Enchanted Love

Discovering the Truth

As requested by Rumpelstiltskin Jiminy searched for the wizard’s daughter, Liza.

Days stretched into weeks with no sign of her.

The longer he searched, his body fighting against wind and snow, he began to wonder if he’d ever find her.

Even if he did, would they be able to communicate? would she be in wolf form?

Jiminy had not seen the wolf the night of the play.

“Let your instincts be your guide” the imp had suggested before Jiminy had left.

With that being said, Jiminy once again put his nose to the ground, letting his instincts become his guide.

Whether or not her name was Liza, he hoped he could find her soon...

Red and Snow sat in Red’s bedroom at Granny’s cottage, five months after Red found she was pregnant with Peter’s child.

Red suspected that Peter was still on the hunt, and her instincts told her to stay away, but she missed him.

“So...” Mary started, unsure of how to broach the subject of her friend’s pregnancy.

“Yup” Red rolled her eyes, wishing her sister would come out and say it.

“I dunno” Mary said with an obviously uncomfortable shrug.

"It seems just like yesterday you were on cloud nine about Peter, and now...”

“What?” Red asked, getting defensive.

“Nothing!” Mary amended, “it just seems odd that he would leave you alone with your child, and go off on a hunting trip...”

Mary seemed confused as if trying to figure the situation out, while Red, getting even more defensive, scoffed.

“Don’t” she snapped.

“Don’t what?” Snow asked, confused at Red’s attitude.

“Don’t...judge me... as if what Peter and I did was wrong... he and I love each other”

“But, I never said...” Mary trailed off weakly at the look of hurt in Red’s eyes.

“You didn’t have to. It’s your attitude, the way you think that just because you were brought up a princess, that you’re better than anyone else! Why don’t you try living in my boots for once and see how the other half lives!” Red hissed, catching her breath.

Snow hardened her resolve. Red wanted to act high and mighty? Fine.

Both girls jumped at a tap on the shutter. Granny was dozing.

When it happened again, the girls looked at each other, Red grinning, her green eyes sparkling.

“Peter!” they hissed.

“Give me your cloak” Snow whispered.

Red looked at her confused. “What, Why?”

“Just do it before Granny wakes up!” Snow hissed, hoping to amend things, and quickly!

Red nodded and grinned. she was excited to tell Peter the news...

It was an awkward moment when Red stood before Peter.

Somehow she got the sense that things were not alright between them, that her grandmother had been right about him all along...

However, her heart refused to give up on him, despite the fact that for the last near six months, for she was now eight months pregnant, he had not written to see to her welfare...

For a brief moment, Red's aquaintance Jiminy's face entered her mind, then was quickly shaken away.

She tried not to feel hurt or resentment that Jiminy, a near stranger had wished her well and good health, while Peter had merely dismissed the fact she was pregnant!

"Hello, Peter" she smiled, trying not to speak too loudly lest Granny come out and gully Peter herself!

"Hello, Red..." he said, awkwardly.

"Have you had a good hunt?" she asked, tyring to be optomistic.

"Yes, a good hunt... Randolph Tolvers has my skins"

Red nodded, "I see" she rubbed her stomach.

"You look... healthy" Peter said.

Red nodded. "Yes, I am due, very soon"

She looked around at the snow.

Peter looked up at the rooftop.

He had honestly thought that she would do away with the child as he had expected her to do...

Mina was expecting him back any hour...

Red, trying not to cry, sniffed.

Puzzled, she sniffed again...

it was the same scent...

and finally...

Red didn't know what to feel at the moment. she decidded to cast the very inkling out of her mind.

"My sister Mary has returned" Red said, changing the subject.

"Oh?" Peter asked, not remembering she had a sister.

"Yes. We are hunting the wolf that remains here, though it has not attacked for some time"

Peter nodded.

"Where is your cloak?" he asked.

"Mary has it" Red said with an impish little smile.

Peter raised an eyebrow.

If she didn't have her cloak, would she become dark?

If he only knew...

Snow waited in bed for Red to return. She was worried. If Red didn't have her cloak with her, would something bad happen?

And what about Peter? where had he been all this time? Surely he cared for Red and her child... their child!

