Take it back

Chapter 10

They pulled up at Tom McGee's house and Gibbs ordered the two Agents watching McGee to take the back of the house.

"Sorry Sir, we have orders to stay with Agent McGee at all times." Agent DeSales said.

"Fine." Gibbs growled, "You go with Tim round the rear, Agent Smith, you're with me." He said and they headed to the front of the building.

Tom McGee house was big, on his way around the back Tim saw someone go into an outbuilding. He motioned to Agent DeSales.

"This way I just saw someone go here." Tim said.

"OK, Tim." DeSales said and followed him. Although he had been ordered by Jarvis to stay and watch Tim, he had known him for years and knew that he could trust Tim's word.

Tim McGee had a great reputation at NCIS and Jarvis' was less than stellar. Therefore, even though the two Agents had been ordered by Jarvis to watch him, he knew that in this situation Tim would have his back.

They opened the door to the barn and took their first steps in. Before Tim knew what was happening DeSales was hit from behind and landed out cold on the floor.

"Jack!" Tim called and rushed to the other Agent's aid. He turned, looking for the perpetrator and was punched in the face.

"So you decided to turn on us." Shane McGee said wiping the hand that was covered in Tim's blood down his jeans.

"Dad?" Tim said dazed.

"Told ya before boy. I am. Not. Your. Father." McGee said and with each word kicked Tim in the ribs.

Tim whimpered and crawled away. "Please don't…" He begged.

Shane McGee smiled thinking he had finally broken the boy. Then a fist hit him in the face.

Gibbs had cleared the house and he and Agent Smith had found Tom McGee totally engrossed in planting false information on Phoenix. They quickly arrested him and put him in the back of the sedan in handcuffs.

Realizing they had not seen Tim or Agent DeSales, they walked the perimeter and heard Shane McGee beating up on Tim.

Gibbs' blood boiled. He had seen enough. No way was Shane McGee getting away with beating up HIS son anymore.

Tim looked up and saw Gibbs enter. "Please don't…" He begged. However, not thinking Gibbs smashed his fist into Shane McGee's face "Get off My Son!" Gibbs yelled.

Tim painfully pulled himself up and crawled between Shane and Gibbs. "Stop!" he managed to say and passed out over the unconscious body of McGee.

"Paramedics are on their way." Smith said as he walked back into the barn "God, what happened!" He exclaimed helping Gibbs Move Tim off of McGee and off to the side.

"I hit him." Gibbs said simply.

"Agent Gibbs. I know Agent McGee admires you greatly, but hitting his father may destroy any working relationship you both have together." Agent Smith said.

Gibbs glared at him and walked outside to check for the ambulance and to calm down.

Tim groaned and tried to sit up. "Dad?" He said looking around.

"He'll be ok." Agent Smith said looking at Shane McGee.

Tim panicked "Did McGee hit him too!" He started to hyperventilate.

"Calm Down Tim." Agent Smith said confused. "Your father is unconscious but he'll be fine..."

"But you said he was hurt?…..DAD!" Tim yelled pushing against Agent Smith trying to get up.

Gibbs ran in, "I'm here Tim; you're going to be ok."

Tim relaxed, "You're not hurt?" He asked concerned looking him up and down. "Smith said….oh!" Tim said his eyes widening as he realized what Smith meant.

"Agent DeSales….is he alright….Shane hit him with a piece of wood I think" Tim looked over in his direction.

"He's still out cold son. His heart rate is good. I will get the paramedics to check him out first. Ok?" Gibbs reassured him.

Tim nodded and leant back on Gibbs and passed out again.

The next thing he knew he was waking up to a white room and hushed voices. One of the voices was louder than the others and although Tim's head was pounding, he heard the loudest voice. "I don't care if he is unconscious, he must be guarded"

"Clayton, Tim took down the killers of Lieutenant Evans and cracked your hacking ring." Vance said.

"He is still Phoenix….I am going to take him down for that!" Jarvis' voice rose in pitch.

"No you're not." Gibbs voice cut across him. "I have a letter for you."

There was silence then the sounds of Jarvis spluttering "But…!"

"It's there in black and white, The President had absolved Tim of all charges you can't arrest him. You try and you will be stripped of your position. All Tim has to do is promise the only hacking he will do will be as he has been for the last few years, on the side of NCIS for the express purposes of catching criminals."

"BYE JARVIS!" Tony's happy voice called and Tim could imagine him waving at SecNav's retreating back.

Tim opened his eyes, "Welcome Back Timothy," Ducky said. He had been sitting beside his bed the whole time and had known precisely when Tim had woken and what he had just heard.

Tim coughed and tried to raise himself up.

"Is it true?" He asked shakily. "Jarvis isn't after me anymore?"

"You're free and clear probie!" Tony smiled as he stuck his head around the door. "Can't stay boss has us on the reports, don't worry I'll do yours. I just wanted to see for myself that you were ok."

"Thanks Tony. I will be ok; I am just a bit sore. How's my Da….Shane McGee?" He asked.

"Broken Nose, Broken pride, surly temper, arrogant asshole…..he'll live." Tony replied. He left and Tim could hear him arguing with Ziva about who would drive as they walked off down the corridor.

Gibbs opened the door and walked in. "Hey Tim, how are you feeling?" He asked.

"Sore," Tim admitted.

He looked at Gibbs and the knot in his stomach got bigger. He knew his painkillers were kicking in and relaxed into them. "Why did you hit my dad Boss?" He asked not thinking.

"He was killing you Tim," Gibbs said, hurt that Tim had gone back to calling him Boss.

"He's done worse…..He wasn't trying to kill me." Tim said. He knew all Shane wanted was the same as usual, which was Shane putting Tim in his place and Tim knew Shane would have stopped before he had done any real damage.

"He was hurting you." Gibbs reiterated again quietly.

"So?" Tim really did not understand, "I've handled him before, it's not your problem."

"Tim…" Gibbs started to say but Tim cut him off.

"No! Gibbs, you don't understand. I don't need you coming in and playing father now. If you cared why didn't you ever call my mother, you slept with her, even you knew that there was a chance that she could have been pregnant. Then when you found out you didn't say anything you let me rant on…you should have told me, you didn't care then and the only reason you care now is that the others know. I grew up alone and you weren't there when Shane treated me like dirt as a child because I was YOUR son. I've learned to cope on my own. I DON'T NEED YOU!" Tim hissed he was angry but still mindful of the others in the hospital. "Just go. I'll put my transfer papers in on Monday and I won't be an embarrassment to you anymore."

Tim turned over in the bed and faced the wall, tears fell silently as he heard Gibbs leave the room.

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