Enchanted Love

Caught Red Handed

While out and about, Red decided to gather her courage and visit Granny.

She might as well, since her grandmother was her only living relative.

Or so she thought...

Red knocked on the cottage door, sniffing the air, and smelling the wonderful sent of Granny’s famous chicken noodle soup.

Mmm… what she would give for a taste of that right now, especially with her toes and fingers freezing off.

She was about to knock again, when the door opened, and Granny looked up from the ground and into her eyes.

Red’s eyes instantly shone with tears. Despite herself, Granny’s did too.

“Well? What are you waiting for, girl? Get in here and shut the door!”

Red giggled through her tears and walked inside.

Once the door was closed, Granny enveloped her into a bone crushing bear hug.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again, Red. Do you hear me?”

Red nodded and hiccuped. “Yes, Granny. I’m sorry… I’m so very sorry”

Granny let go and wiped her eyes, taking her spectacles off and cleaning them.

“It’s all in the past, child. Let’s forget and move on”

Red nodded.

“Good, now get out of those wet things, and let me check on this beautiful grand-baby I’ve heard so much about”

Red grinned and rushed to her room.

Carefully changing her wet things and changing into a clean, dry nightgown, she lovingly caressed her still flat stomach.

It wouldn’t be long before she had a bump to show…

Red returned to the kitchen in her shawl and warm knitted socks.

It wouldn’t do to freeze… she had to keep her strength up for the baby.

“Have you felt okay?” Granny asked.

Red shook her head. “I’ve had some nausea and cramping”

Granny nodded, as she carefully pressed Red’s stomach.

“Keeping anything down?” she asked.

“Just this morning” Red answered, fear creeping up. “What if I can’t keep anything down?”

Granny smiled. “You’ll be fine, dear… all pregnancies are different, but soon enough your bout should pass”

Red nodded, still unsure.

“How far along?” Granny asked.

“Two months” Red said, blushing.

Granny looked at her. “Married only a year and already a doughnut in the oven. Seems the garden was tended early”

Red blushed.

“Where’s Peter?” Granny asked.

Red winced. “Hunting, with a party”

Granny raised an eyebrow. “And he sent you here, alone?”

Red shook her head. “He was with me at the well”

Granny shook her head, trying not to allow her rage to get the best of her.

“Red, in your condition you shouldn’t be doing anything alone. Much less walking in the snow! Does that even make sense?” her tone incredulous.

Red sadly shook her head and looked away. Granny noticed her granddaughter’s green eyes fill with tears.

“Granny, did you love grandfather?”

Startled, Granny thought about it carefully. “Yes...I refused him.”

Red was puzzled. “But why?”

Granny looked away as if she were looking at something far into the distance that brought her great pain.

“He would kill for sport...man or beast...I could never live that way.” Granny of course was speaking figuratively, which Red was used to, so she thought nothing of it.

Red was proud of Peter...as he hunted she knew he could never do something like that...

Granny notice Red’s unhappiness.

“What is it, child?” she asked, bringing Red into her arms.

“I-I’m afraid...” Red said as she told her grandmother the dream she had the other night.

Granny closed her eyes- it was true, then ...the imp was right...

She shook her head, refusing to think about it at the moment.

“You will stay here; I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Red nodded, glad to be under the watchful eye of her only living relative...

Later that night…

She was hungry... she needed food for her growing cub, and needed to eat.

Rabbits and squirrels weren’t enough... they were fine for snacks, but she needed a meal, a feast... what provided enough food... enough nourishment...?

She padded toward an eatery. The Lion’s Den.

Her eyes flashed as she saw a man and woman exit a pub together.

The man wrapped his cloak around the girl. They laughed and talked together.

She kissed him, to which he did not pull away, but gave in...

The wolf growled and stalked away…


Mina had forgiven him once he had told her a believable tale.

He never realized that he was being watched…

He was a dead man…

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