Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 2

The Runabout came out of warp and headed towards a hazy green planet as Michael and the others are already on the bridge and strapped into their seats. The Runabout descended through reentry and they and flew through the hazy green mist that surrounded them. Michael said, “Looks like radar from here on out.” Minos looked onto his console and said, “I’ll keep an eye out for anything that is in our path.” Michael replied, “Send it to my console. I don’t like it when I can see where I am going.” Minos pressed a few buttons and the monitor on the console before Michael showed the radar and it displayed a city surrounding them. Michael navigated as the others watched a skyscraper appear from the right as they passed and other large abandoned structures as they descended into the middle of a small park as they were barely able to see the buildings surrounding them. Goku looked worried and said, “Looks like something out of a horror movie.” Michael said, “It’s the radiation. Once it reaches noon it should clear up, but at nights it is pitch black.” Chloe asked, “How long do we plan on being here?” Michael replied, “I would say by nightfall or whenever we complete the search of the area, because this is the central hub of technological research.” The Runabout landed in the middle of the park and Michael pressed a few buttons and nonessential systems were powered down and Chloe, Goku and Minos left the bridge and put on their radiation suits and checked their masks while Michael only put on gloves and slipped on a tight fitted mask with a breathing hose reaching from the mask to a portable pack on his right hip.

Everyone stood ready by the side door as the shield, that separate them from the rest of the ship, went up and Michael pressed a button on the panel and the door opened with a short rush of radiated air. Michael stepped out first and he heard a crunch and when he looked down he noticed the grass beneath his feet was dead. Chloe said, “Let me guess, radiation.” Michael replied, “No, lack of water, blueberry.” Goku and Minos tried to keep from snickering only to have Chloe glared at them and they finally looked away without trying to laugh. Michael said, “All right, lets get started.” Michael and the others pulled out their scanners and moved about in the abandoned park till Michael said, “Okay, since we are the first people to visit this dead planet I suggest we stay together.” Goku replied, “You don’t have to ask to me buddy. I can’t agree with you more.” They left the park in a picket line as they walked onto one of the streets to the left of the park and passed a few abandoned hover vehicles that sat on the two lane road that was cracked and some dead weeds spurting out before stopping in front of a skyscraper with a metal/glass promenade in front and wide steps leading up. Michael said, “Goku, Minos, split up. Chloe come with me. I got a feeling this particular place could take us awhile. Sync your timers to eight hours. After eight hours head straight back to the ship.” Goku pressed a button on his right wrist and replied, “Got it.” They synced their timers and Goku and Minos went opposite directions while Michael and Chloe started climbing the steps and she asked, “How come we don’t see any bodies or personal possessions?” Michael replied, “Their bodies must have fully decomposed while everything else all I can guess is the wind blew them away or severe storms that blew through here.”

They made it to the top of the steps and opened one of the glass doors before them and once they entered the building Chloe looked wide eyed and said, “Dude.” And before them they stood on an overlook where stairs from both ends curled down and on both the left and right sides of the building are a series of elevators with no visible tracks or cables that lead to various departments where their names are displayed along the walls of the skyscraper to the very top. Michael and Chloe looked around and also noticed skeletal remains in clothing strewn about while on the floor below the overlook and just past the glass walls is a one story building that is made to be fully exposed to the outside and showed various forms of tech. Michael broke the silence and said, “Information desk.” He turned and walked to his left to a reception desk and he looked over and saw the skeletal remains of a person sitting behind it and laid forward on the desk, face down, wearing a blue uniform. Michael went behind the desk and four glass pane monitors turned on and typed on a keyboard, “Weapons display.” The monitors showed the map of the building and traced a pink line from where they are to the fifth level on the left side as Chloe watched and said, “Lets go.” They boarded the nearest elevator as it automatically turned on and it suddenly began to move to their surprise.

Goku walked past some abandoned restaurants and looked at some of the menu’s but was unable to read the language. He sighed with disappointment and said, “If only I had something to translate this.” And he continued till he saw a vehicle showcase with a large sign above spelling, “Toyo City Showcase” Goku looked fascinated, scratched his back and said, “Well, a little detour cannot hurt.” He entered the showcase and walked over a walkway and below him he saw a road course and when he went inside he saw various displays of hover cars, trucks and electric cycles and Goku yelped with joy, “Dude this is awesome!”

Minos passed a large four lane walkway overpass and on the other side he looked at a map that had a route passing the walkway and various directions but couldn’t read the language. Minos sighed, “Man, they must love to walk.” He moved onward and saw various large buildings, skyscrapers and a couple of overhead monorails as Minos looked in awe and said, “Woo, they sure lived a high life.” He then saw dead plants the use to makeup various gardens and statues and then he saw shops beneath the tall buildings showing various appliances and goods. He stopped walking and sighed as he saw some appliances that interested him and he said to himself, “Why not.” He opened the door to one of the stores and saw, to his surprise, a couple of skeletons with one in an aisle in front of him and another slumped over what he believes is a cash register before sighing with relief. He looked ahead to see a couple of floors filled with electronic goods surrounding an open space to a glass roof with stairs leading to each floor. Minos sighed and said to himself, “This could take awhile.”

The elevator stopped right before the glass doors and Michael and Chloe stepped into the large, white room that is lined with display cases along the walls revealing various guns and weapons. Chloe was looking down at the glass shielded display tables and noticed the words “Smash proof” labeled on it as Michael approached behind her seeing her frown with disappointment. Chloe said, “Break it please.” Michael smashed his right hand through with ease and pulled out one of the guns she was interested in and handed it to her and she replied casually, “Thank You.” As she examined/marveled the gun, Michael looked up towards the back as he heard the sound of someone breathing through a mask and spoke something that Michael could not understand and walked towards the sound as he continued to hear the deep voice saying something but grew louder and he heard him say, “The force. You must...” Suddenly Michael felt a sting of pain in the back of his head right before his visual went blank and he passed out.

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