Enchanted Love

A Stranger in Town

That night, Red slept fitfully as she had been for the past two nights.

She had rid her stomach of the waste it could not take.

What was the matter with her?

Oh, how she wished she were still at home with Granny!

Suddenly, she heard the wooden door shut, and sat up, listening.


He stopped as if he had been caught doing something wrong.

"Yes, Red. Why are you still up?"

"I couldn’t sleep…"

Red, whom had developed keen night vision over the past year, wondered why Peter looked so nervous.

She took a deep breath, and noticed something strange.


"Peter, what time is it?" Red asked.

"Well past time for you to sleep." Peter answered, looking everywhere but at her.

"Peter, why does your cloak smell of lilacs?"

"The horse stopped in a grassy field filled with them. He was hungry."

Having a sneaking suspicion, though chiding herself for nothing, Red lay down.

"As you say" she murmured, tossing over and drifting to sleep…

Peter breathed a sigh of relief… that had been close.

That same night, two hours before...

"Peter! What are you doing here, my boy?" one of the villagers asked.

At the bar, a nomad with ginger hair and blue eyes sat drinking his ale, slowly.

He didn’t know anyone, and hadn’t spoken to anyone here, so he amused himself by looking around.

He noticed a young man with dark features, brown hair and eyes, fair skin and a strong physique get clobbered by one of the town drunks.

"Here for a bite to eat, sir." The youth Peter smiled.

The nomad put his ale down. There was something about the young man's body language and expressions that didn’t set well with the stranger.

"I see… that wife ‘o yours eatin’ then sickening up, eh?"

Peter nodded.

The stranger noticed him being met by one of the bar maids, who was smiling at him for all she was worth.

Peter took her by the shoulders and spoke lowly to her.

The girl spoke softly to him, took him by the hand, and led him away.

The stranger shook his head. Married, his wife ill, and he decides to walk off with a lass for company?

’Twas a terrible shame.

“That be all you have, sir?” asked the bar tender, a tall blonde man with green eyes and spectacles.

He was drying out a tankard, while another bar maid beside him stood smiling and preparing a tray.

The maid was beautiful. Fair, maple brown hair and eyes. There was an ethereal beauty about her, the stranger couldn’t keep his eyes away.

The bartender smirked. The stranger blushed, shaking his head.

“I am sorry” he said. “What was it you said?”

Still smiling, the bartender shook his head. “What’s your name, sir? I’ll look for you next time you’re in town”

The stranger noticed Peter coming down the stairs one by one, his clothes reeking of cheap lavender mist.

The man sighed and shook his head. The man’s poor wife… what would she think?

“Jiminy” he answered finally. “Jiminy Lamb”

The ginger male placed his pence on the table and left soon after.

The maid looked at the bartender.

“What was it said about the kingdom being taken away from David and given to another?” she asked softly.

The bartender shook his head sadly. The girl was right.

If Peter wasn’t careful, he’d be found out.

Little did he know, he’d pay dearly with his life…

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