Take it back

Chapter 19

It was dark in Tim's room and to Gibbs; his son looked incredibly small lying on the hospital bed.

"Duck, is he going to be ok?" He asked a touch of fear creeping into his voice.

"I hope so Jethro, Young Timothy is very strong. The doctors here have done the best they can and he does have your stubborn streak so his chances are very good." Ducky told him looking on kindly as Gibbs slumped into a chair beside Tim's bed.

"God I hope so." Gibbs breathed grasping Tim's hand.

Tim's first thought was that he was still with Shane McGee in the farmhouse. He vaguely remembered Gibbs kicking the door down and pointing a gun at Shane, but Tim thought that maybe that was too good to be true. Besides, he hurt. Surely if he were in hospital, he would not hurt so much.

He decided it was safer if he just lay there for a while. If he opened his eyes and it was his dad, well that would be great. However, being honest with himself, Tim had to admit he was too scared. On the other hand, worse maybe, the whole thing had been a dream, even NCIS and having a different, kinder real father had been a dream and he was still a teenager locked in the basement waiting for the Admiral to go back on deployment so his mother could let him out.

In his subconscious, Tim could hear the Admiral screaming at his mother for letting Tim have what the Admiral called 'smart books'.

"The boy is useless Evie; I won't have you spending any of my money on him. He wants those books and an education make him go out and earn it. He is stubborn and stupid, like a marine!" The Admiral spat.

"Please, Shane." Evie pleaded followed by the sound of someone being hit.

"He stays there in the basement with the junk where he belongs." Came Shane's voice as Evie could be heard crying long after his heavy footprints had stomped away.

Tim felt a hand on his shoulder and he flinched.

"No, please…" He mumbled. He felt sluggish and strange; maybe the Admiral had drugged him.

Then it hit him, The Admiral HAD drugged him. He was WITH the Admiral.

He frantically scrambled to get away from the hands that now gripped him by the arms, screaming, begging he'd be good and promising not to tell he tried twisting away from the hands he thought were going to hurt him.

Gibbs leaned stunned against the wall as Tony helped support him as they both watched two doctors and three orderlies try to calm Tim down as he begged and pleaded for his life.

"Please, Sir….No….I'll be good, I won't tell!" Tim screamed.

Finally, Gibbs could not stand it anymore. He pushed past the orderlies and grabbed Tim in a hug.

"It's ok Tim, It's dad, you're safe…..Shh!" he said repeatedly rocking his son in his arms.

Tim sobbed still not awake.

Slowly he calmed down and opened his eyes to find his dad sat on the bed holding him.

"Dad?" Tim questioned.

"It's ok son, I'm here, it's all over." Gibbs said softly.

"You got him?" Tim asked

"We got him probie; he's behind bars and looking at some serious jail time." Tony said smiling.

Tim relaxed. "What happened?" He asked, looking around, "Why am I in hospital?"

"McGee shot ya up with horse tranquilizer." Gibbs growled.

Tim nodded, "Aint the first time," He said to himself, but Gibbs heard him.

"What do you mean son?" He asked gently.

"When he had his Navy friends around and wanted me quiet as a kid he used to dose me up with it and leave me in the basement." Tim said, as if it were the sort of thing, which parents did to their kids.

Gibbs tensed and Tony made a mental note to make sure he looked the other way if Gibbs and McGee ended up in the same room together.

Tim lay back and closed his eyes, "I'll be fine, just gotta sleep it off is all." He said drowsily.

Shane McGee sat in the holding cell at NCIS, pleased with himself, granted he had been caught but at least the boy was out of his life for good.

He had been in the holding cell for three days and from the way people there were treating him, Tim must be dead.

Ziva walked in and opened the cell door, "UP." She snapped,

McGee got up and followed her to interrogation, "You gonna work me over girly," He said with a sneer.

Ziva smiled and Shane McGee couldn't help but shudder, "You'll wish I had by the time he's finished with you." She said.

The door opened and Gibbs and Tony sat in interrogation. Tony motioned for McGee to sit. Gibbs did not acknowledge him at all.

Shane sat down, "Didn't expect you to be here," He sneered at Gibbs, "Aint ya burying the boy. Or did ya just trash his ass?"

Gibbs did not take the bait, but Tony saw the slight tightening of the jaw.

Finally, Gibbs looked up and smiled.

"Your being charged with the attempted murder of a federal agent. Also the hacking of the NCIS database and attempted falsifying of information."

"You can't pin that on me." Shane sneered, "Your boy did that,"

The door opened and a voice made Shane jump. "No I didn't, I just made you think I did. You lost Admiral, and you're going down for it." Tim said flatly.

Shane got up to lunge at Tim but found himself blocked by both Gibbs and Tony.

"You are never going to get near him again." Tony promised.

"Bye Admiral, enjoy prison." Tim said and allowed himself a small smile.

The last thing he ever heard from Shane McGee was him, howling in rage as the door closed.

Tim caught up with Gibbs at the elevator.

"Thanks Dad." He said sincerely, he had needed that closure and although it was not allowed Gibbs had talked to Vance who had held on to Shane McGee just long enough so that that little encounter could take place.

As they entered the elevator, they were joined by Abby and Jackie Vance who had come over to visit Abby, as they were friends and Abby had filled her in on what had happened and on what Vance had done for Tim while he was in the hospital. She was still teared up at the generosity her husband had shown. She had always known he was a fair man, but after hearing some of what Tim had gone through and what Vance had put on the line for him, she loved her husband more than ever.

"TIM!" Jackie said and enveloped him in a hug.

"Mrs. Vance?" Tim said confused, wincing a bit as she hugged him as he was still bruised.

"I'm so pleased you're safe." She cried.

The elevator opened on the directors' level and Leon caught sight of his wife in Tim Gibbs' arms crying for all she was worth.

"Agent Gibbs!" Leon said surprised and with a slight smile as both Agents jumped.

Jackie let go of Tim and ran to her husband. "Leon, I'm so proud of you." She said and kissed him, long and hard.

Leon finally put his wife down and looked around at the agents on the floor below staring open mouthed at their boss.

"Do I pay you to all stand around? Back to work!" Leon barked with a lopsided smile. Then he caught sight of DiNozzo grinning and gave him an especially pointed stare.

"Aww. True Love!" DiNozzo quipped and then yelped as Gibbs headslapped him.

"Thanks boss… Tim?" He said as he realized that it was the younger Gibbs that had just headslapped him.

The elder Gibbs smirked as he entered the bullpen.

"Ya gotta deal with two of us now DiNozzo." He said. Tony could not help but smile.

His family was back together.

He watched as Tim shot a smile at his dad and sat at his desk.

Gibbs looked satisfied as he looked at all his kids in the bullpen settling down. He picked up his phone and listened.

"Gear up!"

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