Enchanted Love

The Imp's Daughter

Three years after Ruby’s arrival

Rumpel had shaken his head when he’d found Belle asleep on the pantry floor, no doubt worn out by all her hard effort.

This did not go unnoticed. Even the voice seemed impressed by the imp’s maid’s efforts.

Rumpel gently lifted Belle into his arms, just as light as she had been when she fell, he frowned.

“You’re going to make yourself sick, dearie…” he murmured softly into her hair, breathing in her scent…

Somehow he managed to keep his sanity intact carrying her to her room and placing her on the bed.

Rumpel was entranced by Belle’s beauty, and longed to hold her closely…intimately…

Rumpel shook his head, covered her over, and nearly ran out of the room.

In the evenings when he returned from his deals, the use of magic wore the voice out. During these times, Rumpel was a free man to do as he pleased…

No… downstairs… must get downstairs…

Away from complicated emotions and thoughts of heated passion…

No… downstairs to Ruby…

Downstairs to innocence, laughter, and love… just the two of them…

In times like these the imp held his daughter Ruby close, loving her beauty, innocence, and curiosity…

“You’re just like your mother, dearie.” he giggled shamelessly feeling no fear as he wished once again, that Belle was his forever…

It was around this time, when Ruby was about three years old, Rumpelstiltskin while out on a deal had caught the eye of a young maiden from the distant land of Oz.

Her name was Zelena, and she too was well known in the ways of magic.

Unbeknownst to Belle, Rumpelstiltskin had another young maiden in his tutelage, Zelena’s half sister, Regina.

Due to the insistent nagging of the voice, Rumpelstiltskin continued on with a quest he had started to find his son Baelfire, Ruby’s brother.

To do this, he had created a curse that involved Regina, and the future child of a princess called Snow White.

Zelena her sister, was not pleased with this. She was also Cora’s daughter… she should be the one to cast the curse… not her halfwitted sister!

When Rumpelstiltskin and Zelena met for the first time, he knew she was going to be trouble.

You don’t say?! the voice scoffed.

To get her out of his hair, and his line of sight, Rumpel challenged her to make a meat pie, knowing full well it wouldn’t be as good as Belle’s.

Zelena had returned, desperate to win his approval, offering him a pipping hot meat pie fresh from the oven.

Partly because he was famished, and partly because he was curious, he took a small bite… and immediately wretched.

“Something wrong?” Zelena asked, worried.

Oh God! I’m going to die if I eat another bite!

Calm yourself! It can’t be all that bad!

Inside the imp’s head head, the two faced each other, Rumpel the former spinner turned imp, and the voice as a looming foreboding figure with a dangerous smirk. Rumpel had a wanna bet? scowl on his face.

Again, the imp ate another bite, and wretched again.


I Don’t Know!


Don’t you think I know that?! I had to eat it first!

Zelena, desperate for an answer from her idol, sulked desperately.

“Well?!” she cried.

“I-it’s um… crunchy…” he started, desperately wishing he knew how Belle would handle the situation.

“Yes…?” Zelena prodded.

“Uh, dearie… when you made this, what um… part of the heifer did you use?”

Two servants listened, while a cook stood behind them.

“Oh, I have got to hear this…” the cook muttered.

The maid put her hand over her mouth, trying not to giggle.

“Well… I…um. you see…I couldn’t exactly hurt the poor creature, so I just used its mud instead”

The maid snorted in laughter, leaning against the butler, who was done for.

“No you didn’t” gasped the cook. She turned to the laughing couple on the floor. “I know you didn’t feed him flam’ Shiite”

The butler hooted, and the maid erupted into more giggles.

“You did… what?” The imp hissed, having heard the cook glared lethally at Zelena.

“I didn’t mean to!” Zelena cried. “I can do better…I-I promise!”

No! the voice howled.

Rumpelstiltskin shook his head.

“W-what?” Zelena cried. “B-but you’re the only one who can teach me!”

How to cook? the imp thought with a sneer.

“Nope, dearie…sorry no can do!”

“P-please! oh, please! I’ll do anything! I’ll even be your maid for all eternity!”

HA! the imp thought.

“Sorry, that position’s taken… I already have a maid…she doubles as a babysitter…”

Just then, Zelena erupted in a rage, and her skin…began to turn green…

Was she…green with envy…?

Was she jealous of Belle?


But, just to be sure, he’d take special precautions to safeguard the nursery and Belle’s room, just in case…

“I will cast your curse, Rumpelstiltskin… even if I have to destroy your daughter to do it!”

The imp held back the urge to bite her head off…

“That’s right dearie” she drawled pathetically as if she had the upper hand, “I know all about that little brat!”

Wanting nothing more than to crush her like the slimy green snail she was, the imp shook his head.

“No you won’t, dearie…especially with an attitude like that…”

“But, why not?” Zelena whined.

Rumpel winced, praying for patience. He couldn’t stand whiners, and had to break his daughter of the habit as soon as she’d started.

“Because in order to enact the curse, you have to destroy…” he paused for dramatic effect.

“the thing you love most” he winked.

Zelena nodded. “Alright, I can do that…”

He shook his head. Was she really that dense?

Yes the voice hissed. Rumpel ignored it.

“No you can’t dearie, because you see…the thing you love most… is me” he said, pointing to himself.

“Oh, don’t flatter yourself” Zelena groused, furious she’d been found out.

“It’s nothing to fret about…” he said, attempting to leave a gentleman, “I have that effect on women” his mind wandering to a certain maid, at home with his daughter…

As if she could tell that’s what he was thinking, Zelena screamed, wanting to attack him, but he disappeared, back to the comfort of his “loving wife and child”.

Aye, he wished!

He never knew, he’d placed Belle and Ruby in more danger than he’d ever realized…

Regina growled as she tried again what her teacher Rumpelstiltskin hat taught her, flick her wrist before lighting the torch.

In the next second, it was lit.

“Rumpelstiltskin?” she asked.

“Nope, but someone just as good as he is, and even better than you” Regina gasped and turned noticing a girl with red hair and blue eyes she’d never seen before…

“Who are you?” Regina asked, suspiciously.

“Who I am doesn’t matter” Zelena smirked. “What I have to tell you does, so listen up, dearie…”

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