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Beach Day


Sapphire is out with some of the others who she graduated UA with, including her boyfriend Kirishima. She had a bikini made just to catch his eye.

Erotica / Humor
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Beach Day Fun

Sapphire stretched out on the beach towel as some of the others in the group she was with ran into the water. She was out with Mina, Jiro, Ochaco, Izuku, Bakugo, who didn't jump in the water like the others, Denki, Sero, and of course, Kirishima. Sapphire opted for trying to get a tan and lay out on the beach. She wore sunglasses over her bright blue eyes, a red and black 'Red Riot' bikini underneath a large tunic. She had pulled her long, blue hair up in a ponytail before she laid out on the towel after pulling off the tunic. Sapphire glanced over to her boyfriend of two years, Kirishima, who was shoved underwater by Bakugo. She shook her head and laid back closing her eyes. She thought back at how she first met the cheerful red head. They met before just before UA, she had bumped into him at the entrance exams. They both apologized at the same time before laughing and she grabbed his hand, pulling him to the hall where everyone gathered. They were in the same group at the same training ground. Later, she had tripped just as a giant robot was sent tumbling down in her direction. Kirishima ran towards her, pulled her to him while hardening his back as the giant robot fell on them. Kirishima had one hand braced near her head, the other was around her waist.
"Are you alright? That wasn't very manly of that guy to explode the robot like that."
"I should be asking you that. The robot landed on you." Sapphire replied, her hands still gripping his shirt tightly. His lips split into a large grin.
"I'm great. Hey, you know you are even cuter up close." Sapphire blushed, her eyes widening. "Oh, this probably isn't the best time to flirt, huh?" He replied as he pulled her closer to him, hardening his other arm and he was able to shove to robot off the both of them. That's when the time's up was announced. Kirishima smiled to her before he stood and reached down for her hand. She accepted the help up and they walked out of the large training ground together. The then black-haired Kirishima turned to her.
"Oh by the way, my name is Eijiro Kirishima."
"Mine is Sapphire Castidor. You're a cute one also. I hope to see you again, Kirishima."
The next time Sapphire stepped foot on the campus, she was in the UA uniform.
"I'm so excited about being here." She exclaimed before an arm over her shoulder made her jump slightly.
"Hey, long time no see Sapphire."
"Kirishima? You changed your hair color." The now red-head grinned wide.
"Yeah. I wanted a bit of a change. So shall we see what class we're in? Hopefully, we're in the same one." Sapphire nodded. It turned out they were in the same class, 1-A with Erasurehead. Sapphire currently had her arms behind her head and one leg bent. Even with her eyes closed, she noticed a shadow fall over her.
"Hmm? What happened to the sun?" She opened one eye and lifted her sunglasses. Kirishima was leaning over her, she jumped slightly.
"Careful white chocolate. Wouldn't want you to melt." He had a large grin set on his face, his pointed teeth on display and his hair was down from being wet. "What's this you're wearing, pebble?" He crouched down and gripped her bent knee lightly but firmly. He kneeled between her legs and placed his palm on her toned stomach. "Is this a Red Riot bikini? Didn't know they started making these."
"Th-they didn't. It was a special order from Momo. I thought you might like it."
"I don't." Sapphire was surprised at his words.
"Oh. I-I guess I'll cov-" Kirishima had leaned over and cut her off with a sudden kiss. His hand moved to carress her cheek before moving away.
"I don't like it, pebble. I fucking love it." Sapphire hugged him and pulled him down to her.
"Don't scare me like that, Eiji. That's mean." Kirishima laughed.
"Sorry, pebble. Do you want me to make it up to you?" He turned to whisper in her ear before kissing her neck softly, a shiver running down her spine. He peppered kisses up her neck, his hand gently cupping her head. Sapphire bit her lip, tilting her head to the side.
"Eiji... th-there's people around." Kirishima chuckled.
