Enchanted Love

Run Away

When she was a child of thirteen, indeed on her very birthday, Red, having been returned to Granny by her father, had trouble adjusting not know how to cook and control her magic at the same time.

As a result Red’s emotions go up and down, which she attributes to hormones… Granny knows otherwise and tries to be patient.

The worst source of tension- whether out of denial or rebellion, Ruby refused to wear her hood.

“It is wolves time, child! I will not say it again! If you walk out of this house without it again, you’ll find yourself locked in!” Granny said crossly.

Red rolled her eyes subtlely and put on the hood.

Time passed quickly, and with it, Red’s beauty grew more defined each day.

When she was seventeen, she met Peter Wolf, the local blacksmiths son.

“What are you doing?” he asked after watching her for five minutes.

Armed with a bow and arrow, Red stalked the burrow. “Trying to catch a rabbit, what does it look like?”

The young man snickered and shook his head. “Never going to catch it that way… here”

Red rolled her eyes.

“I don’t need help!” she huffed.

“Fine!” he shrugged.

Five minutes passed with no results.

Red glared at the man. “Fine. Maybe I do need help”

Peter grinned. “Thought so. Name’s Peter. What’s yours?”

“Red- pleasure making your acquaintance.”

“Same here, ‘Red’”

Both grinned.

Granny yelled from the house. “Red! Come on, girl! There are chores to be done!”

Red rolled her eyes. “Yes, Granny!”

She smiled and curtsied to Peter, who looked at her in a way her grandmother would have highly disapproved of, though Red didn’t know any better.

“Goodbye, Peter”

“Wait-” Peter said, grasping her arm.

Red was slightly nervous. “What?” she asked.

“Pay the price.” he said quickly.

“What?” she asked confused, her heart beating faster.

He kissed her cheek.

Red blushed.

“Red!” Granny hollered.

Red ran off, holding her cheek, then skipped back to the cottage.

Over the next few months, Red’s and Peter’s friendship grew quickly.

Red feels he is the perfect match for her, but after Granny met him, she told Red she was never to see him again.

In truth she had remembered her own childhood, when would glance at her the way Peter had done to Red.

According to her brothers, the man would have left on a long journey...

Granny shuddered. she didn’t wish that for her girl. Especially with a wastrel like Peter!

One night, Granny was asleep in the front room.

Peter snuck up to the shutters and tapped on one in his and Red’s secret code.

The more and more he met with her, the more and more he wanted her as his own.

His parents long dead, his uncle Jesse was adamant that he look for a nicer girl among the girls of their town.

“There are rumors of darkness and magic that surround Red, boy... stay here and marry someone more respectable”

Peter ignored his uncle’s urgings, and felt urgings of his own. He wanted Red to himself, but wasn’t quite ready to settle down.

Grinning, he stepped up to the shutter.

“Little pig, little pig let me come in!”

Red tried not to giggle as she responded.

“Not by the hairs on my little chin! I’m so scared!”

“Then I’ll huff and puff and blow the house down”

Red opened the shutters and laughed. “You’ll huff and puff?” she smirked.

“Eh, I got nothin’,” he said lost for words, feeling uncomfortable and cold.

“Well, I can appreciate a man who can hold so much power in one breath” she sniffed his breath.

“Well then, perhaps a case can be made”

“Oh!” Peter cried, pretending to be offended.

“Red! Get in here!” Granny, her grandmother, called Red to come into the other room.

Red started to shut the shutters, when Peter grabbed her cloak strings.

Red gasped at Peter’s bold move “Don’t, you know she doesn’t like me keeping the shutters open.”

“Huh” Peter scoffed having thoughts of finishing their kiss in the warmth of her bed, or any bed for that matter...

“We gotta get outta here. Let’s run away together... we can get married and you’ll be safe from here”

Both knew he was thinking ‘and her’ but never said it.

“Red! Get. In. Here!”

Red snickered and began to shut the shutters again.

“Wait, pay the price”

Red looked at him in interest.

“One kiss!” Red grinned, knowing this was her first kiss, and the next level to their relationship.

