Enchanted Love

Meeting in Storybrooke

Dr. Archibald J. Hopper had been working as the town Psychologist for about a year, when Regina had come to him about the possibility of adopting a child.

As he mulled it over in his mind over his lunch hour, Archie headed over to the new restaurant in town, Granny’s Diner.

He had seen Mrs. Lucas, an elderly widow around, and known of her, but did not know her particularly well.

He had heard, however that her chili and boysenberry pie was to die for.

Archie had been about to open the door after tying Pongo up on the bicycle rail, when all of a sudden, someone collided with him, nearly falling over.

“Oof!” He heard the figure say. Archie realized it was a young woman. A very beautiful young woman, with long brownish black hair with a streak of vibrant red on her bangs.

Most of her hair hung straight, while some of it was braided across the crown of her head to the other side, almost like a red-streaked tiara.

Archie thought the look suited her. She was wearing a white short-sleeved button up shirt and, black camisole, with some knee length red shorts.

The young lady had an hourglass figure on a pair of gorgeously long fair legs.

While her figure was indeed striking, Archie focused more on her face; her lips, a natural red…maybe… and the most stunning light green eyes he’d ever seen.

The psychologist’s heart did a double take before speeding into overdrive.

He wondered if there were any psychiatrists who proscribed medication for the cliché term of love at first sight.

“U-um…sorry” said the girl.

Archie snapped out of his trance and smiled widely.

“Not at all… the error was mine”

The girl grinned at him.

“Ruby Elizabeth Lucas, you hurry up with that order or you won’t get paid!” came a yell that sounded ominous.

Ruby winced. “Um, sorry again, Mr. …”

“Hopper…Dr. Hopper. But please, call me Archie, Ms. Lucas”

Ruby instantly blushed. “Oh, erm sure… but please, call me Ruby”

As if the Heavens were merciful about the impending awkwardness, Ruby’s peridot gaze fell upon Pongo, who barked, his tail wagging at the scent of bacon.

“Aww! What a cute dog! Is he yours?”

Archie nodded, still feeling a bit tongue tied.

“Yes… his name is Pongo”

Ruby giggled as she stepped over to the wagging Dalmatian.

“Hey boy… you are a darling, aren’t you?” Pongo licked her. Ruby laughed. Archie frowned at the dog.

Petting him a minute more, Ruby stood up.

“Well, I have to get this delivery done, but I’ll see you later, Archie”

Raising his umbrella in farewell, Archie smiled.

Suddenly, a figure in black on a motorcycle stopped close to Ruby, and took off his helmet.

Archie noticed the striking young man with fair skin and dark hair.

“Petey!” Ruby cried happily, kissing his cheek.

Archie’s cheeks burned.

“Hey Ruby, hop on and we’ll get there faster” he winked.

Something in Archie stirred. Why did he get the feeling that this particular young man was bad news?

Ruby giggled like a schoolgirl. She looked back and noticed Archie.

Smiling a little, she urged ‘Petey’ off of the motorcycle and brought him closer to Archie.

“Dr. Hopper, this is my boyfriend, Peter. Peter, this is Dr. Hopper.”

“Sup, Doc?”

Archie had the good sense not to lower his eyes at the boy, even though the visage of Bugs Bunny with a carrot did come to mind for a moment.


“I am well, as I hope you are”

Peter grinned, wrapping his arms around Ruby.

“Sure am… C’mon Rubes… faster we get to Old Lady Tenderfoot the faster we get home”

Ruby, slightly embarrassed, nodded her head. “Ok, be right there”

Archie smiled. “You kids have fun” Ruby smiled, nodded at him, and left with Peter.

“Later Pops!” Peter yelled.

Archie let himself scowl when the two were out of sight. He had meant his comment to be in jest, joking more with Ruby than with Peter.

That perturbing boy’s comment both irritated and stung him…

It took a while to get over the insult.

In fact, after work, Archie found himself at the Rabbit Hole Bar, which was very much unlike him.

Also unlike him, he ordered a beer and some pretzels more for convenience’s sake than the fact he was hungry. He could eat later.

The doctor grinned and took a look around.

“Hey! Doc! What’re you doing here?” a familiar voice asked.

Archie scowled. He did not want to be bothered by a prepubescent young hooligan who didn’t learn his manners in his high chair age!

Archie’s gaze lifted and noticed Peter’s arm suggestively around that of a twenty-something blonde, who never learned the meaning of modesty.

“Hello, Peter… I trust you are enjoying your evening?” Archie wanted to grin, but stopped himself.

He could stoop down to Peter’s level, but then, how would that help Ruby?

“Sure am” Peter gloated. “I like it here… no rules, no curfew, no aging grandparents that disapprove… I’m free to do what I want with who I want…”

He touched noses with the girl in his arms who giggled…

Archie had a death grip on his umbrella. He schooled his expression to prevent his inner desires from being revealed.

If he wasn’t the God fearing man he claimed to be, it would be very hard for others to pry his steel like fingers from this young man’s throat.

How dare he?! How dare he pretend to care for Ruby, and then when her needs did not suit him he deserted her?!

“May God have mercy on your soul for what you’ve done… I’m not sure Ruby will be able to forgive you, once she hears about this.” Archie growled, his eyes changing color for a brief moment.

Not bothering to touch his food, Archie paid his fare and walked out, nodding at the young woman with Peter, who in turn demanded to know who “Ruby” was.

Apparently he hadn’t given her a satisfactory answer and as Archie left he heard the sound of liquid being dropped… possibly Archie’s beer over Peter’s head.

Archie walked home with a tune on his lips and a spring in his step, twirling his umbrella a time or two…

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