Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 6

Serenity groaned as he started getting up but Michael was already on his feet, holding his right arm, and in one sudden rotation of his shoulder/arm (while clamping his mouth shut tight) he relocated it and looked over at Goku and asked, “Goku, are you all right?” Goku stumbled as he stood up and replied, “Yeah, boy he can throw a punch.” Michael smirked and said, “You’re dealing with my future self remember.” Goku asked, “What are we...” Serenity roared with rage as he ran and punched both of them in the face and knocked them both down onto the deck. He then grabbed Goku by the right leg and threw him slamming Goku into the wall before falling back down. Suddenly Michael jumped back up onto his feet and as Serenity threw Goku, Michael punched Serenity directly in the spine column and Serenity yelped as he stumbled onto his knees. Michael then grabbed Serenity and threw him back so hard Serenity’s back bounced off the wall and he fell face forward onto the deck. But just as he was about to hit the floor he vanished and reappeared right before Michael as he roared with rage, grabbed Michael by the collar as he ran at him and slammed Michael’s back onto the deck so hard that the deck shook and the metal plating, below Michael’s back, bent.

Serenity grabbed Michael by the collar and pulled him till his face is right in front of him and Serenity yelled, “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT....” Suddenly Michael stabbed Serenity’s right eye (deep) with a sharp piece of metal and Serenity screamed so loud that Michael and Goku cringed as their ears hurt. As Serenity was distracted by the pain and tried to grab the piece of metal, Michael kicked Serenity in the mid-section with both of his feet that Serenity flew back till he bounced off the wall and fell forward hard onto the deck. Serenity scrambled up and sat back up against the wall and in one motion he yanked the shard of metal out of his right eye socket and skull with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid sprayed out till Serenity immediately covered where his right eye was with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid immediately began seeping through. Michael grunted as he stood up and brushed himself off as he looked at Serenity’s anger/painful expression and said, “Now their won’t be any confusion of who’s who.” There was a sound of a woman screaming in anger and both Michael and Goku looked up to Michael’s right and saw Chloe with one of her samurai swords raised over her head as she fell towards Michael and Michael stepped back just in time as the sword was meant to slice him directly in half but instead made a deep gash from his left shoulder down to his left hip and he stumbled and fell onto his back as blood flew into the air and Chloe landed on her feet.

Michael held his left side as blood seeped through his right hand as he looked up at Chloe, as she stood over him, and gasped, “Why Chloe?” She made a roundhouse kick knocking Michael back and a spittle of blood flew from his mouth and as she came around she drove her sword through his stomach and into the deck. Michael screamed in agony as he grabbed the sword with both hands and Chloe twisted the sword clockwise as Michael cringed and gritted his teeth as groaned loudly in pain. Goku screamed, “NO!” As he sped towards Chloe when suddenly Serenity tackled him from the left with his right hand on Goku’s left side of his face and slammed his head up against the wall so hard that it dazed him and fell back on his knees as he groaned in pain. Chloe looked at Serenity as he stumbled to his feet and she said dryly, “Thanks.” Serenity (with his right hand over where his right eye was with blood mixed with hydraulic fluid dripping out of) replied, “Remember, don’t kill him.” Chloe cringed in disgust as she looked down at Michael and in one thrust she pulled her sword out and blood and oil flew out as well as Michael yelped in pain and he grasped both his hands over the wound and cringed/groaned in pain. Through the pain Michael was just able to say, “You, traitor.” Chloe replied, “No, you. For not taking care of your family and only cared about everyone else.” Suddenly she was kicked on the left side of her face and she fell onto the deck as she yelped in pain.

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