Resident Evil: Field of Blood (Fireheart Fury Book 1)


A deadly virus. A young woman chosen to become the ultimate bio-weapon. As the countdown to the apocalypse begins, one man rises to defy the odds. When a series of kidnappings involving socially estranged women catches the attention of the DSO, elite agent Leon S. Kennedy is deployed to investigate. The case takes Leon to Halcyon Isle, an abandoned potter's field near New York City turned covert research facility. There Leon must face new horrors in his quest to discover the truth behind the kidnappings and uncover the mysterious Phanes Project and the Omega Virus that lies at the heart of the disappearances. A race against time ensues as Leon fights to find the answers and stop one young woman from becoming the catalyst to bring about the world apocalypse.

Action / Horror
5.0 2 reviews
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Author's Note


Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your time and interest in reading my first original fanfiction story, Resident Evil: Field of Blood.

This is a transformative fanwork piece based on Capcom's Resident Evil video game and CGI film series featuring characters, entities, locations and events appearing therein. While I do not own these, the story itself is my own original work featuring original characters, fictional locations and corporations.

Enjoy the story!

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