Enchanted Love

Into the Air and Into the Wild

Rhuel’a stirred, slowly opening her eyes to a blur of white…

The setting in which the girl was becoming conscious were the clouds in the sky above the world, where a mushroom-style castle loomed above her and the group of women in mushroom-like dresses with nearly translucent wings, surrounding her.

“W-where am I?” she asked, at first slightly dazed, and then shooting up with alarm.

“Relax, young one, and take a deep breath-“said the largest fairy, dressed in a large gown of glittering white. Around her neck was a square gauntlet, also snow white.

“I am Amaria, Queen of the Fairies. And this…” she said, her dainty hand sweeping across the sky and castle, “is your new home”

Rhuel’a looked around her new home… everyone was so pleasant and nice!

Rhuel’a though she might begin to like it here….


Rumpelstiltskin grunted as his teeth chattered, trudging slowly through the snow in the woods near five miles from his home.

Milah, his wife, was dead… he was sure of it. There was no certainty that she could have survived having been kidnapped by pirates… Captain Killian Jones especially.

He gulped, then shamed himself again for not having been strong enough a man to have stood up to the pirate- brandished the sword.

Not to kill the man, surely! Rumpelstiltskin himself couldn’t ever dream himself to be capable to shed the blood of another… which is why as it stood…he had been a coward, and had taken the coward’s way out.

Now he was left desolate. No food, hardly any money, save for the pence he earned from selling his threads, yet it wasn’t good enough…

Nothing would ever be good enough… isn’t that what Milah had always said, if not in word, than by action?

He didn’t deserve to have her… she was dead to him now.

He didn’t deserve to have his son… yet he did….

And so…

Life went on.

Life went on through cold nights, bitter days, with never enough rations… everything he made went to Baelfire… to ensure that his son, his legacy, his future…

Had a chance to survive.

You won’t be doing much surviving if you don’t get out of this snow. He heard in the back of his mind.

Quickly now… hobble as fast as you can, with as much firewood as you can carry…

Baelfire… he must get home to his son…

Who knew what would happen in his absence…

It wouldn’t be long before Bae’s fourteenth birthday, and if Hordor….

NO! no! I will get home! I MUST get home!

Tears of fear and worry marke his face as he hobbled along, finding one stick after another…

Then he heard it….

A snapping of a twig…



A beast, white as the snow had tripped him up, and was now looking hungrily into his eyes, licking its lips…

The she wolf was hunting, farther and farther from her pack…

Her father before her had warned her to never separate from the pack, especially in the snow… it would be terribly difficult to track down their scent…

The she wolf sniffed the snow for any sign of her pack… Zihu, Quinton, Father, Mason, and the others… she could find no one… until she heard a snap of a twig…

She spotted him, the poor pitiful human, hunched on one leg, picking up twigs and brush.

Ah… what a feast! And what a reward to bring back to her pack!

Then, she lunged.

“AAAHHHH!!!” Rumpelstiltskin screamed.

“Good, doggie… nice, doggie! S-see? You d-don’t want m-me! I’m all sk-skin and….”

Her growl shut him up right quick. He gulped.

He lay very very still as she sniffed him. He whimpered slightly, crying, begging God to bring him safely back to his son.

Suddenly the wolf growled at something… something unseen…

She backed away from Rumpelstiltskin and knew…

They would meet again…

Two creatures stared after the lone wolf as she slinked away.

One creature looked at the other and smiled. “Next time, don’t do anything so foolish”

“Sure…” the second creature said. “Next time I’ll just let the wolf eat you”

The first creature grinned back at the second one. “No you won’t… you love me too much”

“I cannot tell a lie” the second one smiled, embarrassed.

“C’mon you two” said a third as it walked over to the first two. “We’ve got more work to do, and I’m cold.”

The two original creatures laughed and rushed to catch up to their friend, never letting go of one another’s hand.

Rumpelstiltskin lay on his back breathing heavily. Not only was he in shock of what had just occurred with the wolf, but he would have sworn he had heard the voice of one of those creatures before….

But where…?


The woman in blue brought her seat from the desk to the opened closet, sitting at eye level with the girl, obviously the stronger and harder of the two to submit.

“Now, I have been very, very patient up until this point. Either you will do as I say, or…” she trailed off, something in her brown eyes flashed, making her seem more evil.

“What do you want?” the child asked, not trusting the blue lady’s motives… What was she up to?

“What I want, is for you to go and give this vial…” she brought forth a vial of what looked like glitter up to the girl's eyes.

The child could not see very well, even with her father’s glasses to aid her vision, but something inside her told her not to trust this woman.

She claimed to be a nun, yet how could kidnapping two helpless children be Christian like?

“What am I supposed to do with this?” the child asked. The woman grinned an evil looking grin.

“Do you see the woman in this picture?” she asked, handing the girl a picture of a young woman.

The little girl whimpered quietly to herself. She knew exactly who this woman was.

Outwardly she made no sound, or expression of acknowledgement.

“What will this do?” she asked, taking the vial, and secretly planning to dispose of it the moment she could.

“Oh, it won’t do very much….at most it will make her very… tired

The child froze. Her instincts and something in her blood told her that this potion was indeed very dangerous.

She gulped, looking down into the blue-green eyes of her baby brother.

“And if I don’t?” the girl frowned, folding her arms across her chest.

The woman in blue smirked and chuckled darkly under her breath.

She gently touched the left side of the baby’s head.

The little girl gasped and almost cried.

In that next moment as the infant, or pupae with small wings and antennae tried to get his bearings, the woman opened the sand capsule and closed it with him inside.

The child tried not to scream in agony.

Feeling the sand already filling up around him, the small cricket beat its tiny fists against the glass.

Jiminy! the girl thought, not wanting to give the woman the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

“You have until the last grain of sand to do what I have asked of you… if you fail, or try to get aid from someone else, he will die!”

The little girl stood up angrily, her amber eyes flashing once again.

“Whatever you are planning, you WILL fail… and when you do… I’ll be waiting…”

the girl growled, hissing. The nun smirked, folding her arms across her chest.

"It will take an army to defeat me little one" she cackled.

She looked at the struggling baby cricket, already struggling to breathe. He was growing weaker by the second.

“You had better hurry, my dear… your dear brother does not have much time…”

With that, Juniper Cricket dashed out of the convent in search of someone, anyone to help…

The question was… if she cried “Wolf!” would anyone believe her?

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