Take it back

Chapter 12

Tim sat on his bed.

Finally out of those hospitals PJ's and wearing jeans and an MIT sweatshirt. He was waiting for the final doctors' check and he would be able to leave. Two weeks in the hospital had been more than enough.

Although Gibbs had visited every day and they had talked, for as long as Tim could stay awake about Gibbs' life and his family. Tim told Gibbs some of his childhood, not all the bad stuff and all of the good things he remembered.

He had packed his bag that morning and looked up as Gibbs entered.

"Hey," Tim said, "You don't need to visit today, they are letting me out."

"Not visiting I'm here to pick you up, I already talked to the doc and he says you can't drive yet." Gibbs said with a smile. "He's also concerned about the walk up to your apartment."

Tim's face fell, "I have to go home."

Gibbs looked at his son, "No you don't."

"But I still can't afford a motel. Even though I'm not being blackmailed anymore, it will be a pinch…" Tim trailed off trying to juggle his money situation around in his head.

"You can stay with me Tim," Gibbs said

Tim looked at him, He really wanted to spend time with his father but the part of him that had been raised by Shane McGee was skeptical that this was a good thing.

"Ok." He said tentatively.

Gibbs smiled and picked up his bag as the doctor came in with his discharge papers.

The doctor outlined to Tim how he would not be able to go on active duty again until he had finished the medication given to him. Also to help the healing in his ribs where he had been kicked he was to take it easy as much as possible for a month.

"But….Can I at least go on desk duty…I have to work!" Tim said.

"Give it a week; I hear you're staying with Agent Gibbs until you are better." The doctor said, "So at least you won't be on your own if there are any complications."

Tim nodded and followed Gibbs to the car.

"Abby wanted to throw you a welcome home party," Gibbs told Tim and saw him flinch. "She isn't there yet, I said I would check with you."

"Is she mad with me?" Tim asked worried about upsetting Gibbs, as he knew she was his favorite.

"She asked me the same thing about you." Gibbs told him. Tim's eyes opened in surprise.

"Why would she think I was mad with her? She's my best friend I could never…..oh the blackmail thing." He said realizing what she could be thinking, "Honest Gibbs, I'm not mad with her," he said quickly scared of making him angry, "if she hadn't told you I'd probably still be in interrogation."

"I told her no party tonight, but I will invite her to dinner tomorrow, you need tonight to get settled in." Gibbs said,

"Thanks Gibbs," Tim said tiredly.

They pulled up outside Gibbs' house and he helped Tim inside.

He put Tim's bag down and went into the kitchen, he came out with coffee and Tim was still standing just inside the door. For a second Gibbs was worried that Tim was feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

"Tim?" Gibbs said "This is your home too you can sit down you know."

"It's not my home, Boss. My home is in Norfolk." Gibbs took a step back not wanting to crowd him.

"I know that Tim, but this can be your home too if you want?" he said hopefully.

"Maybe….I would like that boss, but what if I screw this up?" He asked sitting heavily on the sofa.

"Tim, I will be your father whether this works out or not, I really want it too, I'm not talking about us going to little league or camping, we missed that. However, I want to get to know you. The you, you are now, you can teach me about all that tech stuff you like and that MMRPG?" Gibbs said and Tim let out a small laugh.

"You mean MMORPG's," he said with a small smile.

"And when you're ready, if you're ready in the future…Maybe you could call me dad?" Gibbs said hopefully.

Tim looked at him, He really wanted to say yes, but everything in him said not to let it all go yet, what if he did it, accepted Gibbs as his dad and then it all backfired? He would be left with nothing and would have to give up the job he loved.

Therefore, as he did not want to upset Gibbs, Tim nodded silently.

"I'm tired," Tim said and Gibbs jumped up.

"I'll show you to your room." He said and grabbed Tim's bag.

Tim followed him. The room had been freshly painted and had a laptop and a new bed and desk set in it.

Tim looked at Gibbs inquisitively "Why would you do this, the couch would have been fine,"

"I was hoping after you got better, you might come and stay over sometime. This is your room Tim. I don't know if this is the sort of computer you like, the boy in the shop said it was the latest model."

Tim gulped and nodded feeling the tears starting to build up. "T….Thank you." He said. "No one's ever bought anything like this for me before, I'll pay you back." He said quickly. "But it might take me a while."

"No son, This is for you I have years of birthday's and Christmas' to make up for, please let me at least give you a space in my home that is yours." Gibbs said.

Tim dropped his bag on his bed and stood there awkwardly.

"I'll be in the basement if you need me," Gibbs said, "Don't forget your meds are due in an hour."

"OK, Thanks." Tim said. He stood watching the door as Gibbs left and he collapsed on the bed.

He looked around in wonder. The bed was obviously solid wood and hand made. So was the desk, looking closer he realized that Gibbs may have built the desk. The room was Tim's favorite shade of blue; he thought Gibbs might have been talking to Abby. The laptop was sitting on the desk and a matching lamp had been placed there. He looked at the bookshelf and was surprised to find along with some classics that all of Tim's books were on the shelf as well. The whole room had taken a lot of care and thought.

'Why would he do this for me?' Tim wondered, Shane McGee had never done anything like this for him, he had never been allowed to have books in his room and he had never taken the time to have his room redecorated, in fact growing up his room had been the house's storage room and the few books he had, had in his room he had hidden under the mattress.

He picked up his phone and made a call. "Abby, I need to talk are you free?" he asked.

"Sure Tim." Abby said.

Tim told her all that had happened and Abby listened.

"Tim, you are worth what Gibbs has done for you. It will be ok if you take a chance with him, I know you are worried, but he does love you. It's a parental thing, it's instant."

Tim listened to her, over the years she had been his best friend and confidant. Even though they had, had a thing in the beginning they both knew they were better as friends and he valued her opinion greatly.

"Ok Abbs. I'll try." He said, "Oh and you're still coming for dinner tomorrow right?"

"Sure, gotta go now, I'm off bowling with Sister Rosita," she said.

Tim smiled, "Tell her I said hi." He said to her and cut off the call as a knock came on his door.

"Hey Tim, I have your medication." Gibbs said,

Tim looked up and took his tablets.

"Thanks Dad." He said quietly.

Gibbs smiled and left Tim to rest.

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