Take it back

Chapter 16

Gibbs' face split into a huge grin.

"Of course Son, if that's what you want." He told his son feeling happier than he had in years.

"We would be proud to have you share our name." Jackson said hugging Tim again.

Tim looked up at them both hopefully. "Really?" He asked.

"Tim, you're my son, had I known about you years ago you would already have my name, I am proud of the man you have become and I am proud to be your father… I am proud of you." Gibbs said holding Tim by his shoulders and looking him in the eye.

"T…Thanks, Dad." Tim hugged Gibbs.

Tim came down the next morning feeling a lot better, "Morning Grandpa, Dad." He said smiling.

"Hey Tim, What you up to today?" Jackson asked.

"I have to go back to the hospital for a check up today." Tim said, "Hopefully after that I can go back to work." He added looking to Gibbs for approval.

"We'll see what the doctor says son." Gibbs said barely suppressing a grin.

"You remind me of Kelly." Jackson said.

Tim face fell, "Sorry." He said worried he had upset Gibbs.

"No, Tim! I didn't mean it badly, your sister just always hated being sick too." Jackson said

"Hey Dad, I have to go into work for a few hours, maybe you and Tim can go through the photo albums and you can tell him some more about Kelly, and Tim, I'll tell you some more later on ok?" Gibbs offered.

Tim nodded, "It would be nice to know something about her." He said quietly.

Gibbs stood up and grabbed his keys, "I'll be back in time for your hospital appointment," He said and left.

"Do I make him feel bad, about Kelly, I mean?" Tim asked Jackson after Gibbs had left.

"No, He will always miss her, but he loves her as much as he loves you. Don't think you are a replacement for her, you are not." Jackson said gesturing to Tim so he sat in the kitchen chair across from his Grandpa. "When Leroy called me to tell me about you he was as skittish as you were on meeting me, but the love he had for you was already evident. He is so proud of you and is really pleased to be your father."

Tim smiled all he had ever wanted was for his father to be proud of him and now not only was it his father, but his boss who was proud of him, the Admiral did not matter anymore.

Jackson got the album out, started to show Tim pictures of Kelly, and told him about her younger days.

Gibbs walked into the office and sat down.

He went through the morning reports. One caught his attention and he printed it out.

"You ok boss?" Tony asked looking at the concern on Gibbs' face.

Gibbs nodded.

He went up to the directors' office and emerged twenty minutes later.

"Tony, my office." Gibbs said and Tony followed him to the elevator.

"You ok Boss?" Tony asked after Gibbs had pulled the emergency switch.

"Tim's apartment block burned down last night." He said simply.

"Tim wasn't…!" Tony started but Gibbs put his hand up to placate the younger man.

"No, he's still staying with me, but he doesn't know yet, we got the notification as his home address is linked to his NCIS credentials." Gibbs said.

"God!" Tony exclaimed, Tim had been through a lot in the last few weeks and losing his home would devastate his friend.

"Also, Tim has asked to take my name, before we tell Vance I wanted to run it past you as my SFA, do you think it will cause any problems for the team?"

Tony smiled, "This is great, we all call you boss, and Mc….Tim is Tim…it'll take a bit of getting used to but for him this will be great. I will have your six if you get any problems from Vance." He said.

A few minutes later Ziva saw Gibbs and Tony exiting the elevator with Tony following.

Tony turned to Gibbs, "You can tell Abby and I'll tell Ziva." He grinned.

Gibbs nodded and headed to the lab.

"Tell me what Tony?" Ziva asked intrigued.

"McGee is going to be a McGee no longer!" He grinned as Ziva looked even more confused that before.

"Our little Timmy is going to be a Gibbs." He smiled, as she understood.

"Oh that is great news." Ziva smiled, Tim was one of her best friends and his happiness was important to her.

Tony stopped smiling and pulled a chair to sit near her. "I have some bad news too." He said

"Is Tim alright?" Ziva said suddenly worried.

"Yes. However, Gibbs pulled a notice off today, Tim's apartment building burnt down last night. Tim does not know yet. He's gonna need our support." He said.

Ziva turned to her screen, "It says here it was Arson. But they haven't caught the person responsible yet."

"I know I am going to see what I own that is double and I can give to Tim." Tony said trying to help.

"Let me tell him first." Gibbs said walking up behind Tony. "But it's a nice gesture DiNozzo."

Gibbs turned up at his house and Tim was in the kitchen laughing at something Jackson had said to him.

For a second Gibbs stood there watching his father and son laughing. It was a nice moment and Tim had not had many of those in his life. He hated the fact that he was going to have to tell Tim about his apartment, but hoped the idea he had might make things a little better.

"Hey guys, having fun?" Gibbs asked.

Tim smiled "Just been told some stories about when you were young." He said trying not to laugh. "Like your first fishing trip, where you got seasick in the boat and then fell in the lake."

"Dad!" Gibbs said laughing with the memory.

"What! It's true!" Jackson smiled. "See Tim you inherited your seasickness."

"But you never get seasick on boats?" Tim said confused.

"I put Anti Emetics in my coffee. You are sworn to secrecy, No telling DiNozzo." Gibbs smiled.

Tim nodded and looked at his watch, "We have to go my appointment is soon."

"OK. Can you meet me in the car; I just have to sort something out." Gibbs asked.

Tim went and sat in the car while Gibbs informed Jackson of what had happened to Tim's apartment and what he had thought of doing.

"Well there is definitely enough room for it; I just hope Tim goes for the idea." Jackson said.

"I'm going to talk to him about it after he is cleared for work by his doctor." Gibbs said and headed out.

The doctors' appointment passed without a hitch and Tim was pleased when he was told he could go back to work. His ribs were nearly healed so a week of desk duty was in order. Then he could go back out in the field.

As they got back into the car, Gibbs stopped and turned to Tim.

"I need to tell you something." He said.

"Have I done something wrong?" Tim asked worried.

"No, I had message this morning, there was a fire in your apartment block." Gibbs said.

"Was anyone hurt?" Tim asked.

"No, everyone is ok. Apparently the smoke detectors you paid for worked fine and everyone got out."

"But the building has been condemned. Everyone is being moved out and the building demolished," Gibbs told him.

"I'm homeless." Tim said quietly.

"No!" Gibbs protested. "Not while I have a home." He saw the look on Tim's face and his heart ached for his son.

"I've had an idea; I hope you'll like it." Gibbs said, "I have some land at the end of the garden, there is enough room for me to build you a house. I understand if you don't want it but it would be close enough for you to be independent but near enough that we can be close, if you'd like." He waited hoping Tim would not freak out at the idea.

"That would be great Dad, Can I help?" Tim asked pleased his dad would go to such lengths for him.

"Sure, son." Gibbs smiled. "Let's go and work on some plans."

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