Enchanted Love

The Red Wolf

Near an hour later, Red shot up, her blood running cold.

She gasped as she heard something in the dark.


Quinn! he was still a ways off, but she and Snow needed to leave, now!

"Snow, get up. Get up now!!!"

Snow sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Red? what’s going on?"

Red was frantic. "Remember what I said before about my protecting my pack?"


"Good, now get up and get ready to run...run like you’ve never run before. Do you understand me?"



Snow screamed as the wolves started chasing her and Red.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God... Oh please, Oh please Oh please!" Snow prayed as she ran...

Astoundingly, they ran five miles before they came to an old cypress tree.

"CLIMB" roared Red.

Without argument, Snow shimmied up the tree.

She looked down to where Red was staring intently at her.

"Snow White. I love you as my sister and I thank God we’ve met and met well."

Snow looked scared. Just what was Red about to do?

"Red? What’re you saying? Get up here... there’s room..."

Red shook her head. She looked behind them and saw the flurries of snow. They'd be here soon.

"Listen to me and listen well."

Snow looked from the flurries into Red's eyes.

At that moment a thought, or a memory, entered Red's head.

Do the brave thing and bravery will follow...

"For no reason are you to come down out of that tree. do you hear me?!"

"yes b-but-"

"NO" Red literally growled.

"Not until all of the wolves are gone. do I make myself clear?!"

Tears streaming down her face, Snow nodded

Red nodded too and turned on her heel.

"RED!" snow cried.

"Red closed her eyes, shook her head, and with a tear coursing down her cheek, walked on into the jaws of uncertain death."

"Goodbye, sister" she whispered.

Red ran off, Snow keeping an eye on her until she was out of sight.

Jiminy had just finished breakfast of a freshly killed rabbit. he was a wolf now, so building a fire was out of the question.

He was cleaning his muzzle when he heard the following...

"CLIMB" came a familiar roar.

The red wolf’s ears flicked back and forth.

Wait... was that...?

Jiminy jogged to where the sound had echoed.

Sure enough in the distance to the north, he noticed a woman standing by a tree wearing a red cloak.

Red Riding Hood! he’d found her!

He then noticed her rush off, then to the south a myriad of growling wolves.

Not just any wolves. these were red’s pack.

So why were they growling...?

They started to run, barking, growling, snapping teeth.

"RED!!!" Jiminy heard from the nearby cypress tree, noticing a young girl with long dark hair in a white cloak...

There was neither any time to lose, nor to pause and think.

Jiminy dashed off after Red and the pack, praying he’d get there in time to save her life..

Red ran until she reached a dead end...

oh crap

what was she going to do now?

could she reason with Quinn and the others?

As she was thinking about it, she felt the baby kick.

Red looked up and noticed the wolves were starting to catch up; there was nowhere to run...

Red gulped as Quinn stood on all fours, salivating...

red shook quivering with fear.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen... it was an accident. I didn’t know that that would happen!” she cried.

“of course you didn’t” he sneered.

“But Anita is dead. and if it weren’t for you, she’d still be alive...”

Quinn sat on his haunches and licked his lips.

“Kill her”

Red gasped, covering her stomach and whirled around, praying for help...

Jiminy roared, landing in front of Red, baring his teeth.

His fangs were sharp and salivating.

He growled a warning, hissing at the pack, pacing back and forth.

“Who are you?!” Quinn roared. he’d planned to have a little fun before devouring his meal...

“Who I am is none of your concern. This girl is Red Riding Hood. She is the daughter of Rumpelstiltskin. If any dare harm a hair on her head, they die by my jaws!”

He hissed again as two of the wolves on the right side attempted to move towards Red.

A couple of wolves heard the message and scampered off.

Red couldn’t believe her ears...

Who was this wild wolf with a massive frame and ginger fur? he must be twice her size!

For some reason his voice seemed very familiar...

She noticed a burlap satchel near him. That was odd...

Quinn looked ready to charge. Jiminy noticed he was ravenous, and foaming at the mouth.

He quickly glanced back at Red. She was heavy with child.

Uh oh

Quinn was rabid and dangerous...

Jiminy realized he had to fight...if he did not fight now, more people would die.

Jiminy looked at Red, covering her large belly with her arms to protect the baby.

He must get her out of here!

Magic in his veins protectimg him from any elements, including rabies, Jiminy leaped at Quinn, aiming for his neck.

Quinn dodged him agilely, thinking perhaps he could outwit this stranger...

With bites, nips, rips and tears to both, the fight went on for about five minutes before Jiminy saw his chance.

He leapt at Quinn clamping his jaws on the wolf’s neck.

Whimpering, Quinn struggled. The red wolf had him pinned, and would not relent.

Growling at the others to keep away, Jiminy made his decision. The rabies affecting Quinn’s system would kill him slowly and painfully.

Despite this, if he survived, he could still order the others to come after Red and her child...

Jiminy knew what he had to do...

Letting loose his fangs, one small nip to his artery, and Quinn died instantly, falling at Jiminy’s feet.

“Anyone else?” the wolf asked, his husky voice drowned out by a warning growl.

Seeing their leader dead at the red wolf’s feet, the pack fled.

Red gasped when the pack left.

Breathing heavily, she noticed the red wolf did not escape injury as he collapsed to the ground.

Again she glanced near him and noticed a leather pack, straps on it like a saddlebag...

Heaving herself up, after having thrown herself to the ground to get away from Quinn and the wolf, Red rushed to it and opened the bag.

Inside she found long, dark green velvet cloak with a hood.

Startled, Red realized she could feel magic in her hands as she touched the cloak.

The red wolf, her protector, groaned in pain.

Red nodded. it was her turn to help him...

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