Snow huffed, deciding that she would most likely be better off if she didn't have anyone, though her heart truly desired to have someone to love...

He would be a handsome, charming Prince.He would be brave, fearless, and love her unconditionally. They would fill the kingdom with children...

Now for a name...


No, to old world...

What about James? Yes! James! that was it!

Snow sighed happily and looked out the window.

She hoped Red would be back soon...

Two days ago Red told Snow White about a strange creature she had heard of that transforms from a human to a wolf, when the moon is full.

At the time they thought the idea was silly, yet they were unsure.

They followed the tracks, which lead to the cottage and Red’s window. Red said that Peter had always come to her window, and that he was due tonight.

For a brief moment Snow White thought that the wolf might be Peter, which worried Red.

Tonight, Red convinced Snow White that she had to do something...

Snow gulped, hoping that her sister was okay...

"I think we figured out who or what the wolf is" Red said, sitting next to peter, ignoring the traitorous thoughts swimming in her head.

"What do you mean, who?" he asked.

"This thing, this creature is half man, half wolf" Red responded.

"We found some footprints under the shutters..."

Peter stared at her. "W-what you mean me? you think I could be the wolf?"

Red shrugged. "You could be... it could take over and you not remember anything..."

Peter shook his head, not believing that, but anything to assuage his guilt.

"If that's the case then you need to get far away from me"

Her love for him at its peak, Red shook her head.

In her mind, they could truly start over... they could leave this place and start fresh someplace else where nobody knew them...

"We could get away from here... and when wolf time comes I could just tie you up... I just have to find some rope"

Peter shook his head. "Not rope... chain. I'll get some and show you how to tie it so I can't escape"

Red nodded, leaning her head on his shoulder...

She was sure more now than ever that on his clothes, on his skin, even, she smelled a faint scent of lilac...

In the twiight of the Enchanted Forest, Granny shoved Red to wake up.

“Come on, girl... we’ve got a lot...”

Granny, surprised, didn’t expect Mary to be wearing Red’s cloak...

“Where’s Red?!” she demanded.

“What have you done?!” the matron whispered, her head spinning.

The imp had told her, never let her take it off, dearie... results could be...

he’d shivered. if Rumpelstiltskin shivered, it had to be bad.

Catastrophic he’d shuddered.

Granny gulped. What had Red done now?

“It’s alright, you can trust her” Snow whispered.

“She’s with Peter, and I know you don’t approve of him, but I don’t think that’s the point”

No, it wasn’t the point, Granny groaned to herself trying not to let her fear and ire choke her.

“You silly, foolish, ridiculous girl!” Granny growled.

“Wait, Granny, it’s okay because Peter is the wolf”

Granny stared at her. “You think Peter is the wolf?”

Snow nodded, “It’s okay because he’s tied up!”

Granny felt ready to vomit, but quickly righted herself despite her dread.

“He’s tied up?” she asked breathless. she never liked him, thought him selfish, irresponsible, and wander less.

“Yes” Snow said, confused.

“Oh, that poor boy!” Granny cried, getting her things together and nearly dragging Snow out of the door.

Not far off from the west side of the well, Peter, out of his mind with shock and fear, was tied up and screaming,

“Red don’t do this!” as Red, now the wolf, maliciously approached him.

*You betrayed me!* she hissed. *My human self may be deceived in you, but I am not!*


*You don’t deserve to live* she hissed. *My cub needs nourishment, so now, you are worth more dead to me, than ALIVE!*

Thus, with a mighty roar, the wolf charged her prey, sinking her fangs for the kill...

No one heard the agonizing screams of Peter Wolf, and soon, he was no more...

While walking through the forest, Granny told Snow White about the history of their family’s curse.

“So, wait. If that’s true, then does that mean her parents are actually alive?”

Granny nodded sadly. “Yes, thought I am not aware of their whereabouts”

Snow learned not only has Granny kept the knowledge from Red, but Granny used to be a wolf herself.

But over the years she lost much of the power to transform due to age. She can still track Red though.

“What about the cloak?” Snow asked.

“I bought it four years ago from a wizard who told me that it’s magic would keep her from turning” Granny said, not seeing the need to drag the whole family story out in the open to a girl, who at least to Granny, was still a stranger.

