Enchanted Love

Getting to Know You

After they reached the Great Hall, Rumpelstiltskin took a nice long appreciative glance in the girl’s direction as he took the quiver from his shoulder, and placed both it and the bow gently on the table.

“So I guess you won’t be needing that bow anymore” Belle mused quietly.

“Oh, I don’t know…. I suppose I’ll hang onto it. Never know when I might need it.”

Belle nodded, smiling. “Well, if that is all, good night, Rumpelstiltskin”

Rumple’s heart fluttered with a pang as he realized she was leaving.

What am I doing? He thought.

She swore forever and so far I’ve so much as shoved her out of the door.

Still… as long as she’s here I might as well make her stay a bit more comfortable….

The Dark voice huffed, but said nothing.

“…there is actually one thing…” Rumpelstiltskin said nervously.

Belle turned, her bright blue eyes curious as she smiled, the dim lights of the torches giving her cheeks a rosy glow, illuminating the small dimples in her cheeks.

Rumpelstiltskin felt his cheeks burn as his stomach flipped.

No maiden had ever looked at him that way before.

Perhaps it was time to turn over a new leaf, and make Belle a bit more comfortable…

She would be staying indefinitely after all…

He led her upstairs to the tower of the West Wing.

His workshop was in the East Wing, and Belle was strictly forbidden to enter his workshop, especially when he was working.

“Now, dearie I don’t want to see a speck of dust on these books”

Belle looked around in awe. It wasn’t huge, but the selection was enormous.

“I understand… I’ll make sure to dust them…”

She was caught by surprise at the sound of a low rumble coming from the imp.

Was he… laughing at her?

Rumpelstiltskin chuckled even more at the hurt look the lass was giving him; truly they were a match…

“The books aren’t made for dusting only, my dear...”

He gazed at her thoughtfully, as her face turned redder by the second.

Slowly he went closer to her, lifting her chin to meet his gaze.

Her eyes… so blue, so brilliant, even in this dim light…

His eyes… so strange, yet so warm and gentle…

Closer and closer they came together until,


Her hand accidentally shoved one of the books off of the shelf onto the floor, bringing both beauty and beast back to their senses.

“Mm that’s what I mean, dearie….” He giggled. “No dusting allowed.”

Belle actually giggled at his joke, feeling shy as she caught his eye again.

“Thank you” she whispered, genuine sincerity in her eyes and voice.

“I’ll treasure it in my heart… always”

Moved, Rumpelstiltskin reached for her hand, and kissed it gently.

He bowed to her with a grace that he’d never felt before.

She returned his bow with a deep curtsy of her own.

Tonight it was just Rumpelstiltskin and Belle in this moment.

A Beauty and a Beast

Barely even friends, yet both hoped for something more in the time to come…

That night as she finally retired to bed, she walked toward the South hall nearest the kitchen.

Yesterday before she had retired, Rumpelstiltskin had led her up here to the south hall, opening the door.

Stepping inside after the imp as he lit the lantern in the room, Belle gasped.

This room was decorated similarly to her room back home!

How had he known?! She whirled around to face the imp, who was giving her a cheeky smile.

“Now dearie, don’t get your hopes up, there’s still work to be done. These are your quarters to rest and read as you please.”

Belle turned around again, grinning. When she turned to thank him for his thoughtfulness, he was gone.

Tonight, as Belle shut the door behind her, she lit the lamp, turned toward her bed, and gasped.

Upon the cream silk blanket lay the most beautiful sky blue corseted dress she’d ever seen!

Underneath was a white shift with cuff sleeves. A package which she assumed to be hosiery caused her cheeks to heat slightly.

Her foot bumped into two sky blue shoes. It was beautiful!

Beside the ensemble lay a letter with her name in excellent penmanship.


I hope you find this dress to your liking and comfort. As for the other, a magician never reveals his secrets. :3 Can’t have you working in that ball gown forever, dearie…

Rest well,


Belle giggled and blushed some more, placing her ball gown lovingly in the closet drawer, exchanging it for a cotton nightgown.

After placing the gown lovingly on her stool, and gently placing the letter on the bedside table, Belle blew out the candle and made herself comfortable as she slept.

While the princess slept, someone was watching her through the mirror.

So… I’ve found his weakness after all….

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