Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 8

Chloe screams, “DAMNIT!” She glowered at Michael as he smiled and gave her the finger. Chloe turns and starts walking towards Michael with her sword ready, as Michael continues to smile at her, when Serenity said, “Enough.” Michael looks to his left as a large shadow looms over him and sees it is Serenity and Chloe approaches his side as she looked worried and asks, “Are you okay?” Serenity felt where his right eye was and notices that the blood is dry but hydraulic fluid still steadily leaked and he frowned and replied, “At least my robotic functions are able to stop the bleeding, but only slow down the hydraulic leak.” Chloe looked worried and was about to tear part of her uniform till Serenity stopped her and said, “No matter, since I don’t have a right eye anymore.” They heard Michael laughing and they both looked at him as if he was crazy and Chloe asked, “What’s so funny? You are outnumbered and in no shape to...” Serenity looked shocked and yelled, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Chloe looked at him puzzled till she looked where Serenity was looking at and saw the surface of Wol III growing closer and closer as the ship started to shake. Michael continued laughing and said, “Looks like we are going down together.” A male robotic voice echoed throughout the ship, “Impact in t minus one minute, ten-seconds and counting.” Before Serenity could stop her, Chloe pulled out one of her knifes, threw it and struck Michael directly in the chest as Michael fell back and yelped in pain. Chloe started pulling out another blade as she yelled, “YOUR BALLS ARE NEXT!” Serenity grabbed her by the shoulders and Chloe struggled under his grasp as Michael tried to sit up again.

Michael grabbed the knife by the hilt and (while trying to keep from screaming in pain) yanked the knife out of his chest causing blood and hydraulic fluid to leak out till he put his right hand over his chest and put pressure on it while holding his left hand over his stomach and putting pressure on it as well. Serenity spoke calmly, “Don’t worry my love, this is not the end. After all, our children are waiting for us.” He smiled as Chloe and Michael looked up at him, wide eyed and Chloe gasped, “Ty? Joey? How?” Serenity replied, “Once Arsenal and Carrie left the hospital were on the run I made a simple threat to Zhargosia to send me our children or else I will get them by force and they simply abide to my wishes.” Michael screamed, “YOU SON OF A....” Serenity cut him off as he laughed and said, “It’s not my fault! It’s those people you tried so hard to protect! They bow to my threats so easily that they don’t even know that ninety percent of the time I was just bluffing and had not intention on destroying their world or anyone else’s, but then do as I want anyway! So far the only people that have not ignored my bluffs is the Federation! And I applaud them!” Michael screamed, “LET MY CHILDREN GO! IT IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME!” Chloe yelled back, “NO! THEY ARE OURS! And I will marry Serenity and raise our children the way they should be!” She grabbed Serenity by the waist and held him for comfort as Michael (his face red with rage and a red glint in both his eyes) screamed, “NOOOO!” He grabbed the bloody knife by his side and threw it at Chloe’s face as he screamed in anger.

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