tell him." She said, all four feet of fury ready to strike at the first person to try to stop her.

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