Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 4

Once the doors closed electrical bolts from the floor issued forth up Michael’s legs and feet as he screamed in pain for a few moments before the electricity ceased and Michael almost fell to the floor stopping himself as he put his hands out and began breathing heavily from the pain. Michael looked up as he cringed in anger only to see Lord Serenity’s foot as he kicked him below the chin, sending blood flying into the air, and flipped backwards slamming his back onto the deck. Before Michael could move Serenity appeared on his right side and in a single kick broke all of Michael’s ribs on his right side and flew in the air slamming into the far wall before falling hard onto the deck and Michael screamed in agony as he squirmed on the floor. Michael screamed as he suddenly charged at Serenity, trying to spear him in the stomach when suddenly Serenity dodged to his left and made a roundhouse kick that sent Michael flying to his left and smashing a large monitor above a console before falling onto the deck and groaned in pain. Serenity looked to his right and made a single nod and a M-600 pulled down a lever and Michael screamed in pain as he was electrocuted with electrical bolts crawling up his hands, arms, feet, legs and veined around his body till a few moments later Serenity nodded again and the electrical shock stopped and Michael flopped hard onto the deck with steam/smoke issuing forth from his black leather jacket and body.

Serenity laughed as he walked up to Michael as he struggled to get up and looked at Serenity with disbelief and the red lenses of his eyes flickered beneath his human eyes. Serenity said, “By this time your visual senses are flickering. You are totally predictable as I know how I fought when I was my age at that time.” The ship rocked as there was a muffled explosion and the alarm went off. Serenity looked back at the M-600 and yelled, “What was that?” The M-600 replied, “An unknown ship came out of warp within the perimeter and fired what appears to be a torpedo.” Serenity called out, “Send out the Interceptors and...” Suddenly the glass in front of the throne room was smashed in (before the electronic shield suddenly went up to prevent the air from being sucked into space) as both Serenity and Michael looked as they heard Goku screaming in anger and in Super Saiyan level 4 form. He elbowed Serenity in the chest, and sending him flying back into one of the consoles and smashed it before Goku grabbed and threw him sending him hurtling towards the M-600 and Serenity ended up smashing it to pieces before hitting his back up against the wall and fell on his left side onto the deck.

Goku turned to Michael and yelled, “MICHAEL, GET UP!” Two doors on the left and right side of the throne/domed room opened and a series of M-600 and 400’s entered the room with their weapons drawn and in a flash Goku ran around the room and in one punch smashed all the machines that have entered, sending various metal and mechanical parts flying or falling to the deck before more started to enter. Michael grunted/groaned in pair as he hurriedly tried to get up when his sensors flashed a warning in his eyesight of machines activating mini-guns. When he heard the click of the triggers being pulled on three mini-guns Michael flipped backwards and Goku ran around the room in the speed of light as the M-500’s (with mini-guns) fired leaving a trail of bullets behind both of them. In that short span of time Goku threw an energy disk and two machines dodged them while the third one was sliced in half and it went through the wall and various rooms beyond till their was a muffled explosion as the hull on the other side of the ship exploded as the disk impact it. Goku then quickly fired a blue energy beam with both hands and absorbed the bullets fired from the mini-guns (as the two machines resumed firing) before the beam struck both the M-500s and they exploded. Serenity appeared right behind Goku and he yelled as he was about to drive his connected hands down to the top of Goku’s head when suddenly Michael screamed and tackled Serenity from the left side and slammed him into one of the console monitors on the right side of the room smashing the glass in as Serenity screamed as he was electrocuted from the active wires within the monitor.

Michael looked back at Goku (ignoring Serenity’s screams) and asked, “Just curious, how were you able to find us?” Goku ignored the screams of Serenity as well and replied, “I sensed something was wrong when I was looking around and saw them take you and Chloe following with them as if she is one of them. Then from there me and Minos took the ship and followed them at a distance till they stopped and...” Suddenly Serenity stopped screaming as he pulled himself free. Michael stood next to Goku as looked ready to fight as Serenity turned to face them with smoke/steam issuing forth from his black and dark purple uniform’s shoulders and his head as he glared at them and said, “You are both going to...” Before he finished Goku put both of his hands together and fired a red beam of energy at Serenity, only for him to dodge to his left in a blink of an eye and the beam blasted through the console where he stood in front of and the beam blasted through the ship till it exploded the outer hull at the very end causing the ship to shudder. Serenity looked where the beam missed him and back at Goku and Michael with furious anger and yelled, “Send them all in now!” More machines entered the room from all three entrances and Goku and Michael looked around and noticed they are surrounded. Michael whispered to Goku, “Goku, you know where the engines of this ship are right?” Goku eyed at him with puzzlement and replied, “Sort of, why?” Michael said, “Destroy them.” Goku then turned to face him with a look of shock and said aloud, “Michael that would destroy...” Serenity yelled, “Kill Goku now!” Just as the machines drew their mini-guns or phaser rifles Michael screamed at Goku, “DO IT NOW!” Goku immediately created a blue ball of energy with both his hands and screamed, “KAO-KAN!” And the blue beam of energy fired forth and blasted through the main entrance and blew apart the machines surrounding it as the beam ripped its way through as Serenity looked shocked and screamed, “NOOOO!”

A M-79 stood behind a console where before him four large tube shaped engines (glowing green and purple) stood horizontally as they provided the ship’s propulsion. Suddenly it heard a growing sound of explosions and a glowing blue light behind it and it turned curiously to see a single beam of blue energy coming right at it as the machine stood there and looked at it curious as it grew closer and closer till it was engulfed in blue light.

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