"Don't worry, pebble. We won't get all hot and heavy here. I'm much too jealous to let anyone else see what is mine alone." He nipped her neck once more as Sapphire placed her hands on his toned stomach, her fingers tracing his abs softly.
"OI! Will you two quit sucking face already?! Did you forget you came here with other people?" They heard Bakugo yell at them from down the beach. Kirishima gave a growl, and Sapphire was surprised to see a sneer on his lips as he turned to face Bakugo. She knew him well enough to know he didn't get upset easily, but he was now. She quickly gripped his chin and brought his focus back to her.
"Remember, Eiji. It's not worth it. That sneer don't look good on that handso- mmf!" Kirishima quickly cut her off with a deep kiss. She pressed her lips back to his, her hands gripping his biceps lightly. She gave a small moan as his tongue swiped across her lips. Kirishima pulled away briefly looking down into her eyes.
"Pebble, let's find somewhere to be alone. I want to taste you, fuck. Seeing you in this bikini makes me hard, pebble. And I don't mean my quirk." He whispered in her ear before he licked from the base of her neck to just under her ear making a shiver run down her spine.
"Eiji.. save the teasing for when we're alone." He chuckled in her ear.
"We'll be alone soon enough, pebble." He nipped her neck softly, before he sat up and looked down the beach. "There we go. See that outcrop down the beach? We'll go over there for privacy." Sapphire glanced over to see a large rock outcropping that seemed abandoned. "I'll head over first, you can follow behind, pebble." He whispered in her ear before he pressed his lips to hers firmly and deeply. His hand threaded into her hair before he stood and grinned as he walked down the beach doing very little to hide the tent in his swim trunks. Sapphire bit her lip watching him walk away. She blushed, her hand covered her mouth as Mina walked over.
"So did he like the bikini, Sapphire?"
"No, he didn't."
"Well, that's a bummer. I thought for sure he would have liked it. Do you want me to sit with you?"
"No, it's alright. I wanted to take a walk anyway. Go and enjoy that water for me since I can't. I'll be fine." Sapphire said as she stood and grabbed her tunic slipping it on before walking in the same direction as Kirishima.
"Wait, you liar! Go get him, Sapphire!" She turned, grinning at Mina before turning back and took her time reaching the outcrop, knowing he'd be even more anxious to put his hands on her body. Sapphire took a deep breath before she walked around the large rock seeing Kirishima sitting down waiting for her.
"Why'd you cover up the bikini babe?" He asked with a growl to his voice.
"Two reasons. One: so no one is oogling me as I walked over here." Sapphire straddled Kirishima's lap.
"Two: for when you rip the bikini off of me, I have something to wear." Kirishima gripped her by the waist and pulled her close to him letting her feel his hardness.
"Pebble, take off the shirt. And I'll do my best not to rip that one of a kind bikini off of your perfect body." Sapphire pulled the tunic off as Kirishima licked his lips, his hands reaching up to fondle her breasts.
"Fuck pebble. You're so god damn beautiful. Your body is so perfect and all mine." He slipped one arm around her waist pulling her down and grinding on her clothed core. Sapphire gripped onto his shoulders.
"Eiji, no more teasing."
"Oh, I'm not teasing, pebble. I'm going to fucking ravage this body of yours to where everyone knows you are mine."
"Eiji... everyone knows I'm yours."
"You don't see the looks. Even from Bakugo and the others. I get so jealous, pebble." Sapphire grabbed his face in both her hands and lifted his face to hers.
"I am yours Eijiro Kirishima. No one else's. If you need to, leave a mark. Send a message. Mark me, Eiji."
His eyes widened, he always wanted to but he was too scared to ask.
"Are you sure, pebble? I don't want to hurt you." Sapphire groaned.
"I'm not made of glass, I can take some damage. Mark me with those shark teeth of yours, Eiji." She leaned down and pressed her lips firmly to his. Kirishima groaned pressing his lips back to hers before he pulled her down onto her back, with him now kneeling between her thighs. He pulled away and looked down into her ice blue eyes.
