Take it back

Chapter 13

Tim got up and went downstairs.

Gibbs was already on his third cup of coffee of the morning. He looked up over the paper as Tim came in and helped himself to a cup.

"Hey Dad," Tim said and sat at the table. Gibbs looked up and nodded.

"Morning, are you ready for today?" Gibbs asked.

Tim was due to come into work for the first time this morning. Although he was only going in for an interview with the Director, and to give his statement concerning Shane McGee, he was nervous.

The last two days with Gibbs had been nice, He had started to relax a little and there had been a lot of talking. Tim had gradually started to let Gibbs in although he still kept his guard up a bit, and he had agreed to call him dad.

Gibbs for his part had relaxed with his son, even to the point of asking Tim if would be ok for him to meet his dad. Although Tim had met Jackson before on a case in Stillwater, this would be the first time he would meet him as his grandfather, after some trepidation he had agreed last night.

Tim went upstairs and got in the shower as Gibbs made his phone call.

"Hey Dad," Gibbs said.

"Leroy, how are you?" Jackson asked. Not caring that his son had rung him early, as running a store meant he was an early riser anyway, and Gibbs knew that.

"I'm fine….I have some news, you had better sit down." Gibbs said and proceeded to tell Jackson about Tim and how he came to be, also how he had found out about being his father.

"Well." Jackson said slowly taking it in., "I'd better come down and properly meet this grandson of mine. "I'll get someone to watch the shop and be with you tomorrow." He said. Jackson remembered the soft spoken young man from when his son had been there on a case, he had like him then but had never in his wildest dreams thought they were related.

"It'll be good to see you again Dad. Tim says he is looking forward to it, but he is a bit fragile right now with all these changes going on in his life." Gibbs said.

"I'll be gentle with him son," Jackson reassured him. He smiled as he hung up the phone. He turned to Ed who was buying milk, "Hey Ed, I have a new grandson." He smiled.

"Born this morning?" Ed asked….Jackson had not said Leroy was seeing anyone….sly old dog.

"Nope a long time ago, works with him, you remember Agent McGee?" He said.

"Err….The Goth girl?" Ed asked confused.

"No, The younger male Agent….He's Leroy's son." Jackson laughed at the look of confusion on Ed's face.

"Let me get ya a coffee Ed and I'll explain." Jackson said sitting him down.

Tim walked down stairs ready to go as Gibbs grabbed his gun.

"I talked to your grandfather, he'll be here tomorrow." Gibbs said. Tim did not reply and just nodded.

As they entered the bullpen, Tony looked up and grinned. "Hey probie." He smiled as Tim and Gibbs entered.

"Hi Tony," Tim said.

He was surprised on entering the elevator he had become incredibly nervous. He had thought that he and Gibbs were going straight to Vance's office, but Gibbs suddenly remembered he needed to sign some paperwork so as they were early he decided to go to his desk and get the paperwork out of the way so he could spend tomorrow with Tim and Jackson.

Tim stood awkwardly in the center of the bullpen.

"Sit down Tim," Gibbs said.

"But….The computers….I can't." Tim suddenly seemed unsure of himself.

"Sit down Agent McGee." Director Vance said entering bullpen. "I can see you're uncomfortable standing."

Tim sank gratefully into his chair. However, he avoided even looking at his computer.

Vance walked over to Gibbs, "Are you both ready?" He asked.

Gibbs looked over at Tim and then nodded, "Yep." He replied and they both followed Vance to his office.

Vance motioned them to sit in the chairs in front of his desk and he sat down.

"Agent McGee, I am to officially inform you that you have been cleared of all charges regarding the hacking in the 1980's as the hacker Phoenix."

Tim looked up surprised.

"However, there is a stipulation that you do no more hacking unless as part of your official NCIS duties."

"I can do that Sir," Tim said relieved.

Vance looked at them both, "There is one other matter concerning you both." He said.

"The revelation, Agent Gibbs that you are Agent McGee's father, can you confirm that this is true for the record?" Vance asked knowing that Gibbs had already said he was.

"Yes Sir, for the record, I am Agent McGee's biological father." Gibbs said proudly.

"And did you or did you not hire Agent McGee knowing he was your son?" Vance asked.

"No I did not know until two weeks ago. I received a letter sent after Agent McGee's mother died informing me that I was in fact his father. I had had no contact with Evie McGee since the undercover operation we were involved in where Tim was conceived."

"So why did you request Agent McGee join your team." Vance asked.

"Agent McGee had been called in a few times to help out my team and I found him to be a very capable agent with some real potential to go far, his computer skills have been proved to be invaluable and he has earned his place on my team." Gibbs stated.

Vance bit back a grin, He knew why Gibbs had really hired McGee but he had to do this so pressed on.

"Now you know you two are father and son, do either of you feel there will be a conflict of interest in working together?" Vance asked wondering what both men would answer.

Tim took a deep breath, "Sir I don't think there will be a conflict of interest, although we are related biologically, we have worked together for five years and I feel that I can maintain that professional relationship during work hours."

"I have to agree with Tim," Gibbs said.

Vance smiled, "I agree with you both, my recommendation is that you both be allowed to continue working together, However, SecNav is insisting that you both have a month's probation. Any conflict of interest and you Agent McGee will be moved to Cyber-crimes." Vance looked at them both, "Off the record I think Clayton Jarvis is still smarting over not catching you Tim, and half of Cyber-crimes want your autograph." He smiled, as Tim looked at him surprised.

"Y…you do?" He said.

"Agent McGee, You are a credit to NCIS and in the years I have worked with you I have found you to be an exemplary Agent, I for one am pleased you will be staying with our MCRT, and I will be glad to welcome you back when you are cleared for active duty again."

"Thank you Sir," McGee said.

He and Gibbs left.

Gibbs turned to Tim, "You ok?"

"Yes, Boss…" Tim looked confused, "Is that it now?"

"Sorry Son, Agent Balboa is going to interview you about Shane and Tom McGee; I will be at my desk when you are finished."

Tim looked over as Agent Balboa exited the elevator. "You ready Tim." He asked kindly.

Tim turned to Balboa, "Sure, no problem," he said and followed him to interrogation.

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