According to Granny, he’d soon come calling with an offer Granny couldn’t refuse... that is, unless they eloped...

Red giggled at the thought and walked to the front room where Granny and a group of the townsmen were waiting.

“What’s going on?” Red asked, looking at the group holding torches and large pitchforks.

“Good evening Red” greeted Mayor Tomkins, leading the group.

“Bunch of fools saying they want to hunt the enormous wolf that has been in the area killing sheep.” Granny said glaring, not caring she’d cut the Mayor off.

“You’re hunting the wolf?” Red said excitedly, she turned to Granny.

Can I please go with them?” she begged. “I promise I’ll be careful and stay in a large group”

“Absolutely not!” Widow Lucas refused, recalling just why her granddaughter had been sent to live with her in the first place.

“Stay inside, in your homes! Let it take a few chickens. This wolf isn’t worth loosing lives... just go and hide!”

Closing the door, Lois’ memory was taken back to a certain morning four years before. (read broken hearts)

As she looked at her granddaughter, tears came to her eyes... so beautiful, and yet so dangerous...

In determination, Lois shook her head and told Red to bar the door and windows, and keep her red cloak and hood on. she prayed that that would be enough.

The next morning Red was gathering eggs from the chicken coup, when she ran into Snow White, who was hiding in the corner.

Still hiding from the Evil Queen, Snow White introduced herself to Red first as Frosty.

“Frosty? really?” Red said doubtfully that this was her true name.

“No” Snow said, coughing up the eggs she’d taken.

“I’m just hiding from someone.”

Red nodded, seeing that the girl is about her own age, took compassion on her.

Then she said that Red could call her Margaret, but then she changed it to Mary.

With ‘Mary’ for company, it would be nice to have someone to talk to... and hunt with, she thought mischievously.

The two girls walked to the well to get water.

They notice the water is crimson with blood, which Red found interesting.

“Wow, look at that! Mary! Mary?”

“Red...” Snow said, horror in her voice. Both girls noticed with rising horror, there were multiple mangled bodies near the well.

They were the bodies of those men who came to the cabin the night before!

Red looked on in horror, having no knowledge of the truth.

Who or what could be responsible for such horror?!

During a town meeting in the Enchanted Forest, Mayor Tomkins boasted to the people that he could have slayed the wolf had he been there.

Granny stormed in stating that she knows that they would have died as well.

“The wolf is too dangerous to face, and you must hide from it.”

She tells them about her own experience with the wolf. Sixty years before the wolf attacked and killed her six brothers, and she survived, but still has the scars.

The girls looked on in horror, wondering if were true...

Later, after a bit of teasing, Red told Snow White about Peter, and that Granny won’t let her leave the house to see him.

“Granny’s right to keep you safe from the wolf, but she’s wrong to use it to keep you from love...”

Red looked sadly from her new best friend to her grandmother.

“You think that’s what she’s doing?” she asked sadly.

Snow didn’t want to put words or actions on Granny, but it sounded true...

Little did she know what kind of thought she placed into her best friend’s mind.

Both fell asleep, not knowing what the future would bring...

The next morning, there were a group of townspeople whom had been convinced by Granny’s story at the town hall.

They knocked on the door of Widow Lucas, halfway expecting her to shoot them...

some thought that perhaps she was the wolf...

When the townspeople suggested the women go with them for their safety, Granny refused, causing Red to panic...

Peter and she had plans! Granny was going to keep them locked away because of some unbelievable fable??!!

Red had no more time to process this, when Snow turned to her with tears in her eyes.

“You’re not leaving, are you, Mary?” Red whimpered.

“I’ll be back” Snow promised. “But my own predators may find me if I stay too long in one place.”

Desperately the girls hung onto each other, and Snow White promptly left with the group.

Once they were gone, Red whirled around and glared at her grandmother, the only relative she had left in the world.

Granny was forbidding her to see, let alone consider Peter’s romantic marriage proposal.

“You always lock me away here... As if I were some kind of prisoner... Or animal!”

Red was too enraged to see her Granny’s wince.

