Take it back

Chapter 2

Tim opened the door to his apartment, He was tired but Sarah had gotten there 3 hours early and was not in the mood to wait.

"Sarah its 5 a.m.?" Tim groaned letting her into his home.

"Yeah and you're graduating FLETC today!" She grinned bouncing around as only a 17 year old could.

She stopped and looked at her brother, "You look weird!" She laughed.

"Sarah…..SIT!" Tim said and sat on a chair. "I'm tired,"

Sarah looked her brother over; Gone was the shoulder length hair he had had growing up. He had also gotten rid of the poor excuse for a beard he had tried growing while he was at MIT. The biggest change however was his eyes, they were not blue anymore they were green.

"You don't look like you anymore." She said.

"That's the point!" Tim growled.

"So the Feds don't know?" She asked.

Tim laughed, "Yeah, I became a federal agent and then told them I founded a group of illegal hackers at college," His voice changed sarcasm dripping off every word, "Oh yeah Sir, when I was a teenager I hacked the pentagon you know that hacker, Phoenix, yes Sir, that's me!"

Sarah looked at her brother. He was right of course, he was always right. He had needed to make a fresh start and when the Feds got too close he had stopped hacking.

"I turned my life around Sarah; I won't let my anger for dad fuel my actions anymore. I'm going to be the best federal Agent I can be, maybe…eventually he'll be proud of me, hell at least in changing my eye color they look more like his now so he can't moan about that," Tim sighed.

Sarah hugged her brother, "I like them green Timmy, they suit you. Now go get in the shower and I'll make you breakfast."

Tim smiled and left the room.

Sarah looked after him wistfully, She was sad that on his graduation day he had not asked where his parents were, he had not even expected them to be here. Penny was getting over a virus so she could not make it but had sent him a gift. Sarah took it out of her bag and put it on the table.

Tim graduated FLETC and went for a meal with his sister holding the envelope that contained his first assignment.

"So, you going to open it." She asked,

Tim fingered the envelope and then opened it. A huge smile spread across his face, "I got Norfolk, and I got into NCIS."

Sarah hugged him, "That's one step closer to being a field agent."

"And it's Navy, Kinda…." Tim's shoulders slumped, "God I'm still trying to impress him. Do you think I'll ever not want to make him proud of me?"

"I don't know what Dad's problem is Tim, but Mom and I are proud of you." Sarah handed him a letter. "Mom snuck it in my bag while she was packing."

Tim read the letter and tears pricked his eyes, "She says she's proud of me for graduating and she loves me." He put the letter in his pocket. "I just wish he had let her come," He said looking around at all the other graduates celebrating with their families.

They walked back to Tim's apartment, It wasn't the best area of town but it was decent student housing and he was going to miss it. The next apartment he was moving to was a dump compared to this place, but it was all he could afford.

Sarah stayed the weekend and helped him move into his new place in Norfolk. She had teased him about it, "What if you hadn't got the assignment here?" she had laughed at the fact he had rented this just hoping he would be assigned to Norfolk.

She helped him install new locks on the door of the three-roomed apartment. It was a rough neighborhood. There was drug dealing in the stairwells, the neighbors ignored him and his apartment had a kitchenette a bathroom and a living room, he had had to leave a lot of his furniture behind. Some he gave to Sarah though. She had been accepted to Waverly and their parents had brought her a nice apartment in Silver Springs so she could be close to Penny, It meant a 3-hour commute to school but they had also brought her a nice car so she could make the trip in comfort.

"Tim, I wish you'd come and live with me," She begged for the third time.

"Not happening Sarah, This is mine I can afford it and I don't owe anyone." Tim said being stubborn again.

Sarah sighed, she loved her brother but sometimes he could be immovable especially when he thought he was right.

Tim settled quickly into life as a Federal Agent, He had agreed to use Sarah's address for mail purposes but still kept his apartment, although he had to use the bus every day as his finances were not up to buying a car yet.

Eventually and after a couple of exciting cases he had been moved to NCIS headquarters and been given a position on the MCRT.

He had talked to Director Sheppard and was looking forward to starting his first day under Agent Gibbs.

Knowing he had a three and a half hour commute to work he decided after writing his weekly letter to his mom he would turn in.

He sat and wrote about his new team, Agent Todd who was nice and helpful, Agent DiNozzo, who was a bit of a bully but not nasty at all kinda like what he would have wanted in a big brother had he, had one and his new boss. A man called Leroy Jethro Gibbs, tough but fair and he seemed a bit scary but he was looking forward to learning a lot from him.

Two days later, after reading this letter, Evie McGee fainted.

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