"Sapphire, I love you so fucking much. Will you tell me if it's too much?" Sapphire nodded before he leaned over her and kissed her neck softly. "Your pulse is racing, pebble. Are you excited?" Sapphire bit her lip and nodded.
"I... I've been wanting to ask you to mark me, but I didn't know how you'd respond." Kirishima chuckled and licked up her neck to her ear making a shiver run down her spine.
"I've been wanting the same, pebble." He kissed and suckled on her neck before moving to her shoulder. "I'll bite here. There aren't as many veins as in your neck, so I won't hurt you."
"Put them anywhere you want. I want others to see them. I don't want any doubt in anyone's mind who I belong to. Mark me Red Riot." Kirishima grinned and pulled the strings connecting her bikini letting it fall.
"Will you wear this more often? I love seeing it on you, and off of you also." He kissed her shoulder before moving down to the perfect globes he loved to hold onto.
"I've always loved your breasts. They're the perfect size for my hands." He placed kisses down to her nipple, as his hands massaged her breasts. "But don't get me wrong pebble. The thing I love most about you is your heart and spirit." Sapphire was panting and biting her lip, shaking in anticipation. He was very gentle, he always was.
"E-Eiji, please, you can be a bit rougher with me." Sapphire could feel his cock twitch against her core even through their bottoms. Kirishima nipped her nipple softly making her arch her back. He suckled softly before he kissed his way over to her other breast.
"Be careful what you ask for, pebble." His hands drifted down her toned stomach and pulled the strings tying her bottoms together. Sapphire raised her hips slightly letting him pull her bikini bottoms off. He kissed and nipped lightly down her stomach following his wandering hands. His fingers moved down to cup her sex making her gasp lightly.
"Pebble, you're a twitching mess down here. Let me take care of you." Kirishima's fingers rubbed on her wet nether lips, drawing small circles until he brushed against her clit making her cry out softly, fisting her fingers in his damp hair.
"Eiji! Fuck, please..."
Kirishima grinned before leaning down and lightly breathed over her wet sex. Sapphire moaned softly, then gasped as she felt his tongue find her clit easily.
"Eiji!" She tossed her head back into the sand underneath her.
"I told you I wanted to taste you pebble. That's what I'm doing. I'm going to eat this cunt like it's my favorite meal." He gripped onto her thighs and pulled her close to his face as he licked her clit before pushing his tongue into her.
"Fuck, Eiji." Sapphire spread her legs wider as Kirishima started licking inside her, his tongue swiping across her clit every so often making her squirm.
"Pebble, you taste so good. This cunt is mine, mine to eat out as I please." Sapphire moaned in response then gasping when she felt him push two large fingers inside her. "You're so fucking tight, pebble. If you want my cock, we're going to have to loosen you up." Kirishima's lips suckled softly on her clit as his fingers thrust in and out slowly. Sapphire moaned out loud, her heels digging into the sand but she couldn't find purchase. Kirishima added a third finger, groaning at how tight she was.
"Come for me pebble. I want to taste your flavor. Come in my mouth, I can't get enough of you." Kirishima curled his fingers inside of her, his tongue licking quickly on her clit making her give a small scream.
"Eiji!" Her nails scratched softly across his scalp before he sat up and she could see his slick coated face. He had a large grin as he leaned over her.
"That was a very tasty meal, pebble. But I would love dessert. I think we could both enjoy this dessert." He quickly pushed down his shorts, letting his large cock pop free from its confines of his swimming trunks. Kirishima pulled his fingers from her and brought them to his lips to clean her slick from them. He leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers gently as he gripped onto the back of her thighs. Sapphire responded to the kiss quickly, her arms immediately wrapping around his shoulders, knowing it was going to be a rough ride.