What had caused Red to act like this?

Sure, Widow Lucas could blame her daughter for being an unfit mother, but what did that make her?

Anita had always been a willful child, got it from her father...

Though what bothered Granny where Red was concerned, it wasn’t so much Anita’s deliberate desertion of the child, as it was the identity of Red’s father.

Widow Lucas shuddered. How Anita had entangled herself into the wiles of that...

Or had it been he that had been ensnared?

Legend told that long ago, Red’s father had been married to a woman who resembled Widow Lucas’ daughter...

“You just want to stay so you can run around with that wastrel, Peter!”

“He is not a wastrel! He has plans!”

Granny was brought out of her musings by Red’s next statement.

“If you dare come between Peter and I, you shall never see me again!”

With that she stormed out of the cottage.

Granny, too shocked in the moment of what had just occurred, looked at the beautiful rich scarlet cloak that lay against Red’s supper chair.

Granny had received it as a gift of sorts. The “unknown” giver had made Red this cloak when Red was but ten years old.

He had no desire of payment. Lois felt perhaps it was due to his cunning instincts.

“This shall keep the child from harm, dearie... See she always wears it until she meets he who tames her” was the note given by the Supplier when he had made the delivery.

Granny had been confused by that statement, and with Red being so young , beautiful, and infinitely naive, Granny had opted to keep her from boys altogether.

That is, until Red met Peter. Everything that Granny had taught her girl had flown out of the window.

Granny regarded the cloak again. A cloak beautiful, red as her granddaughter’s lips, and though Granny didn’t know, but suspected at the time, made with a father’s love and protection in mind.

Granny jumped as Red stormed back in, her eyes puffy and red from crying.

Without a word, the girl grabbed her cloak and stormed out of the cottage. Red ran, not once looking back.

Granny slumped into a chair what on earth was she going to do?

About an hour later, a familiar giggle sounded from behind Granny.

“Well, that was a bit of a letdown dearie... Hmm seems more and more like Anita every day. Hehehe”

Granny whirled around angrily. She now knew the truth in all its grotesqueness.

“This was all your doing imp! Had you never charmed my daughter this wouldn’t have happened!!”

Rumplestiltskin grinned slowly, impishly to himself. Commenting on her remark about his charm would surely get him gobsmacked or shot with an arrow though his heart.

That would never do, especially in needing to find Baelfire and his True Love, Belle.

He thought about defending himself, the she-wolf having ensnared him while he was inebriated and off his guard, his mind solely on his pain of Milah’s betrayal; but that wouldn’t do either.

Rumple sighed, plotting his next course of action to find his foolhardy daughter, then thought better of it.

Reminded every day of his son, Bae, and darling Belle, you had to learn from your mistakes and go on.

Hopefully things would be mended on this side of the family in due time.

He would see to it that Red was unharmed, but it was up to her to chart her own path.

This he told Granny, his softer side attempted to comfort the grieving older woman before leaving.

In two years time Red would meet her True Love who could hopefully take charge and talk some sense into her...

“We gotta get outta here” Peter smirked.

“Where will we go? you’ll leave your family behind, for me?” Red asked, hopefully.

Wanting nothing more at that point to kiss her, and bed her down, Peter laughed nervously, knowing Granny would skin him alive should he ever attempt such a thing without consent of marriage.

But she was so beautiful....

He combed his fingers in her long curly hair. She giggled excitedly and lay her head on his shoulder.

“when do we leave?” she asked, entwining their fingers together.

Peter, squeezing her hand, nodded to himself.

“At first light” he murmured, kissing her head.

Red giggled. Finally, they would be together forever!

The next morning, Red lithely snuck out of her room at a nearby inn, avoiding the judgmental glances of the elderly women at the inn with a light pack along with her customary Red hood.

“What will we do?” Red asked Peter as they sat at the Lions Den pub and waited for the carriage that would take them to their destination.

“We can stay here… my uncle has work.” Peter said, looking around and catching the eye of a blonde barmaid.

The maid noticed Peter, frowned, shook her head, and returned to work.

