Enchanted Love

Mr. and Mrs. Valleyson

Marie sighed in Abel’s arms. he chuckled and kissed her head.

“When did you first fall for me?” Marie asked Abel, snuggling into him.

Abel grinned. He’d known exactly when he’d fallen for her.

“The train in Des Moines... we were headed to Chicago for the wedding”

Marie laughed. She remembered that trip well.

“You were having trouble with your luggage, and I was trying to help. You nearly took my head off”

Marie blushed. That particular point in the trip hadn’t gone so well. Her friend Leah had asked her to help assist with wedding plans.

The bride was meeting her fiancée in Des Moines where they’d all meet in Chicago.

Marie Firinn had ‘met’ one of the Ushers Abel Valleyson, while trying to put hers and her mother’s suitcases in the lower compartments...

“Need some help?” The train had whirred again... Marie was in a hurry. if she didn’t they’d miss the call.

“No, thank ye” she answered in a rush, trying unsuccessfully to get the blasted case onto the shelf.

The man tried not to smirk. Here was a beautiful young woman, whom he was certain was his contact he’d been assigned. He needed to speak with her about his position, and what he and his fellow Ushers would be required to do.

He took one look into her big brown eyes, noticed her petite frame in a white tea dress and grey overcoat, her long soft brown hair swept up into a gaunt grey hat atop her head.

She looked frustrated.

Abel had to be careful. Men like him were not supposed to fall in love...

Marie sighed in complete frustration. She had told her mother to pack light... they wouldn’t be gone long! what in the world...?

“Here, let me help. The faster I get these in, the faster you can get on.”

Marie snapped. “Look here mister! I may not be as strong as you, but I can and will do this myself, so if you’ll excuse me”

She’d only briefly glanced at him and was taken breathless at the time of her rant.

He was very handsome... blonde bangs peeking out of his cap, dressed in a fine dark suit.

What caught her attention, however, were his eyes. They were green, and glittery, reminding her of the grass back home...

Part of her was giddy, and she felt herself blush, but she knew he couldn’t admire her in that way.

After all, women of her calling did not fall in love...

“Glad to be of service” the man said tightly, tipping his hat as he walked away.

When Teresa caught up to her daughter, Marie was blind sighted by the fact that Mr. Valleyson was a longtime friend of Teresa’s. Marie shamefacedly told her mother what happened.

“You did what?! Girl, I ought to... I taught you better than that!”

“I’m sorry” Marie said, her head down, embarrassed. “I’m not the one you need to apologize to, Ms. Thing... that young man is a pastor from Charleston. He’s building a church”

“Oh?” Marie asked, curious. “Mhmm...” Teresa grinned. “And he’s looking for a wife”

Marie tilted her head. “Is that so? Well what does that have to do with me?”

“Aw, come on, Honey girl!” Marie giggled. Teresa hadn’t called her that in a while.

“What kind of Naomi would I be if I let you railroad your Boaz?” Marie started to sputter and her whole face turned red, as Teresa laughed.

Marie chuckled as she remembered what happened next.

Abel had come out of nowhere, and placed an ice cube down her shirt. She whirled and slapped him, then nearly slipped while reprimanding Teresa who was laughing her head off.

Fortunately, the handsome Mr. Valleyson had been there to catch her.

As well he should, since it was his fault to begin with!

Nearly two weeks later Abel had come calling and had taken her to supper at a quiet restaurant.

“Full?” he asked, smiling.

“Yes, thank you... that was very good” he chuckled.

“Well, I would say you’re welcome, but sadly I can’t take the credit... at least, this time”

“You cook?” Marie asked.

“Sure... A man of the cloth has to eat too”

Marie giggled. “I wish I knew how”

Abel studied her. She looked lovely in a peach lace dress, accenting her hair and eyes.

“Tell you what... why don’t we trade cooking lessons for a dance?” he stood up, and walked over to her.

Tie less, he had taken off his supper jacket, making him look strong and powerful. Marie’s stomach fluttered.

He offered his hand. “May I have this dance Mlle?”

She smirked. “Just one?”

He chuckled. “Alright, you win”

“Charmed” she answered, accepting his hand.

The band was playing an Old World Waltz.

Abel twirled Marie, then brought her back, dipped her, keeping her hand to his heart.

Throughout the waltz, they stayed together, step for step. Marie felt safe in Abel’s arms, keeping a gentle touch, and not once wandering where he shouldn’t.

“I feel like I’m on a cloud” Marie whispered. Her head was now against Abel’s chest, and she was getting drowsy.

“Mm... I think the dessert did you in, my dear” he smiled, green eyes twinkling.

No sooner had he said that, then she swooned, before he swept her off of her feet.

Managing to get both their jackets and placing some money on the table, he winked at the tall fair, bearded barkeep who wickedly grinned back at him.


Dessert indeed.

As time passed, Marie had wanted to make the first move. However, Abel’s travelling back and forth to perform death rites to parishioners and building the church, didn’t leave much time for socializing.

Marie decided to stay strong, and put it into the Father’s hands.

Six months after their first date, and nearly seven months after they met, Abel showed up on Teresa’s porch, with a small bouquet and a box...

The door opened, and Teresa’s husband Saul opened the door. “Yes”

“Good evening sir... I was wondering if Marie was at home? I have a question I’d like to ask her...”

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