"Are you ready, pebble? You asked me to be rough with you. Last chance to back out of saying that." Kirishima mumbled against her lips as his cock rubbed against her clit softly.
"Please, Eiji. Make me yours. I want you to own me." Kirishima gave a low growl before he lined himself up with her opening and inched himself in.
"Oh fuck, pebble. You're still tight around me." Kirishima gritted his teeth as he pushed himself between her tight yet silky walls. He paused once he was settled fully within her tight cunt. Sapphire bit her lip and buried her face in Kirishima's shoulder, trembling lightly. He gripped her thighs tightly, he was sure it might leave bruises, but his mind was blank with the rush of being inside Sapphire. Kirishima gave a couple light pumps of his hips, Sapphire squirming under him.
"Fuck, Eiji! Please... move..." She nipped him on his shoulder as her hands gripped onto his opposite shoulder and his hair. Kirishima made a little noise when she nipped his shoulder as he hooked her legs over his arms so he could grab onto her waist.
"Oh fuck, pebble. You feel so fucking amazing right now." He pressed small kisses to her cheek, her neck, and shoulder as he pumped his hips slow at first to get Sapphire used to his large size. Kirishima licked and suckled on her shoulder as he started thrusting a bit faster making her gasp and moan out loudly.
"E-Eiji..!" Sapphire moved her hand down his shoulder and scratched up his back with her nails. Kirishima groaned at her nails, his hips pumping harder at hers.
"Fuck, pebble. You really want me to be rough with you, huh?" His thrusting became hard, deep, and fast. Sapphire gasped, her hand gripping his hair tightly.
"Yes! I want everyone to know who I belong to! Fuck, Eiji!" Kirishima gave a low growl in her ear before he nipped her shoulder softly, his hands pulling on her hips in time with his thrusts.
"Oh, fuck pebble. I'm not sure how long I'll last if you keep aaahh.. if you keep tightening around me."
"I c-can't help it... oh fuck! Eiji! I'm getting close..." Sapphire moaned loudly, her hands gripping and scratching at his back making him groan.
"Fuck. Fuck! Pebble, you.. you are mine. No one else's, no one... fuck!" Kirishima could feel her clenching down on him tightly, but he continued to thrust into her, not slowing down as he gave a soft exhale before biting down on the junction of her neck and shoulder making her cry out. He groaned against her neck as she tightened even more. Kirishima thrusted a few more times before releasing thick, white ropes of cum inside her pulsing cunt. Sapphire gripped onto his shoulders, trembling softly.
"Oh, fuck. Eiji, that was amazing." Kirishima pulled away from her shoulder and kissed the bite mark softly.
"We'll need to clean that later, pebble. Does it hurt?" He kissed her cheek softly before she pulled him into a deep kiss. Kirishima responded to the kiss before he slowly released her legs setting them down and reached up with one hand to carress her cheek. Sapphire pulled away, laying her head back against the sand panting lightly. Kirishima chuckled.
"You good pebble?" Sapphire nodded.
"I'm great. I can't even feel where you bit me."
"You probably won't for a bit, pebble." Kirishima wriggled his hips making her gasp and bite her lip. "Is someone still sensitive?" Sapphire nodded.
"O-of course I am. I already came t-twice..." Kirishima laughed softly before sitting up and gripping her legs making her glance at him.
"You wanna try for three, pebble?" Sapphire's eyes went wide before blushing and bit her lip as he trailed one hand up her thigh and rubbed a finger over her clit, Kirishima pumped his hips lightly as he stroked her clit, his cock still semi-hard inside her. Sapphire gasped, her fingers clenching on his arms.
"Fuck, Eiji! I.. I don't know if I-I can a-again..." His fingers continued their rhythm on her clit.
"Oh, but you can pebble. Let me show you." Sapphire gasped, squirming her hips trying to get away from his fingers and the overstimulation but he gripped her thigh tighter with his other hand.
