Take it back

Chapter 15

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Tim got off the elevator and strode purposefully towards Gibbs' desk.

"I'm done Boss." He said, "I need to talk to you, can we go home?" He asked.

"Sure Tim, I'll just be a sec." Gibbs said and finished his paperwork.

"How did your interview go Tim?" Ziva asked.

Tim smiled, "Really good, hopefully he's going down, if nothing else he's going to get charged with assault," He grinned.

Gibbs looked up at that "You ok."

Tim gave a slow smile. "I'm awesome!" He grinned.

Gibbs cocked his head to one side and looked at his son questioningly, but Tim said nothing.

"OK you two, we're off don't work too late." Gibbs told Tony and Ziva. Then he and Tim headed to the elevator.

"Gotta head to the railway station, I have a pickup to make." Gibbs said cryptically.

Tim nodded lost in thought.

"You sure you're ok?" Gibbs prodded again.

"I had a run in with the Admiral, but it's all good now." Tim said.

Gibbs looked over at him.

"Not now, I will talk about it later; let's just say it was a learning experience." Tim said cryptically.

They sat outside the rail station and Gibbs sat looking at the main doors.

Tim wanted to ask whom they were waiting for, but was worried he would upset his dad. Instead, he sat quietly with a small smile replaying the conversation he had had with the Admiral repeatedly in his head. The more he thought about it the more clearer he felt in his own mind about what he wanted to ask Gibbs.

"Good he's here." Gibbs said and got out of the car.

Tim looked up but could not see anyone he knew. Then he spotted Jackson Gibbs. He got out of the car too, but stood close to the door.

"Hey Dad!" Gibbs called and waited as Jackson saw him and turned.

Jackson smiled and hugged his son.

"Leroy!" He grinned.

"Come on Dad, Car's over here." Gibbs said turning to the sedan with Tim standing beside it. "Be nice." Gibbs whispered to his father.

"Tim, Welcome to the family son." Jackson said.

Jackson hugged the young man who involuntarily stiffened. "T…Thank you Sir," Tim said stepping back and offering his hand.

Jackson felt that he may have just scared his grandson took the offered hand and shook it warmly.

Gibbs took Jacksons bags and put them in the trunk as Jackson and Tim got into the car.

Gibbs soon joined them and they headed off to the house.

Jackson and Gibbs talked about the weather, football stats anything but why he was here, which was what Tim was sitting in the back of the car listening for. He remembered when he had been young and his grandfather had been invited over by his father. It had usually been because he had done something the Admiral did not want to punish him for himself. Though the Admiral had been abusive to Tim growing up it was nothing to what his grandfather had been.

Tim sat rigid in the back of the car terrified; all the bravado from the afternoon had gone.

As they arrived at the house Tim could barely contain his fear, He knew that Jackson was a kind man, but he did not know what he was like behind closed doors with family. Tim's main worry was he had done something to displease Gibbs and this was his way of disciplining Tim.

He walked two steps behind the older men as they entered the house and stayed close to the door.

"Tim," Gibbs called as he noticed his son lagging by the door.

"Yes Sir," Tim jumped. "I mean Gibbs."

"Do you want to take your grandfathers bags upstairs?" He asked

"Yes Sir." Tim grabbed the bag and practically ran upstairs.

"Is he alright?" Jackson asked, "He seems to be wound up a bit." He said concerned.

Gibbs followed Tim upstairs and looked in the guest room for him. The guest room was empty and Jackson's bag was not on the bed, he carried on to Tim's room to find Jackson's bag sat on the bed and Tim was quietly packing his own bag.

"What you doing Tim?" Gibbs asked confused.

"Packing my bag to go home." Tim said not understanding why Gibbs was confused.

"Have I done something wrong son?" Gibbs looked worried, this was supposed to be a nice surprise for Tim, he did not know what he had done but something was going horribly wrong.

"No. Did I….I am sorry," Tim said contrite.

"What for?"

"I…I don't know. I tried my best at being your son and I must have done something wrong….I am sorry I'm new at this…please don't let him…." Tim trailed off and sat on the edge of the bed tears threatening to spill.

"Tim!" Gibbs exclaimed worried about his abrupt change in attitude. "You've done nothing wrong, how could you? What on earth do you think your grandfather is going to do?"

Tim shuddered, "My…The Admiral always brought my Grandfather over when he was tired of disciplining me, Grandfather had more…..more unique ways of reinforcing the discipline, I'm sorry I showed fear….I'll take what I deserve." Tim said looking at the floor after seeing the anger on Gibbs' face.

Moreover, he was angry, though not at Tim, it was all Gibbs could do not to walk out go to NCIS headquarters and shoot Shane McGee dead.

Gibbs schooled his features and sat next to Tim. "Son, I am not the Admiral and my father is NOT, that Grandfather."

"He's right Tim," Jackson said who had listened with horror from the hallway.

"For a start, you can call me Grandpa. For another I am proud to have you as my grandson."

"Really?!" Tim said surprised

Jackson smiled and opened his arms, "Come here son." He said and this time Tim rushed into his arms and hugged him, "Hello Grandpa." He whispered.

Jackson smiled at his son and his grandson.

"Tim, why were you packing?" Gibbs asked.

Tim suddenly felt ashamed, "I thought you didn't want me anymore, and….and I was scared of getting hurt again."

Jackson got up, "You have a nice room Tim, but I think I'll stay in the guest room," He picked up his bag "I'll just unpack."

"Tim, what did you want to talk to me about before we left work?" Gibbs asked.

"I told the Admiral…that I wasn't afraid of him anymore," Tim said starting to relax. "He yelled at me and attacked me…I am ok." He added hastily at Gibbs' concerned look.

"But he said something which made me reevaluate who I am." Tim said quietly.

"What did he say son?" Gibbs asked.

"He said did you all know who I was…."He said.

"And you said?" Gibbs guided him wondering what he had said,

"I said I was a…..Gibbs." Tim said, "Could I be…Please?" He asked hopefully.

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