Take it back

Chapter 3

Tim sat behind his desk finishing the paperwork on their latest case.

Ziva and Tony had just got in from delivering the last of the evidence to lock up and Gibbs was in MTAC with Director Vance.

"You wanna come out for a drink Tim." Tony asked.

"Sure," Tim smiled. "You called Abby?" He asked knowing she would love to come.

Tony nodded, "Yep, what about you Ziva?"

Ziva looked up from the letter she was writing, "Yes Tony, I will come for a little while. It will be good for the team to wind up together."

"Wind Down, Ziva," Tony grinned.

The phone rang and Tim answered "Agent McGee." He said. The others looked over in case it was important.

Tim went white, "Th…..Thank you Sir." He said. He replaced the receiver.

"Tim?" Ziva walked over to him, "Are you ok?" she asked.

"Er….Yeah that was my dad, my mother died last week." He said.

Tony got up and grabbed his bag, "You should go, When's the funeral?" he asked.

"Yesterday." Tim said blankly. He sat down at his desk and Tony looked at him sadly.

"We got a case DiNozzo?" Gibbs said walking into the bullpen.

"No, Tim's mom died." Tony said, "Her funeral was yesterday."

"Why didn't ya go McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"His father just called him and told him about it." Ziva said.

Gibbs was shocked, he had thought that Tim's family were close, he had not heard Tim talk about them much. Nevertheless, what kind of man buried a kid's mom and doesn't tell him until after the funeral. He thought angrily.

He hadn't been in the best of moods; He had spent most of the morning in MTAC with Director Vance. SecNav was on the warpath.

An old group of Hackers that had plagued the Pentagon years ago was apparently rearing their ugly head again. Jervis had been part of an original team to track them down. He had made it as far as identifying that the group was MIT students but the group had disbanded before they could take them down. Their leader Phoenix had disappeared.

Now the group was making targeted strikes against military databases, a naval officer had been killed in an attack linked to this group, and Vance wanted results. However, there was no way he was going to make McGee work after that revelation. Therefore, he made a decision.

"Tony, Take McGee home. Stay with him." Gibbs added quietly. "We have a case but Ziva and I can take care of it for now." He assured his SFA.

"It's ok, I can go myself." Tim said

Tony looked at him, "You wanna disobey Gibbs?" he asked.

Tim gave a small smile and shook his head. He followed Tony to the Elevator as Gibbs filled Vance in on the situation.

Tim got in Tony's car and sat as they drove off.

After about five minutes, Tim remembered something. "Tony…you don't know where I live." He said.

"Sure I do, I got your address from HR." He told him.

"That's my sister's address, I live in Norfolk." He said. He gave Tony his real address and Tony's eyebrow shot up, "Bit of a rough neighborhood that?" he said.

"Yeah, but the rents great." Tim quipped. He turned his head and stared blindly out of the window.

They pulled up outside Tim's apartment block; Tony followed Tim as he walked past the elevator to the stairs.

"On a health kick?" Tony asked.

"Elevator doesn't work." Tim explained.

As they went up one of Tim's neighbors opened her door, Tim turned to her tiredly. "He's not business Shana, he's with me."

Shana, in nothing but a robe turned to Tim, "Never mind dear, there's always more work for me to do. Oh Timmy, You ok for money still, I have more clients asking after you if you need to work."

Tim shook his head "I'm fine Hun," He gave a weak smile and walked on.

Tony followed in shocked silence.

Tim got to his front door and opened the four locks to get in, "Ya know if I had known it would take a prostitute to make you speechless I'd have introduced you two years ago."

"Tim, I…." Tony stammered. "But your books I thought you were making plenty of money."

"I'm helping put Sarah through college, I make the rent…sometimes get enough for food, and now I'm not sending money home to mom, I'll have a bit more."

"So, not a diet?" Tony said indicating his weight loss.

Tim sat Tony on the bed in the main room. "Tony you'll have to promise me you won't say anything." He asked earnestly.

"But Tim, we can help." Tony was really worried, even though he teased Tim he did feel like he was a brother and had he known he would have done all he could to help.

"I don't need help. It's ok. Honest." Tim reiterated. He gave Tony a beer and clicked on the answer machine.

"Hey it's Tim, leave a message….beep." Tim's recorded voice came over the speaker.

"She's dead, your not home so I supposed I'll have to ring you at work, I don't have to pretend now. You're NOT my son, don't contact my family anymore. She was your only link to us. Now the Whore is dead and as far as I'm concerned so are you." Shane McGee's drunken voice filled the room as Tim slumped down the wall in shock.

Tony helped him up and onto the bed.

Tim sat there staring into space, tears running down his face.

"Oh Tim," Tony said handing him a drink at a loss at what else he could say to help his friend.

Tim picked up his cell phone and called Sarah,

"Sarah McGee." She said.

"Did…Did you know?" Tim asked.

Sarah's voice dropped to a terrified whisper, "Tim! No…I never knew. Dad's gone postal, he won't let me see you anymore. He…" The line went quiet as Shane McGee grabbed the phone from his daughters' hand.

"You stay away from my daughter," He yelled.

"Dad, she's my sister." Tim begged.

"I'm NOT your father; you're a poor excuse for a son, you've been working in the same building as that man for seven years and he's never told you he's your father, he doesn't want ya neither." McGee yelled drunkenly and the phone went dead.

Tim stared at the phone in his hand; this was all too much to assimilate. He curled into a ball and sobbed himself to sleep.

Tony sat in the chair and watched his friend, the person he thought of as a little brother break and it hurt him he couldn't help. As Tim finally fell asleep, Tony picked up the phone and rang Gibbs.

He quietly filled him in on everything. Pausing occasionally so the information could be dealt with by the man on the other end.

"Let him sleep Tony, If your both up to it come in later tomorrow, I need Tim in, we need his help on this case." Gibbs admitted.

Tony closed the phone and sat back watching Tim sleep.

"I got ya six Tim," he said to himself as his eyes closed.

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