"You can one more time, Sapphire. You'll be fine."
"E-Eiji, it's too m-much.."
"Then what's your color?" Sapphire hesitated. Her color was orange to stop, red to keep going. She was overwhelmed but she did ask him to be rough with her.
"R-red.." A grin widened on his face as his fingers moved faster making her cry out.
"You won't regret this, pebble." Kirishima tightened his grip on her thigh, pumping his hips shallowly as his fingers drew loud cries from her throat. "You are so fucking gorgeous, pebble. I love hearing your moans and cries like this, especially with my cock buried inside you."
"Eiji. Eiji.. I'm.. fuck!"
"Ah, close pebble? Let it go, cum for me. I want to feel it again." Sapphire gripped the arm that was gripping her thigh, her other hand dug into the sand beneath her.
"Eiji... Eijiro!" Sapphire came with a cry, clenching his legs with hers.
"That is such a beautiful cry, pebble. I hope to hear it more often." Kirishima smiled as he pulled out of her with a groan. Sapphire trembled looking up at him, her eyes halfway closed as she panted heavily. "I told you, pebble." Kirishima chuckled at her expression, he sat up and pulled up his shorts.
"We should get to the house so we can clean up, pebble." Sapphire nodded and sat up groaning. "Was I too rough with you?"
"Not at all, love. You know if it was, I would have said so." Kirishima smiled and helped her sit up. He helped her put her bikini back on, his grin growing again. Kirishima stood before pulling her to stand next to him.
"Let me carry you, pebble. You seem a bit weak in the knees." He turned to kneel in front of her and she gasped.
"Eiji, your back is all scratched up. I'm so sorry." A laugh erupted from Kirishima and he quickly pulled her onto his back and stood up, a cry of surprise leaving her lips. Sapphire quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him.
"Don't worry, babe. You just claimed me as yours, as I did you." Sapphire buried her head in his shoulder as he carried her back to the others, his hands planted firmly on her ass. Kirishima had a large grin on his face as the others turned to them.
"Is Sapphire alright, Kirishima?"
"Yeah, she's fine, Midoriya. She's just a bit tired." Kirishima responded to the green-haired boy as Sapphire groaned and trembled in his shoulder. Mina slid over to them getting in Kirishima's face.
"What happened?"
"What do you think happened?" He smirked wider feeling Sapphire tighten her arms around him. Mina moved closer to Sapphire.
"Girl, you are blushing!" Sapphire raised her head to look at Mina before reaching over to move her hair from her shoulder where he bit her.
"Jiro! Ochaco! You both owe me $30!" The two girls groaned as Mina approached them.
"Did you guys have a betting pool on us?" Sapphire asked.
"Yeah, we did." It was Midoriya who responded.
"What else where you betting on?" Kirishima asked.
"Your back, shitty-hair. Did she claw it up?" Bakugo growled out with a grin on his face. Kirishima sighed and kneeled down to let Sapphire down from his back. She sat back as Kirishima turned around showing the guys his clawed up back.
"I fucking knew it! Once she got that swimsuit, I knew it was just a matter of time before that happened." Bakugo laughed as he collected money from both Denki and Sero. Meanwhile, the girls surrounded Sapphire.
"Now tell us the tea." Mina was hounding her.
"There's nothing to tell, Mina."
"Bullshit. That bite mark on your shoulder, the bruises coming up on your thighs." Sapphire started to cover her thighs when she was picked up by Kirishima.
"Sorry, girls. Gotta get her home. We'll see y'all later." He walked with her to his car and sat her in the passenger seat. He quickly climbed in the driver's seat and looked over to her grinning.
"Shall we have another round at home, pebble?" Kirishima leaned over and pressed his lips to hers softly yet firmly, his hand resting on her thigh. Sapphire kissed back earnestly, her hand tangling into his hair. He pulled back a moment later, chuckling.
"Unless you'd rather climb in the back, pebble."
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