Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 3

Michael woke up and he moaned in pain as he cringed and felt the back of his head as he sat up and looked around to notice he’s in a dark domed room with stars overhead and in front of him a view of a desert like planet when a voice said, “I have been waiting for you.” Michael looked around in surprise and from the shadows appeared Lord Serenity, smiling at him as he said, “I have to admit, I was a little surprised myself.” Michael noticed he is the only one in the room, besides Serenity, and he looked at Serenity with growing anger and asked aloud, “Where’s Chloe?” Chloe replied calmly, “Right here.” Michael was taken by surprise, even as the domed room lighted up a little, and Chloe (wearing her green suit without the wig and mask) walked up to Lord Serenity’s right side and he held her by the waist making Michael to suddenly stand up and yell, “Get you’re fucking hands off...” Before he knew it, Chloe threw a star that struck his throat and Michael stumbled backwards as he grasped it and began gaging as blood seeped through his hands and dripped from his mouth as he looked surprised.

Michael pulled the star out and spat out the rest of the blood from his mouth as the words “Vocal and neck systems: Minor damage. Synthetic skin and blood: Major damage.” Displayed in his robotic eyes before they disappeared and Chloe yelled out, “Listen here fucker! I’m not your wife anymore!” Michael looked surprised and was overcome by shock till he was finally able to ask, “Why?” Chloe made a short laugh and replied, “Why? Are you that clueless? Since we had our children all I want is to settle down and enjoy our lives with our children, not abandon them and hop around the galaxy as if our children never existed!” Michael spoke aloud, “I want to settle down Chloe, I really do! It’s just we have to get rid of him...” He pointed at Serenity, “And stop him from hunting us before we could actually be together and live in peace!” Chloe screamed in anger, “BULLSHIT! I am not going to help again restoring peace in the galaxy when we were spat on and questioned because of how we helped them and giving all the credit to someone who just stood on the fucking sidelines! Not anymore! From now on I agree with your future self on having an empire ruled by us and if anyone decides to question our methods will fucking die or go to prison!” Michael looked shocked at what Chloe said and replied, “Chloe, think about what you are saying. Dictatorship does not bring peace. Only death, misery and...” Points at Serenity, “Threatens to kill millions if people don’t do as he says!” Chloe snorts and says, “Spare me. So far freedoms of speech, press, etc., etc., have only brought complaints, complaints and even more whining if not trying to destroy the definition of the word hero by trying to make them look like villains. For example, Lance Armstrong, Chris Kyle, you, me and I’m sick of it! I only want our children to live a normal life and not be spat on or ridiculed all because they want us to become villains and persecute our children because we are their parents! The only way to stop them and have true peace is what Lord Serenity wants! An empire under our own rule where no one can touch us like Goku and Minos!” Michael looked worried this whole time and asked, “Where is Goku and Minos?” Chloe replied, “We left them on the planet with your ship. They will be fine without us.” Michael stepped forward towards her till Chloe pulled out her gun and pointed at him, forcing him to stop and he said, “You know that won’t stop me.” Chloe replied, “After all we’ve been through you want to bet on that?” Serenity intervened and said, “I think it’s my turn to reeducate myself honey.” Chloe put her gun away before stepping away and said, “Fine, he’s all yours. Make sure you paralyze him quick or else it will be more difficult.” Serenity smirked as he looked at her and replied, “I know. He is my younger self after all.” They both kissed as Michael looked on in anger and balled up both his fists and tightened his muscles before they stopped and she smiles at him and says, “Bye, bye honey. I can’t wait to see what your future self can do in bed that you can’t.” And the sliding doors closed before her leaving Michael with Lord Serenity.

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