Take it back

Chapter 18

Tim started typing as Shane looked disinterestedly on; he knew the boy was too scared of him to pull anything so that was not a problem. He wanted to keep an eye out of the window to make sure no one had followed them up to the house after Tim's little stunt with the phone.

Tim looked at Shane, and relaxed realizing he was not paying much attention to him, He knew he could not run, Shane would have no qualms in shooting him. So he did what he did best… he hacked.

He hacked Shane McGee's records at NCIS, tripping every marker he had placed in the NCIS system while working for cybercrimes against hackers, he also tripped the systems the FBI and SecNav had had put in place to stop him hacking without a directors password. He knew right about now red flags would be going up all over NCIS.

Gibbs stormed into Abby's lab, "Anything? Have you traced his phone Abbs?" He asked.

"It's switched off we don't have any…" She cut off as alarms started blaring through her lab.

"ABBY!" Gibbs called above the din.

Abby grinned from ear to ear "It's Gibby...er Tim!" She smiled.

"What is?" Gibbs was still shouting and he motioned Abby to turn the alarms off.

She turned them off and turned around as Vance entered her lab. "Gibbs did you allow Tim to hack the NCIS database?"

"No, he's missing." Gibbs said and turned back to Abby, "Can you use whatever he's doing to track him down?"

Abby nodded already on it, "He's at a small farm house off Floral Park road."

"Thanks Abbs," Gibbs said gave her a peck on the cheek and left.

Gibbs jumped in his car and with Tony and Ziva following, headed towards the area Abby said Tim was.

They stopped at the perimeter of the farmhouse.

"Boss?" Tony asked having jumped in the car and followed Gibbs but having no idea why they were there.

"Tim set off some kind of alarm on the computers at NCIS, Abby gave me the address, and he's in there with whoever took him." Gibbs explained.

Tony turned to start walking in there and Gibbs grabbed his arm.

"Hang on Tony," Gibbs said and his phone rang.

"Gibbs….OK….Thank Abbs." He hung up.

"Abby commandeered an infra-red satellite and just got back with the results. Tim is in there with someone else. But there are just two of them."

"Ok. Tony you're with me, Ziva you watch the back… and Ziva….If anyone tries to get past you don't kill them, I want them alive!" Gibbs growled.

Shane picked up a small wooden box from a shelf as Tim printed out his new documents. Tim looked up at Shane and suppressed a shudder. Internally he was hoping his dad was not very far away. Had he tripped enough markers to set off the alarm he and Abby had installed the week before? This was the first time he had put all his faith in Gibbs as his father and really hoped that he would keep his promise and be there for him.

"You did good boy, I'm proud of you." Shane said.

Tim looked up confused.

It was what he had waited all his life for the Admiral to say to him. So why did he feel so uneasy.

"Bye Tim." Shane said and Tim felt a sharp pain in his neck. His eyes opened wide in horror and his hand flew up and pulled the syringe out of his neck.

"What?" Tim gasped as Shane stepped back with a sneer on his face.

"All my loose ends are done now. Go join your mother." Shane spat and turned to leave.

Tim started to run after him, as all hell broke loose.

Gibbs kicked the door in "NCIS FREEZE!" He yelled.

Tim pulled up short as Gibbs pointed the gun at Shane.

"Tom McGee, you're under arrest." He said.

"No! It's Shane." Tim said and took two more steps and fell to the ground.

"Tim!" Gibbs called distraught at the sight of his sons' unconscious body.

Tony took Shane to the car and put him in the back as he called for the paramedics.

Ziva walked in to see Gibbs holding Tims' head and checking his pulse to see if he was still alive.

Gibbs looked up a lone tear escaped as he tried desperately to hold it together.

"Help me." He said looking up at her.

She picked up the syringe, saw the bottle on the shelf and lifted it to the light. "Ketamine, it's an animal tranquilizer."

"Can it kill?" Gibbs asked, although he knew the answer he could not think straight.

"In a strong enough dose….yes," Ziva said quietly.

Sitting in the waiting room at Bethesda the group of people waited. Tony and Ziva sat talking quietly together, Jimmy and Abby were sitting watching people out of the window while Ducky walked between them. Gibbs sat alone in the corner, he had called Jackson to inform him of what had happened and then just sat down. Snapping at anyone who came near if they were not a doctor or nurse. As the hours ticked on, he became increasingly worse.

"Family of Timothy Gibbs?" A tired looking doctor in scrubs said.

Gibbs shot up "Is he ok?" he asked.

"We did what we could; it's up to him now. He is still unconscious the next few hours are going to be critical." The doctor noticed the badge, "If your Agent has any family I suggest you call them." He said gravely.

"I'm his father." Gibbs said, "Please… I need to see my son…for myself, just to know he's ok."

The doctor nodded, "It will take us five minutes to get him settled and then you can see him."

Gibbs let out a huge sigh of relief. If only he could be there, he knew Tim would be fine. He had spent the last few hours praying to every Deity he had ever heard of and Shannon and Kelly too. Tim could not die.

Vance walked into the waiting room just as the doctor left.

"Gibbs how is he?" He asked.

"Still touch and go Leon, why are you here?" Not that he was not pleased to see him. However, something in Vance's timing made his gut ache.

"SecNav found out about Tim's hacking and is kicking up a huge stink over it, I need your report so I can sort it out, and verbal will do if you have time. I'm sorry Jethro, I know my timing is bad, but I need to forestall him if possible before he does any damage to Agent Gibbs' career."

Gibbs nodded curtly.

"Did you at anytime authorize Agent Timothy Gibbs to access the NCIS database by hacking his way past our firewalls?" Vance asked.

"No." Gibbs said wearily

Vance nodded, "So for the record, you did authorize Agent Gibbs to, if in danger use any and all means possible to help us locate him and the criminal that had taken him hostage. Leading to the subsequent arrest of Admiral Shane McGee, who had murdered his twin brother and had assumed a false identity to evade trial for an earlier crime he was on bail for."

"I..." Gibbs said stunned

"Thank you Senior Agent Gibbs." Vance smiled. "Now go take care of your boy, I will keep you apprised of the investigation, but seeing as it was authorized I cannot see there being any problem."

Vance left and Ducky lead Gibbs to Tim's room.

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