Enchanted Love

A Crater of Sorts

She stayed.

Emma shook her head in disbelief at her decision.

She wasn’t sure how or why, but she stayed.

There had been something in Regina’s response to Emma’s question…

A simple one: Do you love him?

It had taken Regina longer than immediately to answer yes.

It didn’t set well with Emma’s gut… she always trusted her gut instinct.

It was how she survived…

Anyway, she’d been feuding with Graham, the hottest Irish guy she’d ever seen, about wearing a tie.

She may be independent, but she wouldn’t go that far…

“Well at least wear the badge…”

She gave him a look.

“C’mon” he urged. “If you want to be a part of this community you at least have to wear the badge.”

Emma took the shield of metal hesitantly, clipping it to her pants pocket.

All of a sudden, the earth shook.

Abel shoved Marie and Teresa down on the floor of the church. Collin started to bawl.

Mr. Bracings had been walking with Juniper away from the diner, when he covered her with his body and shielded her from the breaking glass.

Car alarms went off.

Graham and Emma looked at each other.

What the heck did I just do? she thought.

What in the world? Graham thought as he looked at Emma, then turned quickly as the phone screamed off of the hook.

Graham answered the call then quickly grabbed his jacket.

“C’mon… we’re going to the mines” he said to her inquisitive look.

“Something happened, and it isn’t good.” Emma nodded and followed him outside toward the outskirts, where a large crowd was gathering.

The crowd was abuzz as they headed towards the melee.

“Is it a crater?” Ruby asked.

Roger, smiled, holding a grey puppy in his arms.

To those who looked closely, they could see that his pet wasn’t a normal breed.

Everyone was abuzz, even as Regina told the crowd to calm down, and mentioned her plans for the mine.

“We’re going to bulldoze it, collapse it, pave it”

“Pave it?” Henry asked, just as Juniper raised her fuzzy head as well.

“Yes” Regina hissed.

“What’s down there?” Henry asked.

“Nothing.” Regina growled. She was growing really tired of these little games of his.

“Now step back” she let go of his arm, willing him to obey.

Of course he wouldn’t.

“In fact, all of you… step back… please”

“Go wait in the car” Regina said.

As soon as her attention was turned, Henry went to find Emma.

He found her, putting police tape around the fallen debris.

“Sir can you move please?” she asked Roger Bracings, who now had Juniper by the hand.

The man looked at her confused eyeing her lips.

Again? He signed.

Emma looked at him as if he’d lost his mind, which ticked Roger off.

Just in time, Juniper tugged at the man’s shirt.

She tell you move… you go-to farm now?

He shook his head. Home me take you, finish, farm me go

Juniper grinned. She smiled at Emma. “We’re leaving now. Thank you”

“Sweet dreams, dearie…” Roger chuckled under his breath as he headed towards the Bed and Breakfast.

Fortunately, no one noticed his skin condition…

“Emma” Henry whispered.

Emma went to her son, wondering what he was up to this time.

“Hey Archie! Over here!” Henry hissed to the passing psychologist, who was just wondering if a friend of his was okay.

When Archie joined them, Henry started.

“This requires ALL of Operation Cobra… Both of you”

Both Emma and Archie looked at each other.

Uh oh

“I didn’t realize I was in on Operation Cobra” Archie said, choosing his words carefully.

“Of course you are… you know everything!” Henry said, as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

Archie decided to ignore whether or not the boy’s statement was meant as sarcasm.

Again he looked at Emma. Oh dear… it’s worse than I thought. he mused.

“They’re just some old tunnels” Emma tried to reason with her son, subconsciously catching the psychologist’s meaning.

“That just happen to collapse right after you get here?” Henry deadpanned.

“Did you do something different today? Cause something made this happen.”

Emma subconsciously looked down at the new badge on her hip.

Oh crap.

“Henry… I told you to wait in the car” Regina snapped.

“Deputy…” Regina scowled, annoyed at the title. “Do your job!”

She saw Dr. Hopper trying to subtly sneak away.

That wouldn’t do…

“Dr. Hopper a word please…?”

Busted Henry thought, sinking into the seat of the car.

How would Archie get out of this one…?

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