Star Trek Defiance: Betrayal

Chapter 9

The knife flew when suddenly Serenity and Chloe dematerialized and the last thing Michael saw was their smiles before they disappeared and the knife flew at empty space and struck the metal wall and bounced off. Pieces of the ship began falling about him as the ship’s hull burned during the planet’s reentry phase and the deck below and around him began to buckle and before he knew it, half the forward deck in the room (where he sat) fell and he stretched out his hands and arms to grab onto anything that is solid only to no avail. Serenity’s ship continued to burn through reentry when and there were multiple explosions and the hull broke away in two large pieces and various medium and small size debris (including various M and T model machines and terminators) leaving a trail of smoke and fire in their path as they reached the planet’s surface.

Once passed through reentry (after most of the small and medium size debris disintegrated during reentry) the left, smoking, burning half of Serenity’s ship crashed in the middle of the ocean and immediately sank to the depths, creating a series of tsunami’s in its wake. The other half of Serenity’s wrecked ship crashed into a desert (fairly undergrowth) landscape and created a large crater and a large dust cloud in its wake.

It is still daylight, when the dust settled and the top half of a person, wearing a black leather jacket, laid face down and motionless in the sand. First the figure moved slowly as the sand started to roll off him when suddenly it leapt up and leaned back as he yelped to reveal it is Michael. He looked around in bewilderment with sweat rolling down his face and saw the desert around him and what’s left of the crashed half ship behind him. He looked at himself and felt for his wounds till he noticed they were sealed as if someone branded him before he immediately crawled back away from the sand, he was half buried in, and looked at his legs and boots to see and scan that his legs and feet are still with him and in one piece. He then stood up (breathing heavily) and, with a bewildered look, walked forward, turning and looking around as he went till he stopped and had a crying expression on his face when he said, “Ty, Joey.” He fell on his knees and looked down onto the sand as he cried silently till he clinched his fists and tensed the muscles on his arms before pulling his head back and made a loud, ear splitting scream that echoed in the sky and desert around him.

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