Take it back

Chapter 17

Vance stood in front of Tim's desk.

"Very well Agent Gibbs," he said looking at Gibbs. "If you would like to present Agent Gibbs….mark 2, with his new credentials." Vance grinned.

He was pleased for Tim but did wonder how this was going to work; the confusion alone was going to make things interesting.

"GIBBY!" Abby yelled running up and hugging him

"What?" Tim said confused.

"Well," Abby explained smiling, "He's Gibbs the original…the one and only. And you're Gibby."

"Gibby? Really Abby." Tim said, still confused.

"Yes….See it's Timmy Gibbs shortened Gibby!" She squealed.

"That'll work." Vance smiled and walked off chuckling to himself. Some days he loved his job.

Tim looked at his new credentials. It had been a week since his name change had become legal and Gibbs had thrown a barbeque in the back garden; which had turned into an unofficial ground breaking for Tim's new house as the zoning code had been granted only days before.

The team was stronger than ever and Tim was settling in living with his dad, there were a few teething problems, like Tim writing until the early hours of the morning, which did not really bother Gibbs, but the shredder drove him crazy. They compromised, Tim had a waste paper box in his room and he shredded the paper at the weekend.

Tim smiled looking at his new credentials and put them in the drawer with his gun.

"Gonna need those son, Gear up!" Gibbs said.

They all grabbed there gear and headed for the elevator.

"What we got boss?" Tim asked.

"Not sure Tim. We had a call a naval officer had been found dead in a car in Anacostia. Gas up the truck."

Tim nodded "On it!" He said and the elevator doors shut.

Vance smiled so far it looked like the team dynamic was not going to change. Maybe everything would be ok.

They pulled up at the crime scene and got out of the van.

Gibbs walked up to the tape.

"Agent Gibbs," He said and waited for the lead detective to walk over to him.

"Agent Gibbs, I'm detective Johnson. We came across the car this morning, fingerprints just came back apparently he's one of yours."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Who is it?"

"An ex-Admiral, Shane McGee, has a rap sheet a mile long, was on bail from you guys." Detective Johnson said.

Gibbs looked up, "TIM!" He yelled as he saw Tim with the camera heading towards the car. "DiNozzo, STOP HIM!" Gibbs yelled running towards his son.

The detective ran behind him.

However, Tim had already reached the car and turned towards the body with a camera in his hand. He looked through the lens and started shaking.

"D…...dad?" He said and dropped the camera. Tony caught it and turned Tim away realizing who was in the car.

"God, Tim." Tony said.

"DiNozzo, you take the car, David, bag and tag. Get the evidence back to Abby," Gibbs said and steered Tim away.

"What's wrong?" Detective Johnson asked.

"Dad…Is he dead?" Tim was shaking so much that Gibbs sat him down.

"Yes son," Gibbs said and was shocked as Tim burst into tears.

"Is he related to the victim?" The detective asked, but was then confused by the smile Tim gave.

"Dad….He's dead….it's finally over, I'm free…" Then his face fell, "Oh God…Sarah, I'll have to let her know."

"We will don't worry." Gibbs reassured his son. "Go sit in the car."

Tim slumped towards the car as Gibbs turned to the detective, "McGee had been abusing and blackmailing my son since he was born. He's just relieved."

The detective looked at Gibbs concerned, "And you knew?"

"Not till recently, but it's all ok now… Do we know how he died?"

"Murdered, it looks like his throat was cut from behind, he most likely knew his killer." The detective stated.

Gibbs walked over to Ducky who had arrived with Jimmy.

"Time of death Duck?" Gibbs asked.

"About an hour ago." Ducky said, "Jethro isn't this…."

"Yeah, Duck. Tim's in the car."

"No he's not….I just walked past it." Jimmy said.

Gibbs turned around and ran past the detective towards the car.

"TIM!" He yelled.

When he got to the car there was no one there. "DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled and Tony ran up.

"Boss?" He asked.

"Tim's gone." Gibbs said his gut starting to go crazy.

Tony looked around, "You sure he didn't just walk somewhere?"

"Find him." Gibbs said.

Tim had sat in the car and taken out his cell phone.

"Sarah, its Tim." He said. He heard Sarah start to panic,

"Tim, I'm not allowed to talk to you; Dad went crazy he'll…."

"It's ok, Sarah…I'm sorry, and we just found the Admiral in Anacostia. He's dead Sarah."

Sarah sobbed, Tim was about to comfort her when he felt a knife at his throat.

"Hang up," Shane McGee's voice whispered in his ear. Tim shut the phone.

"You killed your own twin brother?" Tim asked.

"Shut up and get out of the car." Shane ordered, pulling a gun for extra emphasis.

As they got out Tim looked desperately towards Gibbs who was deep in conversation with the detective. As they got into Tom's truck, he saw a glimpse of Ducky and Jimmy's van coming as they drove off in the other direction. Tim's faint hope was that they had seen him and were telling Gibbs now.

"Tom paid already for selling me out, now it's your turn. You will remove every trace of me and build me a new identity." Shane snarled at him.

"Isn't that a bit redundant Admiral, I'll still be able to tell people who you are." Tim said driving the truck and following the quiet instructions on the Sat Nav.

"Not really, as soon as your usefulness ends…..so do you." Shane said.

"But you killed Tom and left him to take your place, don't you think when Ducky takes your fingerprints they will know it's you?" Tim pushed.

"Eventually, I had false fingerprints glued onto Tom's body. By the time that old duffer figures out what's happened and they run the fingerprints I will be long gone and you'll be with your mother." Shane grinned as Tim shuddered.

"I saw you, putting me away and going to live a cushy life. You don't deserve it." Shane snarled. "Even after I burned down your apartment block, you still managed to fall on your feet, it's not fair!"

Tim knew Ducky was smarter than Shane thought and hoped that he and Abby could figure it out fast. Reaching while Shane was not looking he speed dialed Gibbs and put the phone in his pocket. However, Shane saw him, "DON'T TRY THAT AGAIN BOY!" he yelled. Closing the phone to cut the call and throwing it in the back of the car.

Tim pulled the car over at a derelict looking farmhouse.

Shane pointed the gun at him again. "Get out!" he snarled.

"Please Sir, just let me go, I'll tell them you got away!" Tim pleaded.

"INSIDE!" Shane snapped and pushed Tim up the steps.

Tim stumbled up the top step but Shane grabbed him by the collar, dragged him inside, and pushed him towards a desk containing a computer, printer and everything Tim needed to create a false identity for the Admiral.

"SIT." Shane ordered.

Tim sat and started removing all trace of Shane McGee from every database he could find.

"And the NCIS database and don't forget the pentagon." Shane snarled.

"I…I can't, I promised I can't hack them!" Tim shook.

Shane backhanded Tim and he fell from the chair. "That's a warning. DO IT!"

Tim gulped and started typing.

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