Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 7

Chloe looked up to see Minos, with his sword drawn, standing where she was and Michael rasped, “Minos, what took you so long?” Minos replied, “Run into some of Serenity’s minions. Are you okay?” Michael looked at himself as he sat up and replied, “Barely.” Chloe stood up and said, “Back away Minos, this is not your fight.” Minos cringed in anger as he looked at her and replied angrily, “Anyone who tires to hurt my friends has to get through me you traitorous bitch!” Chloe glared at him as she gripped her sword hard with her right hand and Michael said, “Minos, get out of here.” Minos ignored him and said, “Get Goku, I’ll try to keep them occupied till you two get away and join you shortly.” Serenity cringed in anger and yelled, “You think I am...” Suddenly Goku screamed and punched Serenity directly between the legs from behind (as he sat behind him) and Serenity looked wide eyed and fell on his knees as he gave a girly cry of pain and held his crotch with both hands revealing his right eye socket that had a smashed in robotic eye lens, frayed wiring and dried blood mixed with hydraulic-fluid. Goku smirked and said dryly (looking like he is going to pass out), “Going to scream like a girl? Yeah.” Michael made a weak laugh and began crawling towards Goku when Chloe screamed in anger and charged after Minos and began sword fighting.

As they continued to sword fight Michael crawled over to Goku and Goku said, “Here, let me help you up, old man.” Michael laughed lightly, from the pain, and Goku grabbed him under the right shoulder and pulled him up when suddenly Goku yelped in pain and fell back on his knees and Michael saw Serenity was grasping Goku’s left ankle with one hand and he said angrily, “You’re not leaving yet.” Michael and Goku watched as Minos fought Chloe when all of a sudden she kicks him on the left side of his left knee making a loud snap sound as she dislocated his knee and Minos cried out in pain as he fell to his knee. Chloe swung her sword and Minos blocked it only to have Chloe spun around him and made a roundhouse kick, kicking his sword away from his grasp to his right. Minos grasped his knee as he tried to hold back the pain and Chloe smirked as she breathed heavily and said, “Told you this is not your fight. Now you will die.” Chloe raised her sword and swung at Minos to decapitate him as Goku screamed, “NOOOO!” When suddenly he was throttled towards Minos’s direction and tackled him before landing on top of Minos’s sword and Chloe missed him and struck the metal deck. Both Chloe, Minos and Goku looked up in surprise and there was a soft beeping sound. Goku and Minos looked around as they heard it is near till Goku felt a small, round device on the side of his orange pants and he looked at it when he heard Michael say, “Till we meet again Goku.” Goku looked up, as well as Minos, and they began to dematerialize even as Goku screamed, “MICHAEL NO!” And the last thing they saw was Michael smiling as Goku and Minos dematerialized and rematerialized back onboard the Runabout.

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