Red looked around nervously. “What happens if we’re caught?”

Peter looked at her, annoyance on his face. He’d thought she’d be happy to get away from home.

“Why? You’re not scared, are you?”

Red shook head. “No- I just had a bad fight with Granny. We’ve never done that before.” she twiddled with her cloak strings.

Peter sighed, exasperated. “If you want me to take you back, I will”

Red, terrified of losing him, shook her head and grabbed his arm. “No… I’ll be okay…just… which way is the court?”

“The court, for what?” Peter asked, looking confused.

Red shoved him. “So we can get married, silly!”

Peter winced as he caught the bar maid glaring in his direction. Red had said that too loudly.

“Right… we’ll do that first light.”

“Yay!” She squealed and wrapped her arms around him.

Unknown to her, he winced. The barmaid noticed him and smirked, shaking her head.

Peter was uncomfortable- he swore he’d do anything for Red… so here it goes…

Not far from the pub the two lovebirds found a quaint, abandoned, furnished log cabin.

Red set up house the way Granny had taught her... or had it been Granny, she mused quickly before continuing her task.

Red was excited for the next morning when Peter would make her his bride…

The next morning came, bright and early… Red was ecstatic with excitement.

Peter had given her the main sleeping space, and he had taken a chair in the main living area.

He’s so sweet when he’s sleeping! Red thought as she placed a kiss on Peter's hair, his shadow darkening on his chin.

She set about to make breakfast, her cooking skills having improved over time while living with Granny.

Peter came in a few moments later, dragging his feet.

“Morning” he murmured, kissing her cheek.

“Good morning dear… I’ve baked some sweet rolls. Would you like one?”

Peter sniffed then snorted.

“Mm no. just coffee”

Red was slightly disappointed.

“Oh, okay… you do know what today is, don’t you?” she smiled.

Peter threw her a look.

“We’re getting married!” She grinned, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Peter groaned and rubbed his forehead “Ahh! I forgot… we can’t get married today” he said, to which Red was shocked.

“But… you said…”

“Yes, dear, but I forgot about the marriage license. I need to retrieve that before we can marry…”

Red’s spirits brightened. “Oh… alright, well then… when do we go?”

“I can go now…. Ugh” he rubbed his eyes from sleep.

“What?” Red started to wonder, as when Mary had changed her name.

“I forgot, my Uncle Jesse wants me to take over at the smithery for the week.”

Red’s heart sank. “The whole week?”




She turned away, her eyes filling with tears.

“Red, you know that I love you, don’t you dear?”

She nodded.

He kissed her.

“We’ll get married soon… you’ll see…”

Red snuggled into his neck. She hoped he was right.

Eight months passed, and with each passing day, Peter came home with an excuse of why he could not retrieve the court license.

“What is it? Do you not want to be married?!” Red shrieked.

Peter, having never seen her this way before, glared at her.“Red! Control yourself!”

Red shook her head. she was fed up, and she wanted answers!

“No! I want an answer! Living together without marriage is a crime, Peter! We could both be imprisoned!”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Oh, don’t be so melodramatic!”

Red was shocked.

I’m being melodramatic?! It’s been eight months! Are you going to marry me or not?! I want a straight answer, Peter!”

Red gasped as his hand came in contact with her cheek.

“That’s enough!” he hissed. “I will not be dictated to or threatened by some little wench with an obsession for red! You don’t even have a dress for the occasion! What were you planning on wearing? your cloak?!”

Red’s eyes filled with tears. What was wrong with Peter lately?

He never yelled, and had never lain a hand on her before...She didn’t understand!

“Peter… either you get that license, or I will return to my grandmother… you know what she will do to you!”

Peter gulped.

“Fine!” he growled.

“In earnest I was waiting for your birthday… you are still seventeen… I cannot marry you unless you are an adult, but if you want to be a baby about it…”

“No!” Red cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Peter… I’m sorry”

He smirked and wrapped his arms around her. “That’s my girl.

Now, what do you say to a little candlelight breakfast, eh?”

Red giggled.

Things would work out just fine…

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