“Sh.” Granny hissed. Snow froze.

They found Red eating the remains of Peter.

“A silver tipped arrow will drop her” Granny whispered. “We’re approaching from downwind so we have a chance.”

Snow whimpered.

“Sh!” Granny hissed.

Just as Red noticed and lunged at them, Granny fired a sliver tipped arrow at her, stopping her, and they quickly covered her in the red cloak.

The magic doing its work the way her father planned it, the cloak soon restored Red to her human form.

Red was disoriented and dizzy when she got up, assisted by Granny and Snow.

“Granny?” Red murmured, confused as to why her grandmother was there. The last thing she remembered...

“Where’s...Peter?” she asked, fear rising at Mary’s look of pity.

“He wasn’t the wolf...” she said, trying not to cry.

Red whirled, not believing her ears!

She whirled to her grandmother, the only mother she’d ever known...

Granny’s eyes said it all. “You mean, me? I’m the wolf...?”

Red’s head spun, vaguely remembering two ferocious black and white dogs chasing her...

Later, there had been a man at the foot of the bed she lay in, crooning tenderly, wiping her head with a red splotched towel...

Had she even then been a monster...?

Red turned and screamed, Granny grunting and holding a hand over her mouth.

“Hush! They’ll hear you!”

“Get up, girl.” Granny said, helping her girl stand up. “Get ready, to run!”

Red, realizing she’d have to leave the only home she’d ever known, at least until now, as her thoughts jumbled in her head, begged and pleaded with Granny not to send her away.

Heartbroken, Granny refused, realizing that this was what Red needed to do all along...

As they heard the townspeople coming, Snow took Red away, leaving Granny there alone.

Granny again mounted her bow, cursing herself for not telling Red the truth sooner. Lois could’ve blamed her woes on the imp, but that would do her no good now.

Turning to the light of the torches, Granny took aim. The men weren’t after her granddaughter just for the chase; they were coming for her blood...

Jiminy took a deep sniff of the air and smelled dead, rotting flesh.

Seeing small footprints in the snow, he sniffed and smelled Tea tree sap and a faint smell of oranges.

Lifting his head up, amongst the blood he could smell the heavier scent of...lilac?

This wasn’t Liza. Liza smelled of strawberries.

Something in his gut told him that the wizard had changed his daughter’s name to protect her.

Remembering his friend Red, he recalled she too smelled of strawberries

Who was the dead man?

Jimimy approached the corpse and sniffed it. Whomever it was, he hadn’t been dead long...

Jiminy continued sniffing the corpse, smelling death, and the fainter smell of...


Jiminy’s head spun, remembering golden eyes glancing at him in the dark. If this was whom he thought it was...

Jiminy gulped and whined. What had Liza done?

She should have known there was darkness inside that red cloaked vixen, the moment Rhuel saw her.

How could she? How could someone with so much darkness kill someone so pure and get away with it?

“She won’t... not if I can help it... that creature must pay for what she’s done!”

Rumpelstiltskin during their argument in his home was finishing a portrait of Red while they arguing.

In looking closely at the portrait, Rhuel grew jealous of Red’s beauty...

Rhuel herself couldn’t keep a man and had died because of one, and now the Dark One’s daughter would get away with murder!!!

“Rhuel... what are you doing?” Amaria asked, concerned over her charge.

Lately she had grown angry and perhaps a little jealous over a certain mortal.

“That creature has committed murder... she must be punished!” Rhuel growled, her eyes spewing venom.

“So you are her judge, peer, and executioner?” Amaria asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You are to protect her and others with your magic..not condemn her to death! Who died and made you queen?”

Rhuel growled. She was tired of Amaria and her constant nagging.

“You!” she screamed, pointing her wand at Amaria and blasting her full force.

Surprised, yet compassionate, not a sound was heard as Queen Amaria just disappeared...

Glenda looked up at the sky hoping that her friends, and daughter, now named Tinkerbell were safe...

True to her good nature, Amaria, now named Glenda had no desire for revenge of a score from long ago.

However, she looked at the sky and wondered if the Blue Star was satisfied with her deeds...her efforts...

Did she obtain everything her heart desired?

If she didn’t, Glenda feared there would be severe consequences...

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